Why Hire a Gleem Cleaner?

This blog space has acted as a major platform for providing helpful cleaning tips to take matters into your own hands. So why hire one of Gleem’s cleaners? This week’s blog post will bring to light the many benefits of hiring one of Bristol’s most professional cleaners.




Time Efficient

The first and most obvious advantage is that you won’t have to waste time cleaning. Performing a thorough, deep clean of a house can take an extremely long time, and most modern-day lifestyles don’t allow the luxury of dedicating the time and painstaking care for that your house deserves. Hiring a Gleem cleaner means your home will receive the utmost highest quality clean at a time that suits you, allowing you to fit it in even around the busiest of schedules.

Booking cleaners is made simper for you with the use of Gleem’s own app, cutting down the time it takes to book a cleaner at a time and date that suits you down to less than 60 seconds.




High Quality Work

Gleem was founded on the promise of providing a high quality standard of work all for an affordable price, and they live up to that standard. Customers themselves have left glowing reviews you can read here as proof of the standard of care we provide.

Each cleaner comes equipped with a detailed checklist of tasks to perform that get ticked off as they go, so you know just how hard working they are! Checklists can be customised slightly by adding additional tasks, and you have the option to book a one-off or regularly scheduled cleans so you can rest assured you are getting the right clean for your home. And now that the time of year everyone spring-cleans their home, now is the opportune moment to hire a cleaner to take care of the heavy-duty clean for you.




A Company that Cares

As a highly philanthropic company, Gleem have teamed up with charities such as Frank Water, donating 1% of all profits to their cause, as they recognise the value and necessity of water, and believe everyone should have access to safe, clean water, as without it Gleem wouldn’t be able to exist. So when you book a clean, you are helping support this charity.

Furthermore, Gleem are expanding their network by teaming up with other charities such as Marie Curie, SARI and The Big Issue to further use their influence for good.

Unlike most other businesses, Gleem cares about their consumers, offering a free follow-up clean if a customer is dissatisfied and a friendly customer service team that will professionally deal with any complaints. This care goes for the workforce as well. Gleem offers generous pay to their workers and treat them with respect in an industry that otherwise doesn’t. Each month, their hardwork is rewarded with a ‘Cleaner of the Month’ award. These are just a few examples as to how Gleem protects and empowers their workers. Head on over here to see more.



Cleaning the Bedroom

Arguably the room that is the most integral part of the household: the bedroom. It’s here we spend on average a third of our life, and it where the magic happens…sleep! And because of this, it is also one of the most unhygienic rooms of a house, as a lot of dead skin cells are shed there during sleep. Here’s a list of top tips from Bristol Cleaners on how to keep the bedroom squeaky clean!



As mentioned above, a lot of dead skin cells are shed in the bedroom, which are part of what forms the layers of dust atop surfaces. Once a week, you should dust the surfaces using a slightly damp cloth or sponge. Never use a feather duster, as it is proven not to pick up dust as efficiently. Start with higher surfaces first, as some dust may be swept off onto lower surfaces.


Glass Surfaces

Surfaces such as mirrors and windows attract a lot of dust. Thus everytime you dust down the surfaces don’t forget the mirror! While glass cleaning products are fine to use, be careful not to use too much as this will cause the surface to become streaky. If you would rather not risk it, a damp cloth should work just fine.



A regular vacuuming is a must for every room in the house. Dust, dirt, stray hairs and fluff always find themselves trodden into the carpet. This is a task that should be done at least once a week to ensure there your floor is clean enough to feast off of!

If you have wooden floors, you should ensure it is mopped with one part bleach to four parts hot water, as vacuum cleaners cannot lift any stains on the floor.


Keep the Floor Decluttered

Of course you won’t have much joy hoovering or mopping the floor if it is not clutter-free! It’s too easy to fall into the trap of discarding books, laundry and the like onto the floor, but eventually it will all pile up until it becomes too overwhelming to consider tidying.

Investing in a laundry hamper is a one way to tackle this issue, as well as ensuring you keep a small bin in your room for any trash.


