Cleaning the Bedroom

Arguably the room that is the most integral part of the household: the bedroom. It’s here we spend on average a third of our life, and it where the magic happens…sleep! And because of this, it is also one of the most unhygienic rooms of a house, as a lot of dead skin cells are shed there during sleep. Here’s a list of top tips from Bristol Cleaners on how to keep the bedroom squeaky clean!


As mentioned above, a lot of dead skin cells are shed in the bedroom, which are part of what forms the layers of dust atop surfaces. Once a week, you should dust the surfaces using a slightly damp cloth or sponge. Never use a feather duster, as it is proven not to pick up dust as efficiently. Start with higher surfaces first, as some dust may be swept off onto lower surfaces.

Glass Surfaces

Surfaces such as mirrors and windows attract a lot of dust. Thus everytime you dust down the surfaces don’t forget the mirror! While glass cleaning products are fine to use, be careful not to use too much as this will cause the surface to become streaky. If you would rather not risk it, a damp cloth should work just fine.


A regular vacuuming is a must for every room in the house. Dust, dirt, stray hairs and fluff always find themselves trodden into the carpet. This is a task that should be done at least once a week to ensure there your floor is clean enough to feast off of!

If you have wooden floors, you should ensure it is mopped with one part bleach to four parts hot water, as vacuum cleaners cannot lift any stains on the floor.

Keep the Floor Decluttered

Of course you won’t have much joy hoovering or mopping the floor if it is not clutter-free! It’s too easy to fall into the trap of discarding books, laundry and the like onto the floor, but eventually it will all pile up until it becomes too overwhelming to consider tidying.

Investing in a laundry hamper is a one way to tackle this issue, as well as ensuring you keep a small bin in your room for any trash.

Make the Bed

After a long day of work, coming home to an immaculately-made bed is a small pleasure. But fluffing the peoples and straightening out the duvet every morning is not enough. Depending variables such as how much you sweat per night, bedding should be washed weekly. It has been proven that sleeping on the same pillow for several nights in a row can cause skin conditions such as acne. So in order to keep a hygienic bed, make sure to change the sheets on a weekly basis. However, the actual duvets and mattress toppers only need cleaning twice per year.

Gleem cleaning deals with many of these tasks and more! Book a normal and deep clean now.

Deep-Cleaning the Kitchen



The kitchen is one of the most unpleasant tasks in a house, second only to the bathroom. However, it is a necessary task, especially right after the holidays when the counters are cluttered with countless wine glasses, plates and pots! So here are a few pointers from Gleem’s own domestic cleaners on how to keep a spotless kitchen!




Start with the Dishes

A good place to begin with is taking care of the pile of dishes. Dishes are one of the less strenuous tasks, and it clears the counters so they can be wiped down. If you have no specialized kitchen-cleaning products, soaking a sponge in the dish-water works just as well.





A good rule of thumb is to scrub down surfaces a few days a week. That way, spilt food stuff is not left to harden and stick to surfaces, which make it a nightmare to clean later down the line. There is a wealth of products available at supermarkets designed specifically for this task, but hot, soapy water and elbow grease work just as well.





Cleaning the oven often seems like a daunting task you want to procrastinate away, but we have the solution to making it less of a nightmare. Generally, a good way to keep it from becoming a headache is to clean it on a weekly basis. Burnt-on food stuff that is being heated repeatedly hardens to the point it will destroy any clothes or sponges it comes in contact to, and on top of that create an unpleasant scent when cooking.

But if your oven has been neglected, it is not beyond saving. A mixture of one teaspoon baking powder, one teaspoon vinegar, and leave it to soak on stains overnight with the oven door left open. This should help break down the solid matters and allow you to scrape it off.





Possibly the easiest task, but still as imperative as the rest. It’s not enough to hoover the floor, as stains from spilt liquid or trodden-in food will not be removed this way. First start with hoovering. Then fill a bucket with hot water and a just a splash of bleach and mop the floor, which should prove sufficient.




Fridge and Freezer

These appliances are often placed low on the pecking order when it comes to cleaning. Whilst it is true they do not require as much upkeep as the hob, for example, but they still need cleaning every so often. Every two weeks minimum, the inside of the fridge should be wiped down, particularly the bottom as liquid from foods leaks down which is not only unhygienic but can also contaminate other foods and make them unfit for consumption. It is also wise to ensure food in your fridge is ordered correctly.

