Kicking Off the New Year


Looking to celebrate New Years in a fun and exciting way? Here at Gleem we have thought of some interesting party idea to kick off the new year with a bang!


Setting the Table

Food is undoubtedly one of the greatest attractions of any party and an elegant table is important for preparing someones palette. The important thing to remember is less is more. You want to draw your guests eye to the food. Keep it classy and simple with napkins, folded into shapes if you can. Small vases of flowers dotted between the dishes go a long way.

Katrin Bjork suggests serving each guest a bowl with twelve grapes in for each strike of the clock at midnight, an extremely simple but unique way to make guests feel more involved at the stroke of twelve.



Cocktails are a staple of New Years celebration. Serving guests a cocktail as soon as they enter makes them feel welcome and entertains them long enough for you to complete any last-minute prep.

Champagne is another favoured drink of New Years, so why not try cocktails using champagne as the base?


Fancy Dress

Liven up the evening a bit by having a fancy dress party. Choose a theme for people to stick to or let them go wild with their imagination. Either way this is a fantastic way to eject a lot of fun and laughter into the evening they will remember for years.


Fireworks Display

Would it really be New Years without a fireworks? Every year, across the nation there are countless cities hosting displays. Check your local parks and other venues, and prepare to start 2019 off with a bang. Or two. Or thirty.


Keeping it Low-Key

Celebrations and parties a little too much excitement? Then keep it low-key as you like–a small gathering of friends and family, order in a pizza and watch a movie. There‚Äôs no shame choosing to have a quiet night in.

But if you choose to throw a party, remember you can hire a Gleem cleaner to help tidy up the mess the following morning,