Make the Bed

After a long day of work, coming home to an immaculately-made bed is a small pleasure. But fluffing the peoples and straightening out the duvet every morning is not enough. Depending variables such as how much you sweat per night, bedding should be washed weekly. It has been proven that sleeping on the same pillow for several nights in a row can cause skin conditions such as acne. So in order to keep a hygienic bed, make sure to change the sheets on a weekly basis. However, the actual duvets and mattress toppers only need cleaning twice per year.

Gleem cleaning deals with many of these tasks and more! Book a normal and deep clean now.

Outdoor Cleaning

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We all are aware of the importance of keeping the inside of our homes clean, but what about the outside? It may come as a surprise, but ensuring the exterior of your house is just as imperative. What’s more, most people can only judge what state your house is from the outside. A cleaner exterior makes your home look far more inviting. Our expert Bristol cleaners from Gleem have some expert tips for keeping the outside of your home spick and span!


Basic Gardening

Perhaps the most obvious job is to ensure your garden is in top-shape. Depending on the speed your grass grows dictates how often you should mow it, but the average is once a week. For plants and flowers, ensure they are watered regularly to avoid them withering.

As for one of the most problematic gardening chores, weeding, there are various tools available at hardware stores at your disposal. Some gardening gloves and trowel should be able to help you dig weeds out of soil. However weeding tools with longer handles and tapered ends, such as a fulcrum weeder, allow you to dig even deeper into the soil to get to the literal root of the problem.

Laying down mulch or using a mixture of salt and vinegar within your soil can help prevent the growing of weeds in the future.


Cleaning the Windows

More often than not windows need more cleaning on the outside than in, as the exterior is exposed to the elements, ergo more dirt and grime. If window cleaners don’t operate in your area, or if you’d rather not pay for it, you can treat the exterior of windows same as you do the interior, with window cleaning fluid and a high-quality cloth. Specialised equipment may be necessary for tougher stains, like bird feces for example.

However, it is recommended to leave the higher windows to the professionals, due to the danger of injury.


Washing the Floor

This may seem like a redundant task, but if you have stone-flagged floors outside it is a good idea to regularly wash it, especially if you have a dogs, as remnants of fecal matter may be left behind when picking it up.

Hot water and bleach works well to clean the floor. Simply soak the flags, brush it down then rinse once again. Remember to not use too much bleach, as it can erode stone overtime, especially stone that is porous.


Declutter the Garden

If you have the misfortune of living somewhere where littering is the norm, then you probably also have the misfortune of litter blowing into your garden. Whilst it’s not your responsibility, it is prudent to clean up the trash once a week, if they are not any designated rubbish collectors in your area. Not only does the little make your garden appear undesirable, it also can attract rodents and the like. Make the effort to make sure your garden is litter-free at least twice a month.


Halloween Cleaning – Top Tips from Bristol Cleaners!




Ah, Halloween. The perfect holiday. Not important enough to be forced into awkward family reunion dinners, but a good excuse to dress up, eat unholy amounts of sweets and throw a party. The only downside–the mess waiting for you the following morning.

Fake blood on clothes, foodstuff and wine spilt on upholstery, makeup in hair…it’s all enough to make you scream!

But worry not! We here at Gleem have hot tips from expert domestic cleaners to keep your post-Halloween cleaning less of a nightmare.




Fake Blood & Halloween Makeup on Skin


A classic staple of last-minute-budget Halloween costumes, fake blood is a life-saver, but it can be tricky to remove from skin, especially if it is oil-based. Don’t panic yet! Even if tried and trusted soap and water doesn’t work, there are numerous ways to remove it from skin.


Makeup remover

Does what it says on the tin! This should be your next go-to method, whether it is the cream-kind or makeup removing wet wipes. Other wet wipes may also work.


Coco oil

Or if you have none of this on hand, jojoba oil, or baby oil such as Johnson’s work well as substitutes. Use the same as make-up remover and it should be able to lift the makeup, especially if it is oil-based.



Put a dab of lotion on a cotton pad and rub at the blood. Petroleum-based moisturizer like Vaseline will work well, and this will mean your skin won’t dry out.




Fake Blood and Halloween Makeup on Clothes


Baking Soda

Mix baking soda with a bit of water to make a paste, rub into the stains. Leave it to settle for a bit, then rinse with warm water.


Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is your friend for lifting makeup and fake blood from clothes and upholstery. Just pour a trickle on and use a cloth or cotton wool ball to wipe down.


Talc Powder

Sprinkle a pinch over dry fabric then rub with a dry cloth after the powder has settled. This is likely not to remove the stain fully, but will make it easier to clean with the methods listed above!




Food and Drink on Upholstery


Food and drink in a room full of drunk people is a recipe for disaster. Chances are you’ll be finding smarties or cupcake wrappers under the couch months down the line. We can’t help with that, but here are some tips to cleaning for cleaning most troublesome food-stuff and out of your carpet.



Scrape away any excess chocolate with a butter knife or your finger, resist the urge to lick, wet a cloth with cold water and non-bleach based cleaning detergent, and scrub until stain is lifted.


Cake frosting

If the frosting is not coloured with food colouring, it should be a simple matter of wiping it away with a damp cloth. If it is coloured, scrape away the excess as before with the chocolate, but don’t rub with a cloth. For clothes, run under a tap. For upholstery, treat with stain lifting products like Vanish and press in. Leave it for a few minutes then hoover the area.


Red wine

One of the most infamous stains, but it’s not nearly as scary as it seems. Simple blot away the excess, pour cold water onto the affected area, blot once again before making a paste from baking powder and water. Apply this generously then hoover once it has dried.


We understand that this is a lot of information to take in, and a lot of work to do during the day following after a night of overindulging on food and drink. So why not call a Gleem cleaner and extend your holiday? Our cleaning teams will be able to handle any stain for a great price. Or if you’ve had an office party, check out our great rates for our commercial cleaning services.

Prepare to Be Scared! Places to Visit This Halloween






As you all know, Halloween is just around the corner and we at Gleem are shivering in excitement for the ghoulishly good spectacles ghosting their way across Bristol and Bath. Buckle in reader, because you are in for a frighteningly good night…




Lola Lo

A Tiki club set in the heart of Bristol is having three spook-tacularly themed nights in celebration of Halloween, kicking of the celebration with Freak of the Week (Friday 27th), An American Horror Story (Saturday 28th) and Coco Beach Haunted House (Monday 30th). Book your tickets now!


67 Queens Road, Bristol, BS8 1QL



Ru Paul’s Max and Raja

A music fan looking for a different venue than a nightclub? Look no further, for OMG bar is proud to present Ru Paul’s Queen’s Max and Raja’s ferocious lip-sync battle on October 31st. Grab a ticket before they’re all gone!


4 Frogmore Street, Bristol, BS1 5HX




Not for the faint-of-heart, Avon Valley Adventure and Wildlife Park is hosting its award-winning horror event – FEAR. With three terrifying attractions: Phobia, Purgatory, Anarachy and a yet-to-be-revealed fourth for this year, along with Killzone, an interactive shoot-out experience alongside fairground rides, a fire-trick show, music and of course food and drink, it is looking to be the fright-night of your life..

Book your spot now, if you dare…


01179 864 929




Halloween Trail

For frightening fun with all the family Prior Park is organising a trail from the 21st to the 29th of October. See if you can find all the giant bats and win a spooktacular prize!

Booking not needed but entry admissions apply.


01225 833977




Longleat Ghost Tours

The stunning abode of the 2nd Viscount of Bath and his wife “The Grey Lady” Lady Louisa will be home to many a frightening guest this Halloween. Take this spine-chilling tour through dark corridors, attics and cellars. But tread lightly, as The Grey Lady still stalks these halls in search of revenge.


01985 844400



Halloween Wine Tasting Night

Looking for something sweeter to sate your Halloween sweet tooth? Then look no further than Bath Wine Club’s Halloween Wine Tasting night. Sample sublime vintages from Romania’s famed -and aptly named- winery “Legendary Dracula”. And don’t worry–nibbles included for you to whet your fangs on.

Tickets are limited so grab yours now!


[email protected]




This blogpost was brought to you by Amy Cowley, blog-writer for Gleem, a professional Bristol cleaning company! So for this holiday, if you need domestic cleaners for home Halloween celebrations, call Gleem on 0800 808 5544.

Have a Happy Halloween!