The Vision at Gleem

I am Joseph Edwards, the founder of Gleem. 


As Gleem continues to grow, my passion around leadership continues to develop. In this blog post, I am going to talk about Gleem’s employees.


From day one, Gleem set out to be different. At the outset this meant providing a service that was as flexible as possible for home owners. We used self-employed cleaners, and were passionate about being high-tech and on-demand.


This approach worked at the outset, however we started to notice a key limiting factor in the business: churn. We were using a workforce that presented multiple problems when it came to ensuring they were able to show up, on time and do a good job…it hurt, and Gleem struggled to hold onto customers, meaning we struggled to grow.


As the business continued, we began making tweaks and changes to the business model. We began to hire PAYE employed cleaners to service our customers’ homes. We found that our employees started to show up on time more often, and we could organise a cleaners day around multiple sites. Things felt like they were moving in the right direction. But, we weren’t spending enough time with our cleaners: training them and ensuring they were committed to their roles. Although we were showing up on time, we noticed that cleaners would leave abruptly, ignoring their notice periods, and putting Gleem is a mad scramble to reassign cleans (without enough cleaners to do so). This led to additional problems: our current cleaners were overworked, increasing the risk that they’d up-and leave and we also now had the risk of a whole raft of customers cancelling their services if we couldn’t fulfil.


I took some time to reflect: I began Gleem selfishly because I wanted to enjoy my job. The more we grew and experienced office life, the more I knew it was important for my office team to enjoy theirs too. Gleem needs to be representative of me, and therefore Gleem needs to enable people to enjoy their jobs.


This has become the office teams passion, is becoming all of our cleaners passion and is Gleem’s reason for existing: to empower as many people as possible to enjoy their jobs.


Gleem is by no means perfect. We are young, inexperienced and often focus too much upon being a business, neglecting the actual cleaning we perform. The one thing that we are, is passionate.


In everything that we do, we think about our employees and if it will empower them: because if it will, it will foster a hard-working community of people all joined together on a mission to help each other and to help people like us. Everyone wants to enjoy their job, and it is our collective responsibility to ensure that this happens.


I’ve spoken with cleaners, customers, our office team, strangers and myself. This is a work in progress, but for now, it embodies Gleem’s aims. This is Gleem’s vision:


Gleem add sparkle. Our caring community makes people feel valued.

We maintain the upmost respect for all of our staff for the important role they play in the lives of others and provide them with the opportunity to develop themselves to the level they aspire to reach.

This environment empowers over 100,000 staff who deliver an unrivalled quality of service and creates a reputation synonymous with the standard of service we provide and the enjoyment our staff get from doing their best.


How to find the right Cleaning Service?

thumbnail (1)When it comes to keeping your home clean some people just do not have the time in their busy schedules to do a thorough deep cleaning that is necessary to keep their homes looking clean. Hiring a cleaning service company can be a huge relief and help when it comes to keeping your home clean. But, how should you do about hiring a cleaning services? These simple tips with help you find the right cleaning service for you and your cleaning needs.

How To Find The Right Cleaning Service?


1.) Know what kind of services the cleaning company provide and what you would like the to handle. A cleaning service can help take care of the vacuuming, dusting, floors, laundry and a lot of other cleaning tasks. They can clean kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and any other room in your home.


2.) Make sure you ask whether the company is insured and if the work with independent workers or if the cleaner are a part of the company. These two key question can help keep you protected against an injuries that may occur at your home and the better ensure you will be working with a reputable company.


3.) Ask about what kind of products they will be using or if you need to provide products for them to use. If you have pets or children you will want to make sure that the products they use are safe around your children or pets. Some companies may also provide a slight discount if you provide the cleaners with your own products to use.


4.) Ask if it is possible to stick with the same cleaner each week. Keeping the cleaning person the same will help keep the cleaning job consistent which will keep you home looking cleaner for longer. This also allows you to build a more trusting relationship with the same person instead of always having to worry about someone new coming into your home.


5.) Always do your research before you hire a company. Take the time to look over customer reviews and see about getting customer referrals from previous clients form the cleaning service. Customer reviews are one of the best ways you will be able to tell not only the quality of work the provide but also how they handle their customer service as well.


6.) Schedule a time for the cleaning person to come a do a walk through of your home. Before the cleaners is suppose to come to your home to clean you will want to make sure they understand what you expect them to do while they are there. Take through each room and make sure you point of key areas you want to make sure they clean.



Spring Is Almost Here! How You Can Get Motivated For Spring Cleaning

 Spring Is Almost Here! How You Can Get Motivated For Spring Cleaninggetting motivated

The cold weather is slowly becoming a thing of the past and the warmer days are just around the corner. And with those warmer days also comes the dreaded thought of spring cleaning. While some people can not wait to tackle a number of those do it yourself projects and clean out the garage others would much rather go back to hibernating until the winter comes again. Luckily there are a number of ways you can get into the Spring cleaning spirits and get yourself and your home ready for spring.

How To Tackle The Spring Cleaning Blues

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