Steps to maintaining office restrooms

Clean restrooms in our offices ensure that we have a conducive work environment. For us to avoid being exposed to infections and diseases around the office, we need to maintain a healthy working condition. We should also consider hiring experts to take care of our restrooms to be sure that we have cleaned our bathrooms thoroughly. The cleaning of toilets also requires well maintained and high-quality cleaning equipment to keep up with the cleaning environment. Restroom cleaners are also advised to put on protective gear while taking care of the office restrooms. Below are some of the ways of maintaining our restrooms.
Disinfecting office restrooms

Restrooms in offices require extra attention as they are used as public restrooms to the workers. Giving extra care to the restrooms means taking care and preventing the spread of infections via the restrooms. Below are some of the steps to follow when disinfecting restrooms:

• Always use protective gear to protect yourself when cleaning as most cleaning solutions are irritating to the skin and can cause skin damage. The protective gear will also protect you from getting infected with any diseases.

• Consider reading labels to the disinfectants you are using in order to avoid using the wrong disinfectant. Example;

Limited disinfectants – are known to be effective for specific microorganisms.

General disinfectants- they can be used for any microorganisms.

Tuberculocidal disinfectant- works as hospital disinfectants and can disinfect any microorganisms

• Consider using the right amounts of disinfectants while cleaning.

• Always give the restroom a thorough cleaning always to maintain it to cleanliness.

Steps to daily cleaning

Empty the restroom before you begin your cleaning.

Remove any unwanted dirt, which includes hair, debris, and light dirt.

Always empty the trash cans first and remove the dustbins liners to empty the waste.

Add paper towels to the toilets.

Use scrubbing methods to clean the toilet surfaces following the provided procedures on the manuals.

Remove and dry water spills from the toilet floors.

Steps to weekly cleaning

Start by emptying the restroom.

Scrub the toilet bowls, including the urinal bowl, by scrubbing from the interior to the exterior.

Wipe the exterior of the toilet bowls following procedures provided in the disinfectant manual.

Disinfect and clean other toilet surfaces such as door handles, toilet dispensers’ window seals, toilet mirrors, and toilet paper handlers.

Use glass cleaners to remove any stains and fingerprints from the glass walls.

Clean your restroom surfaces using a surface cleaner to wipe the sinks and handles.

Remove any dust using a dump mop before using water and a cloth to mop the floors.

Wash all your toilet cleaning equipment and dry them under the sun and aerate them, avoid mixing toilet cleaning equipment with other rooms equipment.

Steps to monthly cleaning

First, empty your restroom and remove any movable items.

Vacuum clean the restroom surfaces, including shelves, partitions, and vents, to remove any dust.

Replace the toilet paper, paper towel dispensers, soap, and air fresheners before you start cleaning.

Unclog any drains that are blocked before cleaning.

Use the weekly cleaning procedure to clean the restroom.

Clean and dry the restroom equipment under the sun before storing them.
We have learned many steps above on how to maintain our restrooms in our offices. If we follow the above steps, we will be able to live in a healthy work environment.