House cleaning without putting much effort

Many people can dress well but have a huge problem doing their houses. Some would be busy and cannot manage house cleaning. There are those who can manage the job in the shortest time possible and spend very little time and energy on those jobs. There, however, ways you can clean the house without putting much effort as discussed in this article:
Walk into each room
Go into the rooms of your house and take your time you identify what makes those places messy. Go around as you pick clutter. Pick clutter around into baskets and put aside, on free time sort things into relevant baskets, this will mean less energy spent and less time spent.
Wipe down surfaces
In step above, if you managed to clear the rooms what follows is to do clean the open surfaces left behind. Clear the kitchen floor and upper surfaces, clean floors across the room all at the same time. If you have a hand vacuum, the cleaning will be both economical, convenient and effective. This will take you lesser time and effort, and before you know it, the house is already looking good.

Empty all trash cans

Cleaning your house can be easy, laying off dirt into the dustbins is also easy but emptying the trashcan is beautiful. Being able to empty trashcans gives you the satisfaction that all that is expected of cleaning makes work easy.

Blow or fluff the pillows

Pillows are comforting; people play with them a lot. The worst thing about pillows is having them feel stuffy. A simple fluff from time to time, a little aeration allows pillows to ease in and out fresh air important to the room. Fluffing pillows gives you the clean feeling and trust that the room is full of clean air.

Make Your Bed Every Morning

This is a masterstroke practice. When you make your bed in the morning. The day is set for cleanliness. You can trust that the rest of the places will be cleaned. A transition from the bed to other parts of the houses and tidying up clears the house making it appear more organized.

Keep your hamper away

A clean house with dirty clothes spotted easily is a messy house. Being able to decide where to situate your hamper in a place where only a few access to it see is not a demanding energy activity. Having all dirty clothes in the basket and having the hamper away gives the impression that everything is already clean.

Clear fridge door

I do not know why people think the fridge door is the place to hung programs, cards, funny pictures but it makes less sense when what is in it is food. Clearing the fridge door shows clarity. Being able to look at the fridge and it just seems like a regular place makes sense. This act takes less of your energy.
The above list provides a group of practices that are light but still give your house a good appearance. House cleaning is made easy without much effort, and even less resource used.

How do you safely disinfect house during house cleaning?

Keeping your house clean is one thing and keeping it disinfected is a different concept altogether. Disinfection for a long time has been related to chemicals and feared methods of doing it. In this article, we will cover how to disinfect your house without fear of your safety:

Start with soap and water
In the case you are dealing with easy or light germs, using hot soapy water is your best bet. With such and a relatively rough rug, dirt comes close together and can be put in its place easily. Using these methods, you do not have to worry about your safety. Use this method for your floors, countertops and household surfaces.
Have you tried baking soda?
Soda is not a direct disinfectant, but when combined with agents like vinegar it becomes a natural cleanser. Baking allows for mixing with water, and when done correctly it can act as a scouring powder. With this agent, one can also sort our dirt on cooking surfaces and appliances and make them clean. You can use the baking together with lemon juice to polish metal. Vinegar, powder, and lemon can serve as a way to unblock a drain. This can easily be applied by bare hands and do not worry about your hands wearing.
Use of natural oils like Tea Tree Oil
This tree comes from a tree that exhibits the ability to fight bacteria and fungi. Tea tree oil commonly used in cosmetics and skin care mixed with water is a good house cleaning solution. Applying this mixture when cleaning countertops and tiles. You do not have to worry about this oil as it is a solution for treatment of injuries in children.
Hydrogen Peroxide is a safe disinfecting
As much as it is used as a healing agent, hydrogen peroxide can be used to remove stains on carpets and clothes when mixed with vinegar. Hydrogen peroxide can be used for the removal of scum water could have caused on tubs, sinks, and tiles. The good thing about hydrogen peroxide and water solution is its mild scent. A homemade or special spray bottle with the solution can be used to spray off dirt and make cleaning for you easy. Have the bottle dark and opaque then cover areas sprayed to avoid killing the cleaning the agent could have on the hydrogen peroxide.
Vinegar is a common cleaning solution
Vinegar is a jack of all uses. Vinegar has been used for widespread home purposes. Vinegar, however, has a strong scent. It has the anti-microbial features that allow it to fight mold growth. With vinegar and a soft cloth, you can wipe glass and stainless steel. If you are worried about the kind of vinegar am talking about going for the traditional plain distilled vinegar.
The above methods will surely leave a neat feature on most of the delicate surface. You do not have to worry about shopping for chemical-based disinfectants to kill germs on your items.

