New Year, New You!

By now Christmas is well and truly on its way, bringing with it snow, the anticipation of presents and fantastic food, as well as thought for the next year ahead of us. 2017 has been a year of turmoil, and one many will be glad to leave behind.

Here are some ways to refresh the environment around you and to better yourself for the coming year, or however long you decide to stick to you new years revolution!

New home, new year, new year!




Spring Clean!

It’s never too early to get started on your spring clean. Spring cleaning is not just about hoovering the floors and cleaning the oven door after months of procrastinating. It’s about reinvigorating the place around you. Rearrange furniture, paint the walls a different colour, and if you can spring for it, consider changing furniture.

Even small things such as changing the bedding, or clearing out some of the clutter can go a long ways in creating a comfortable, refreshed living environment.

And if you don’t have it in you to do a deep clean, consider hiring a Gleem cleaner.




Better Yourself

New years are always about making revolutions and never sticking to them. But for those first few weeks you have motivation, why not do something different? It can be small and for your own betterment, like adopting a healthy diet or creating a daily exercise regime. Or it could be something you give back to society, such as doing voluntary work or raising money for charity.




Crossing off your Bucket-List

Ok, so maybe you don’t have the cash to go on that Carribean cruise you’ve always dreamed about. But now might be the time to go ahead and do the things you’ve left on the back-burner. Take up yoga, learn the guitar, write that book! The world if your oyster and it’s never too late to try something new.


Cleaning with Eco-Friendly Products

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Cleaning products are a necessary daily product that have come so ingrained in our lives we assume they are safe, but in fact most are filled with dangerous chemicals such as chlorine, sodium hydroxide and butoxyethanol. These chemicals not only present a hazard to our health, but also our homes and environment. 

We at Gleem feel passionately about preserving our environment, thus we felt we should provide some information about eco-friendly products to ensure your home is healthy and happy!



Why Switch?

As mentioned before, such products can be harmful to humans, pets and your home. Chemicals such as butoxyethanol can cause minor symptoms such as sore throats as well as more serious issues like severe kidney and liver damage.

Some products include more acidic chemicals which overtime will cause upholstery and furniture to decay overtime.

Also, eco-friendly and organic products tend to be a cheaper option compared to big-labels. So switch now, for a healthier and happier environment, home and wallet!



Eco-friendly Products

Online is the best place to source and purchase more organic cleaning products. Big Screen Smile and The Ethical Superstore are both fantastic UK-based websites that offer eco-friendly, biodegradable products including soaps, washing-up liquid and all purpose cleaning. The Ethical Superstore takes it one step further by ensuring their products are also Fairtrade and vegan.



Our Role

It would be unfair of us to expect other people to care for the environment without doing our part. Here at Gleem we have researched eco-friendly cleaning products to ensure we fulfill our role. So you can rest easy knowing that booking one of our domestic cleaners is still you doing your part.  

Not only that, Gleem prides itself in working with the Charity organisation FRANK that aims to provide drinkable water to third world countries. If you would like to find out more make sure to visit them at