How to clean your office carpets

Offices create an impression for the company toward present and prospect clients. The floor is an integral part of your office and putting so much attention into it can create the impression you seek. Most offices today have decided to cover the floors with carpets. This makes it even harder but more interesting to clean your office. We are happy to share the few things you can do to make office carpet cleaning easier for you.
Carpets stains removed through blotting
Do not try to rub a stain on your carpet. Dab the stain with the help of a paper towel, clean cloth or sponge. Blotting puts some force on carpet enough to soak up the stain. Rubbing on the other side spreads the stain main it hard to break the large patch left on the carpet. To blot, do it outside inward, and the stains are sucked in no time.
Shaving cream works
Pros name it the best carpet-cleaning agent. All you need to do is apply the cream to the stain then let it stay for about 30 minutes. Use a dry white cloth to blot away the dirt then spray one part vinegar and water and finally dry with a towel. The stain is gone.
Freeze gum
Often you step on chewing gum, what happens if it reaches your carpet? The best solution is to go to the fridge, pick some ice cubes and place them on the chewing gum. This should take about 30 seconds. Use a spoon to pull the dry gum or thinly slice part of carpet subtly. Nobody should notice the peel.
Get rid of grease using dishwasher detergent
Greasy can appear messy on a carpet. Two drops of dishwashing detergent in a cup of water should be able to whisk away the dirt. Have the solution in a spray and spray it on the stain. Use the blotting method to deal with the stain and the stain issue is off.
You can heat wax
Wax is the one stain you can combat efficiently. In case you lit a candle and had it drop on your carpet, subtly heat it as you remove it with a tool, could be a spoon. You can also use a knife to scrape off the heated wax stain.
Hydrogen Peroxide for carpet bloodstains
This is not a common happening, but office accidents are there, a paper cut for example. Foremost, use water and mild detergent solution to loosen up the bloodstain. Then, scrape blood from carpet fibers and dab hydrogen peroxide together with towels to dry the carpet.
Practice a regular deep clean
Steam cleaning should make this easy. Use water jet nozzles in this case. Once the carpet is well steamed, the machine easily sucks up the dirt. For a less busy office deep, clean after six months for a busy office, three months for every deep clean is appropriate.
At this moment, you have a glimpse into the most basic ways to do your carpet cleaning. Your job just got easy.