How do I start a house cleaning business?

Most times people do their houses, but not many reach the level of doing a perfect job. Are you the kind of person that believes you can do an ideal house-cleaning job? Am happy to tell you it is good business. You need a few basics, and you are ready to start a career you have so much passion for a few bucks.

You need a plan
Everything today needs a plan; business more than a thousand times needs a plan. For this reason, you need to decide whether you want to go full time or you are looking for an extra cash avenue. You might be surprised that businesses start with a good clientele. Plan how to sort each of their houses, agree with them on timelines and cleaning programs and go to work.
Check out for competition
Most of the things we wish to start today are already duplicated somewhere. You might not be the only person who is beginning how a cleaning business. Study the market and know what you are up against. Know the standard rates charged to various consumers. Know their clientele and leverage on strategy and service to get the best out of your business.
Start with boundaries
Business can be so good that the radius of customers stretches further. The best action is to ensure you do not end up reducing profit margins by traveling to long-distance clients. Better still seek out more clients on those far regions to make a kill and reduce operational costs incurred on distant clients.
Advertise your business
In the case of house cleaning, I assume that almost anyone can be your client from colleagues at work to neighbors at home. For this reason, reach out to everyone vide multiple channels and talk to them about what you are doing. Once they know your business and feel the need the rest is gospel you need to keep going to expand the business. Still, advertise your business first and get a starting clientele before you get smarter for your business, start with something you manage then leave the comfort zone. You can use word of mouth, posters, flyers, social media and a simple website to reach out to target clientele.
Have a business license
Your business needs legitimacy, for this reason, have a license that allows you to engage in the business. You can mention that you are certified or licensed for the business. It will be easy for people to trust you with their houses and know they can always report when all goes wrong.
You need to consult a money or finance expert or an accountant
In the case, you are going all in to house cleaning business you need to consult a tax person or a consultant on the effects the business can have on your family and finances. Take a sole proprietorship or incorporate yourself to avoid huge tax surprises.
All the above are just but a few but once your business looks legit and you have one or two people to help you to do the cleaning you are on your way to the bank.

House cleaning for a new move

Are you the person that loves cleaning before you move into a house? Even so, you might need to give your new home some freshness, and for this reason, cleaning before you move in is always a good idea. Cleaning on this day requires paying attention to some things and areas, as follows:

Start with your kitchen

This is the backbone of the house. You have to get it right with your kitchen always. There could be unlikely scents or dust on surfaces. Cleaning the kitchen from head to toe is your best bet. You are not advised to use hair fresheners in this place, going natural is also the best route to take. You can easily go green with most kitchen areas from using lemon and water solution or baking soda and water solution for most areas.

Move to the appliances

This requires a lot of energy and attention, therefore, for fridges, cookers and ovens have wax or go green with baking soda and water solutions. Have a heavy sponge to get rid of dirt on appliances. For the stove, use a brush to scrub surfaces and dip in hot soapy water. Fridges have bins and trays, remove them and clean them up in a different sink. Always remember to check whether electronic appliances are unplugged to avoid electric accidents. Clean the surfaces with a soft cloth to avoid wearing off the surfaces.
Clear kitchen counter, spaces, and cabinets

For cabinets applymild or natural cleaners in case their inside is painted. You can also line the cabinets before you can arrange dishes in them. Using the non-stick lining allows you to remove it once you need a change. Remember to wipe tops of cabinets, use agents that do not affect the type of surface.

The sink needs to sparkle

A bleach free of Chlorine is your best option. Mix with water and soak sink with a bleach solution. Allow staying for a while then rinse. Remember to bleach the plugs. Wipe the surfaces slowly to clear dirt and rinse. Remove by draining them with baking soda and water solution. Cleaning the sink is a masterstroke, it can make the kitchen appear perfectly clean.