Meat and veg should be placed at the bottom, in each drawer if your fridge has these. Liquids like milk and jars stored in the door. Food that is opened should be stored as close to the bottom as possible, especially meat. Food that still has its seal intact should be placed on the upper shelves as there is no chance for them to drip down.

As for the freezer, ice builds up overtime limiting storage space. As this is not a major issue, you can get away with defrosting it a few times a year. To do this, turn off the freezer, remove its contents, place a towel at the base of the freezer and scrape away the excess ice.



If you don’t have the time to invest into deep-cleaning your kitchen, Gleem offers a deep-clean at a great price. Just click here to get a quote for your house!

Cleaning Granite Tops – Cleaning Hacks (Part 1)

Cleaning Granite Tops

Granite worktops: a stylish but often sticky choice!
Granite is a popular choice for kitchen surfaces; it’s cool appearance compliments everything from the most minimalist to the most eclectic of kitchens. However, in our experience it’s also notoriously good at attracting grease and grime, with sticky surfaces ruining an otherwise pristine kitchen. Many specialist cleaning products have been developed to combat the streakiness, but these are more often than not extremely expensive. By our reckoning, these are simply not necessary, as the products hanging around in your kitchen cupboard are more than up to the job, saving you valuable pounds.

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5 Reasons For Hiring A Professional Cleaning Service

 5 Reasons For Hiring A professional Cleaning Service Like Gleem

Cleaning can be a tough job, there is no doubt that people need to clean their homes almost every second day due to the amount of food, dust and dirt which can accumulate in places which are frequently used in houses. If you have kids, there is an even greater need to keep your surroundings clean.

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Managing Finances – Startup Serial #13

Managing Finances In Gleem

When I started Gleem, I did it with a very small budget. I also opted to not pay myself, because I’d prefer to hire someone and grow the business further. I do however pay myself a salary, but this takes the form of a director’s loan that increases in size each month.

This was the stance I decided to take. My outlook was that some sacrifice now would pay off in the long run with a larger business.


This has been going on for about 18 months now. I have been resourceful in keeping my living costs low, however have struggled at times. Going out and doing things can be really tough if you are living in an overdraft…so I began to transfer small amounts to myself to fund my out-of-work lifestyle, not to the value of my salary, but enough to keep me hovering around the £0 mark.

However the first time I did this it was like turning on a tap: I had the ability to go out again!

I had taken a long term loan from my family and was now spending a portion of this, on the company card.

Initially I didn’t see the issue with this, as when I put beers with potential and current customers through on our books as 100% business it felt fine, but over a few months I realised how it could be deemed inappropriate.

Nowadays I transfer a small salary to myself, enabling me to enjoy my time with my girlfriend and friends, but avoiding taking money out of the company account.

This is the best way for me, as although I own 100% of the business, it felt like it broke a weird line between what is a work cost and what isn’t, and the sooner I made a distinction between the two, I felt much more at ease.

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Gleem’s First Clean Startup Serial #6

Gleem’s First Clean

The First Clean

So I’d handed out some flyers over a 2 week period and was extremely eager to start receiving booking… but none came in.

I kept researching ways to provide the best clean in the world and how to generate sales, but from behind my desk I wasn’t generating anything.

So I got back up and started delivering flyers again. 8 hours a day walking up and down the roads of Bristol that I thought could have my best potential clients.

flyer copy
A Gleem Flyer

One day, out of the blue, in an area nowhere near where I’d been flyering, I received a booking. Then I made the realisation that I hadn’t found any cleaners: I’d been so swept up in planning the business, getting the branding looking nice, the website working and the quality correct that I’d neglected the most important asset I needed…cleaners! So I roped a friend in, and we excitedly ventures across to the house where the clean was happening.

We worked hard; working our way through the checklist, making sure everything was completed. After a tiring 4 hour clean, we approached the customers with the checklist and asked them to inspect the property. Our lack of experience meant they were able to spot a number of items that we had not completed sufficiently, so we set back off to work and completed the cleaning of the areas we had missed. After all of this the customer was happy, so we gave them a leaving gift, picked up our bin bags and went on our merry way, happy that Gleem had completed their first clean!

Please visit us at or call us at 0800-808-5544 to have a friendly chat and see how we can help you.

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How to be innovative – Startup Serial #4


How to create an innovative cleaning company 

Finding a place in the industry

Right, cleaning!

