Eight Tips to Make Care Homes More Homely

Moving your elder parents and family to care homes is a significant new step to their life. Therefore, before you decide to move them to these homes, pay attention to the conditions of the care home. There are things you can do to make the places more homely. These things will make sure that your elderly parents, friends or relatives will cope well. Before making those changes, you owe it to your loved one to allow them decide on what they want to include in their rooms when they move in to make them more comfortable. Here are the items you could apply.

Spread their beds with their favourite home bedspreads

The bedspreads will give the comfort of their room, making it look like they are actually in their actual beds. This will help them reduce the unfamiliar appearance in the room.

Make sure their rooms have a familiar smell

Most family homes have a specific familiar smell. Like most homes tend to like using strawberry flavoured air sprays or detergents. Make the scent familiar to your loved ones in their room by introducing the smell. This will make them feel closer to home and help them gain a positive vibe to the home.

Feel their room with their favourite photos

Make sure to feel their room with familiar photos which will improve their memory and also remind them of their happy times. It will also remind them of their younger ages. While arranging these photos, make sure to make them accessible to them.

Make sure to decorate their rooms with their favourite colours.

While decorating the rooms, be sure to include the familiar colours example; the colours their previous rooms at home had.

You can consider bringing them memory boxes into their room

When your loved one moves into the home, consider bringing them a memory box and filling it with them. This will be a nice gesture while trying to make them comfortable in the home.

Make them feel they have their independence

While you arrange their rooms, make sure to at least make room for them in their rooms to host their visitors. Also, consider getting them a coffee maker or kettle for them to serve their guests when necessary; this will make them feel like they still have their independence.

At least try to fill their room with their home furniture

While arranging their rooms, have something like a couch or a seat from their previous home, this will make them feel more comfortable. It will also make them feel comfortable in the room.

Bless their room with a radio

Your loved one hearing their favourite presenter talking will be relaxing. The radio will also help them pass time while listening to their favourite broadcasts and music.

It is important to make our loved one’s rooms in care homes more homely. This will make them comfortable and healthy as it will reduce stress to them. Besides, you need them to be happy by creating a good environment for them to be happy.