Move to the walls

For a painted wall, you have less to worry about. You can, however, check for any small marking in areas of the wall close to the floor and clear them with fabric softener. For tough stains use liquid stick cleaners. You can also get rid of cobwebs in corners and vents as you finish cleaning the wall.

Finish with the floors

You could seek the services of a professional cleaner. Still, you can do it on your own a little bit earlier before you move in. Steam clean the carpeted floors and use wood soap for wood floors. The solvent should keep the floor smooth, natural and well scented.

The above guidelines enable you to make your move in cleaning with ease. As you finish, you will start experience a better and cleaning feeling from the surrounding. It is easy, efficient and effective.

How to prepare for your move out cleaning

There is nothing bad as being caught off guard. It is always good to prepare for your move out cleaning. You might be asking yourself why to prepare when you actually want to only move out. Everything could go completely wrong when you could have done something about it. There are a number of things you need to take care of so that the cleaning does not affect you, the house, your items and the lease contract.

Always give a notice
You might have a good move out cleaning services firm in mind but giving a late notice can be costly. Always prepare them, show interest and do your own follow up even after they do theirs, pay down payment so that you have them chained for your planned move out cleaning. A late notice might mean that you might not get the right people for the job or the job poorly done. An early notice means the cleaning firm gets to prepare for you on time.

Prepare list
The mistake with not having a list is the chance you could lose something important. A list acts as a checklist, you can share the list with the cleaning firm so that in the case they come across something in the house that belongs to you, they are able to put it together for you. You might have left things on purpose or not, making that aware to you prevent losing items you might have spent a lot on a purchase.

Move all your items out before the cleaning firm arrives
A move out cleaning activity is supposed to leave your place perfectly clean. Clearing the living space of your items can make the job easy and prevent damage. It will be okay that you have your items stored in some different place away from the area to be cleaned. Do this on time before the firm arrives to avoid having them to have to wait for you.

Arrange for a place to stay during the cleaning
Once you have left the house there will be no turning back. An end of tenancy inspection by a landlord can land you in trouble of having your deposit refund slashed. Having the place untouched before an inspection will secure your full deposit. This means arranging for a place to stay or moving to your new house is a good idea.

Perfectly inspect house
Before cleaning the house, take your time to move around each of its parts and check if anything requires your attention. If you are responsible for any damages in that house, it will be proper to have them fixed. No one will be held responsible for the damages but yourself. It can be cheaper if you have them fixed than the landlord having to charge for repairs from the deposit. Once the house is perfect, the move out cleaners can come in.

The above are enough ways of preparing for a move out cleaning. They will ensure that you are not having to turn back to the once you have stepped out. You only need the place cleaned, grab your deposit refund and move to your new place of residence.

How to enjoy doing your deep cleaning

The deep cleaning process is thought to be hard by some people when it actually is not; you can actually deep clean and never get by doing it. You can make the cleaning fun yourself. All the fun you are looking for is actually around; you just need to make them worth the fun. I enjoy my deep cleaning each time I do because I flavour my cleaning in a number of ways, which am happy to share with you.

Music is good for a cleaning day
If you are the person that easily get bored in a silent room then you are in the right place. Music can motivate you to achieve heights you did not imagine. This will hugely depend on your preference. You do not want to find yourself in the middle of your cleaning going to change the music playing on your background. Select a number of playlists before you settle to clean this way you are enjoying the process. You can do it in any way you want to but focus on being effective in your deep cleaning.

Use a checklist
Do you know why shopping is always fun? To me, the checklist is just the reason why my shopping is fun. A deep cleaning checklist makes work easy for you by breaking down the deep cleaning process into simple tasks and missions. Having a checklist on your cleaning attire pocket is a simple guide responsible in making the cleaning process easy. Doing your cleaning without checklists is like visiting a new place without a compass, a map or directions.

Focus on a room at a time
Consider these as small wins that later become a big win. Doing a room at a time means progress will be seen. Progress is motivation in deep cleaning. Dividing the activities of your cleaning across rooms makes cleaning easy. Cleaning with respect to rooms allows you to give each room the attention it requires from sweeping, scrubbing, mopping, dusting and vacuuming.