I spent months researching the industry. I didn’t want to be like other companies, if I was going to do something, I was going to do it well and do it differently. I began looking into innovative ways of improving a service.

I connected with other cleaning companies – specifically ‘Maids in Black’- a cleaning company based in Washington D.C and run by Rohan Gilkes.

He shared his startup teething problems, his successes and techniques he found worked. He helped me with strategy, and every time I had an issue or an idea he ‘had been there done that’ and was always willing to share in a very selfless way.

After 6 months of planning, I still wasn’t running my business, but I was learning every day and energised by the opportunity in front of me.

I went to a business meeting with Rob Carter of Action Coach who summarised my actions at that point succinctly: I had been taking too look to ‘Ready, Aim, Fire’, when what I really needed to do was ‘Ready, Fire, Aim’ and get out there and start growing, adjusting as we grew.

That was the push in the right direction that I needed, and soon after Tidy and Shiny – the original Gleem – was born, with the aim to craft out a new niche in the cleaning industry: Luxury Cleaning.

We dreamed up modern solutions to traditional problems the industry presented, such as the long-winded quote process, which we can proudly say we have successfully managed to overcome using the innovative 60 second booking process – have a look below to see just how simple it is!



Our website is constantly being updated and improved – it’s testament to our progress!

If you’re a budding entrepreneur creating their own site, keep an eye out as we’ve got some ingenious, imminent developments planned all aiming to assist the consumer.

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‘The Gleem of Hope': Gleem and its links to charity

Gleem and Its Links To Charity

As someone who’s long believed in the importance of charity, especially after time spent volunteering in Bolivia – one of the poorest nations in South America – I knew I wanted my company, Gleem to have philanthropic connections from the start. This began last year, when I decided Gleem would team up with ‘Frank Water’, a charity which ensures that safe drinking water reaches those in India unlucky enough not to be able to count it a basic right. I’m aware my company consumes a lot of this resource due to the industry in which it operates, but am also conscious that others are not so lucky to have ready access to clean sanitation. Therefore, I am extremely proud to say that 1% of profit made helps Frank under the ‘Gleem of Hope’ campaign.

Similar to Gleem, ‘Frank’ is local to Bristol, yet have managed to assist an incredible number of people an astonishing 5600 miles away: 250,000 individuals and counting! However, the charity strives to do more and reach the 784 million who still lack this lifeline – with their simple but effective ‘FreeFill’ initiative selling reusable bottles to help raise funds and further Frank’s cause overseas. With the growth of the company, I wanted to develop Gleem’s commitment to the campaign, so this Thursday, as part of the 1000th clean (*self-congratulatory pat on the back*) I went to donate some of Frank’s refillable water bottles to one lucky customer. In this way, I hope we can do our bit as a company: spreading the valuable message as to the importance of humble H20 and the conservation of other precious resources, like plastic. As Gleem continues its growth across the UK, it will remain resolute in its support of such worthwhile efforts – watch this space for future philanthropic plans!

If you have any other questions about Frank’s campaign, visit, or alternatively chat to them on Twitter @frankwater

Alternatively, if you have any questions for us at Gleem, give us a ring at 0800-808-5544

The Beginning – Gleem Startup Serial #1

The Beginning of Gleem

How I’ve started a cleaning company and what you need to know about starting a new cleaning company.

We are Gleem, and I am the founder Joseph Edwards. Gleem is a 2 years old cleaning company that is providing quality domestic and commercial cleaning services in Bristol and Bath.

It sounds simple, and when people hear the industry in which I decided to start my company in, it doesn’t sound particularly inspiring, but I promise it is much more interesting than it first seems!


We have focussed on growing ourselves utilising the internet and social media via Facebook and Twitter and have so far found mixed success in our efforts in terms of response rate, interactions and inevitably sales.

We have decided to do something different, and we are doing it in the form of posting weekly on this blog. We are going to talk about the difficulties and challenges a startup faces in its journey to becoming exceptional. We plan to share everything on our journey to £100,000 in monthly revenue.

In short, we at Gleem will learn a lot – and hope you will too!

We will try to be very transparent, give you insights about how we have started and what you should know before starting.

Please feel free to interact, comment on and share our posts with anyone you think may be interested in the startup story, small businesses, the aspirations of a young company, or just cleaning in general.

We would like to make clear that we won’t be using this blog as a sales opportunity: it is more a way of tracking our clarity in vision and product market fit.

We hope you enjoy the journey with us!
Joe & the Gleem Team

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