The Working Environment For Our Staff

All commercial cleaning service providers must provide the best working environment for the cleaning staff. The staff must not be exploited by being forced to work in poor conditions and/or low wages. Exploited and poorly paid workers lack the motivation to perform their duties and most often give sub-standard or low quality work. If this happens to be the case in the commercial cleaning industry, it is possible to find unhygienic offices that have allegedly been cleaned.
Office cleaning staff must also have all-inclusive procedures and policies that address the impacts their business has on the environment and society. An office cleaning agency should not be the source of environmental pollution, or negatively affect the society when performing their operations. The firm should comply with all environmental management laws within their area of work. It is therefore important for the firm to provide a copy of an environmental policy that operates within the company and all staff members should be well informed about it.
The policy document should contain general operational procedures that the staff uses during their cleaning operations. There should be guidelines on how to store and use the cleaning chemicals. This includes directions on how to dilute chemicals that are purchased in concentrated form. There should also be directions on procurement of suitable cleaning products; quality assurance procedures; training requirements; how to use, inspect, and maintain equipment; how to handle and control hazardous areas and chemicals; how to make reports, keep records and accident forms; and disposal of products, packaging and other waste materials.
Another important aspect to consider in commercial cleaning is the staff training. The cleaning personnel are prone to many vulnerabilities when working including exposure to hazardous chemicals and risk of work-related injuries. When the staff are not well trained, there can be cases of wrong use of cleaning products and equipment, which can increase the risk injury to the staff and the building occupants.
Cleaning staff should be subjected to regular training to remain updated on the safety procedures, equipment operation and techniques, and pertinent environmental standards. The training should be conducted at least annually and should cover the following topics into details:
Customary operational procedures such as correct use of equipment, chemical handling and dilutions, and the right order of cleaning steps.
Environmental practices including relevant environmental standards and the practices that will lead to reduced usage of resources, which include water, chemicals energy, and waste management.
Training on health and safety with details on how to prevent ergonomic injuries and avoiding exposure to hazardous chemicals.
A well-motivated cleaning staff having a good working environment will definitely provide excellent cleaning services. This will reduce or ensure a risk-free environment for both the staff and the office/building occupants.