Use finely smelling cleaning supplies
Ever wondered why some people’s toilets, bathtubs, sinks, doormats are clean? Why are they enjoying doing this cleaning? The list is long. At the end of the cleaning, the areas are well scented because they used the right equipment. Always your time and shop for the right cleaning supplies. Buy eco-friendly supplies from natural and healthy detergent for your cleaning. Not only do they smell good but you will also enjoy using them during deep cleaning.

Promise to reward yourself
Self-motivation is important for deep cleaning. Promise yourself something once cleaning has been achieved. You can write that on the whiteboard or set aside some clothes for a pizza or movie night after a busy deep cleaning day. This easily motivates you to do your cleaning to the end, because the end promises fun. Cleaning just got enjoyable.

Do not clean alone
Cleaning with someone as you talk, share memories, play can be fun. Cleaning is faster, more efficient and fun when there is a company. You get the best out of yourself by talking to someone, as you clean, could be a friend or family member, all the same, you will still enjoy the cleaning exercise.

The above practices will enable you to enjoy your cleaning, the fun is within, you just need to put yourself in that moment and have a successful deep cleaning exercise.

How to do end of tenancy cleaning yourself

Has a property owner ever denied you deposit refund? Did the landlord slash deposit refund to restore space? If so, how did you feel? One of the main reasons is that you might have left the space worse than it was. I can offer one solution for such so that you avoid future disputes with property owners. I would prescribe an end of tenancy cleaning, this job can be quite taxing but you can actually it yourself and save some bucks to facilitate a move-out.

You must be thinking this is a quite heavy duty and you are right, the tips below will facilitate your end of tenancy cleaning process, you will be surprised you did it; the result is a restored space and the reward an undisputed full deposit refund by the landlord.

Always start the cleaning early
I would advise the cleaning starts a week to end of a lease contract. End of tenancy cleaning can actually mean you spend most part of the days of the week cleaning. If you are a busy person, more than a week’s allowance is advisable. This will ensure you actually restore the place to its initial state without having to wear yourself out in the cleaning process.

Use a move in report
Some property owners might hand you a not so perfect place and expect to leave it perfect. A move-in report shared between you and property should come in handy. In the case of a dispute, a copy of the move in inventory report will alleviate dispute. Always ask for one before paying for anything. Have yourself and landlord agreeing on the state of the space so that you have no problems after an end of tenancy cleaning inspection about the state of the house. If it does not hurt you, take a clip of the place when moving in to highlight the state of areas of the property as proof during a dispute.

Use a checklist to support your cleaning process
Before you start the end of tenancy cleaning, prepare a checklist of how to go about your cleaning, where to start, where to focus, what to fix, what you require in restoring the place. Use the checklist as a focus tool and stick to the plan until the end. You can self-inspect the place using the same device after cleaning before allowing the property owner to do an inspection.

Use the right equipment
Equipment is important in the cleaning process. Some equipment can only make the space worse than it was. Take your time and use the right equipment and technique for the right place. The right equipment also means you get the work quickly done. You can actually use what professionals use for example hire a vacuum cleaner for the floor and the carpet.

You can also hire an end of tenancy cleaning company
Research, ask around, walk into their offices and learn about what they do. You can take part in the cleaning process, no one can prevent you. Besides, you will be able to compare plans and checklists and learn new tricks. At the end of it, you will take the credit, take your money and walk.

Cleaning checklist for DIY deep cleaning

Since the start of the year, you have been busy trying to kill your back saving for your school, family and a house. You have not even had the time to put the focus on the restoring the sanctity of your house. Then suddenly and you are asking yourself what to do. You look around, the bus fare just skyrocketed, the weather is just good enough to keep you around but your house is in a mess. When is the last you actually did a deep clean? This holiday is the answer. You are still asking yourself where to start and indeed a lot needs to be done and the only way to be the hero at the end of all this is a plan and a do it yourself deep cleaning checklist is important what you need. A good checklist focuses on the rooms and the tasks needed to accomplish deep cleaning, am happy to provide you with a checklist that can guide cleaning. My best route is the kitchen, the bedroom and finally, the toilet and bathroom.

Always start with the kitchen

Most days of the year, you have been doing kitchen floors, surfaces, shelves and shallow touch to the sink once in a while. For deep cleaning, the game just changed, a lot has to be done, include a number of activities in your checklist as follows:

Focus on cleaning storage areas and kitchen appliances. Storage areas could be cupboard areas, fridges and storage containers. Kitchen appliances could be the fridge, kettles and burners. Foremost, clear storage areas of food; throw away old food and clean the surfaces, grills and tray with a slightly damp cloth. In the case, you use plastic, cardboard and glass containers it will be proper to recycle them so that you do not go back purchasing other ones and save for other important things.

Move to the sinks and surfaces nearing the sink and cooking area. Cleaning a porcelain sink is easy anyone could imagine, with the right equipment and technique, one can actually retain its original look.

Move to cook surfaces like cookers. If you are using a removable cooker, even easier. You can eject cooker and wipe to cleanliness carefully.

The cleaning is actually moving downwards, the next part should be the floors. Remove any delicate equipment around before you scrub, sweep and mop the kitchen floor.

Move to the bedroom

After the business of the day has left you fatigued, the last thing you want to face is a dirty place of rest. You can shake up your bedroom through a number of deep cleaning tricks on your checklist.

Soak blinds and curtains, if they are light you can use a washing machine if you have one with detergent, wash thoroughly, air and iron to add the freshness of the room.

Tidy the wardrobes. A holiday is just the best time to pay attention to the wardrobes. You can use a good broom to dust, remember to put on nose masks and protect your eyes from damage by dust. After a cleanup, arrange wardrobe and give it a new look.

Remove cobwebs from walls and ceilings. This is not something you do on a normal day. There are cobweb removers in the market to ensure you do not have crawling animals walking on you.

Include beddings and mattresses on your to-do list. Having good beddings not forgetting pillows clean is one of the things most people forget until the bedding has developed a suffocating smell

Move bed and other furniture and clean underneath. A fresh bedroom means you do not have any cover unturned. I would advise you do under the bed occasionally to avoid breaking your back during a deep cleaning activity.

Finish with the bathroom

Most people do their bathrooms and toilets. Showering in a dirty bathroom will mean not having to lean against the wall, shower with fun, and even enjoy the bathtub. Not cleaning the toilet will mean not seating on your toilet seat. A number of things to include in the checklist for a fresh and pleasant bathroom and toilet are:

Ensuring surfaces are wiped down and storage places are cleared off out of date cleaning products.

Wash bathtub with natural products. In your planning to clean the bathroom and toilet remember to shop for natural products. The toilet and bathroom are health sensitive places and making sure you avoid exposure to poisonous chemicals, always use natural products.

Wash mat and scrub floors. This comes last as you finish off. This means that you are approaching the end of a deep cleaning exercise and a good win.

The details above should give you a screenshot of what deep cleaning entails. Going back to work you will return to your easy cleaning and still have a good environment to back to at the end of the day.

Your move out cleaning personal inspection checklist

If you maintained a clean stay during your occupancy then the move out cleaning should not take much time. You can even do it yourself as discussed in the previous article. If there is no time, you do not have a choice to hire a professional end of tenancy cleaning firm to do the cleaning and restore the house to its former state. This is not the end, once the cleaning is done; you need to do a thorough inspection yourself. This is where the move out inspection checklist comes in handy. The checklist is not only for the cleaning but to ensure the house is in its original state in all ways. Below are a number of things to include in the checklist that will give a better success score and finally even earn you a full deposit refund.

Landlords care about utilities

In this case, we are talking about the water, electricity and gas connections. Property owners care about this items because they actually invested in them as they established their property. They could have invested a lot in them and will not be ready for any excuse in the case they do not properly function after tenancy. Therefore, ensure that the gas connections have not been altered, ensure the water taps are well functioning and that the electricity is properly working as it was at the beginning of a tenancy. If there was an issue with the utilities, have them fixed before the actual inspection.

Personal items on the property

At the end of a tenancy all, a landlord will want to see is his property sparkling clean. Not because it makes them happy but because they want the space occupied by the next tenant as fast as possible. During your personal inspection, make sure that none that is yours is on the property. If there is, remove all and clean up the area you have found the item to ensure there is no dirt is around in the actual inspection.

Trash on the property

Always make it to the end. This means that even after doing property clean up you still have to make sure there is nothing related to your dirt on the property. This includes trash, empty the bins, the trashcans, the ones on the inside and outside of the property, the best time to call trash collectors and have them pick the trash before the actual inspection.

The yard is still your business

Before a move in you must have found the yard perfectly done. The landlord will want to see the property just that way. Have yourself or someone else to mow, edge and trim the yard a day or more to the inspection and have the dirt in a faraway place before the inspection. Do not forget to attend to the gutters.

Check carpet

The landlord will definitely check if the carpet has been handled. On hiring the move out cleaning firm, ensure you have included the carpet in the must-dos. Have a receipt for the carpet cleaning. This should be an electronically generated receipt to avoid having the landlord slash your deposit to cater for the carpets.

Check the cleaning checklist

You need to ensure the areas you instructed for an end of tenancy cleaning have been perfectly handled. This means the areas like the walls, ceilings, the rooms, windows and doors are free of stains, marks, smudges, debris, webs, soap scums, streaks, and ashes if there is a fireplace.

Check the alarms

Replace A/C filter, after all, is done. This is to avoid being charged for a fresh one. Some landlords will check for how clean they are, they could come with their technicians and will definitely they will want it replaced or paid for. The smoke alarm should be as found, the inspector will actually test it. Install working batteries in all the alarms if possible.

In the end, you have perfected the imperfect places, thanks to the self-inspection description above. You are now ready for the actual inspection and a deposit refund. All the best. Do this inspection a day or two to the actual inspection and fix the needy areas.

Considerations when looking for an end of tenancy cleaning firm

You might have had a bad experience doing an end of tenancy yourself, you could be having a tight schedule or you want to give a try to an end of tenancy cleaning firm. This consideration means you get access to the right, most efficient and most reliable end of tenancy cleaning service. You can only get this in a good end of tenancy cleaning firm. You could be asking yourself what to do when looking for a good end of tenancy cleaning services firm.

Below are considerations when looking for an end of tenancy cleaning firm:

A good firm is made of professionals
All the good businesses owe their credit to their staff. In the cleaning industry, having professionals make you stand out in front of all your peers in the industry. When looking for a cleaning services firm, check for how professional their staff are. There are firms that specialize in end of tenancy cleaning or those that offer a variety of cleaning services. Even so, subscribe to a firm that hires trained cleaning services personnel or trains their staff. This is a sign that the firm is taking a serious path in cleaning business.

A good firm responds faster
You could be a busy person and need to move out before lease contract expires. A good firm will quickly respond to this need. You might need a quick response to acquiring a deposit refund to help you pay for next place of accommodation. An always-on standby cleaning services staff is the firm you are looking for. Being able to do a week’s sign out work in a day or less is a sign of a good end of tenancy cleaning firm.

A good firm uses the right tools and techniques
Today we are talking about green cleaning. The use of eco-friendly cleaning methods. This hugely depends on the type of service you are looking forward to; for you, this might not matter. The point is to have space perfectly done and with the use of correct equipment and methods. The right equipment can actually mean the work just got easier, efficient and effective. Know the chemicals and any cleaning aids they use for better results.

A good firm prices its services professionally
Some success end of tenancy cleaning services can easily rip you off with their hidden costs. Professional pricing of services actually means that the services are worth the money being charged. A good firm offers discounts or prices through premiums. Inquire about the offers and ensure you get the right services after subscribing to them.
Choose a trustworthy cleaning firm
A good cleaning firm or end of tenancy cleaning agency cares about the trust of the clients. Good staff stick to the limit of the job, do not touch your personal items, talk about your personal information, or divulge client addresses to other people. A firm should have staff that respect client privacy. Research and read client reviews until you are comfortable with the firm you are trusting with your end of tenancy cleaning firm.

The above considerations should guide your choice of an end of tenancy cleaning firm. Good service is not enough more things come into play.