Cleaning and Defrosting an Office Refrigerator

Cleaning and Defrosting an Office Refrigerator

Cleaning the office refrigerator once or twice, a week in the inside or outside is very important. This is because the food you will purchase or store in the fridge will stay fresh longer.

A clean refrigerator saves on cost and keeps food from spoiling.

Steps on keeping a clean refrigerator
-Empty the whole fridge by removing all the food inside it
-Empty the ice cube containers and trays and clean those using warm water. Fill them with water then arrange them back into the refrigerator.
-Use a clean cloth to wipe all cans, jars, and containers and arrange them back into the refrigerator.
-Put any other food back to the refrigerator after completing your cleaning. This prolongs the life of the food and prevents fast spoiling.

Cleaning the inside of a refrigerator

-Mix two tablespoons of baking soda with a quarter glass of water
-Wipe the top, bottom shelves, corners and wall using the mixer of baking soda to get rid of odours and dirt
-In case of any stains and spots, use dry baking soda to scrub off.
-After cleaning, wipe the inside with a clean, dry cloth for faster drying.
-Wash the inside door and rubber strips around the refrigerator using a cloth and warm water, then rinse using clean water and dry with a clean towel.

Defrosting a refrigerator

Defrosting a refrigerator helps to prolong the life of the food and helps a fridge work better for a more extended period.

Why a refrigerator becomes frosty
-When you have put hot food into the refrigerator
-When the door has been left open
-If the door has a bad seal

Steps for defrosting an office refrigerator
-Turn off the fridge or switch it to defrost
-Unplug your refrigerator then open all the doors
-Remove all your food from the refrigerator and place them on cardboard covering them with a magazine paper
-Remove the ice cube trays and empty them, clean the trays, and replace the ice cubes with cold water.
-Remove the drawers and shelves from your refrigerator. -Clean them all and keep them aside to dry.
-After emptying the refrigerator, leave the door open and unplugged to allow the melting of the ice for at least 6 hours.
-If in a hurry, you can use other methods to speed up the process such as ;
Place boiling or hot water in the refrigerator
Use a fan near the open fridge as it is easily available in an office to speed up the melting process
Use a hairdryer to melt the ice if it is available around the office

Do not bit or scrape off the ice; let it melt by itself.

-Discard the water collected from melting the ice then dry it using a clean cloth.
-Put back the refrigerator shelves and drawers.
-Then arrange back the food into the shelves.

Maintaining an office refrigerator is very important as it ensures that there will be no spoilt food lying around and prevents bad odour around the office.

In what ways do I clean an office terrazzo floor?

Terrazzo floors have always existed since the olden times. Terrazzo consists of ships such as glass, marble, granite, quartzite, and any other suitable material, which requires mixed for chemical binding. After its set as a floor, it is polished to smoothen it to give a shiny finish.

Terrazzo floors are popular in commercial buildings and office setups.

Materials and equipment required for cleaning office terrazzo floors
-Clean dust mop
-Mop bucket
-Floor buffer
-Auto Scrubber
-Neutral cleaner
-Water-based sealer
-Microfiber applicator
-Chemical stripper

Ways for maintaining a terrazzo office floor
-Keep mops, buckets, and water clean always.
-When applying materials to a terrazzo surface, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
-Select neutral cleaners as harsh cleaners damage the terrazzo floor.
-Always put caution sign when cleaning till they are completely dry
-To achieve a high gloss finish, ask for instructions from your nearest contractor, and avoid using wax products.

Daily cleaning of office terrazzo floor
-Open all the office window before cleaning to allow the flow of air in the office
-Collect any waste around the office and empty the office dustbin.
-Use a wet clean dust mop to the office, starting from the far end towards the door in circular motions.
-Clean any stains available using neutral cleaners diluted in warm water.
-Clean the mop, the bucket, and keep them dry.

Weekly cleaning
-Open all the office windows and vacuum clean to get rid of any available dust around the office materials
-Rearrange the office furniture to create room for easy cleaning
-Use a clean damp mop with a neutral cleaner to mop the floor
-In case of heavily soiled floors, use a buffing machine to scrub off the soil and a neutral cleaner.
-After cleaning the surface in small portions, ensure to rinse the floor and mop the residue with clean water.
-Allow the floor to dry then buff it with a dry brush. Polish the floor if need be.

How to polish terrazzo floors

-After cleaning the terrazzo floor, allow it to dry overnight completely.
-Pour a terrazzo or marble sealer in a bucket then apply it to the floor using a floor roller. Remove excess sealer -before leaving it to dry overnight
-Use a buffing machine with light-colored pads to buff the floor systematically
-Rub the buffer across the terrazzo covering the entire floor with sprinkled pH-neutral polishing powder.
-Mop the floor with a clean damp cloth to remove any leftover polishing powder. Buff the floor with a buffing machine until it has the required shine.

Reasons as to why we polish terrazzo floors

-To get rid of scratches
Without regular upkeep of the terrazzo floor, there will be wearing out of the floor due to traffic in and out of the office; therefore, it is essential to maintain the floor by polishing it regularly.

-To prevent the terrazzo floor from lifting
If the terrazzo floor in the office is not well maintained, it will start lifting; therefore, it is good to polish it regularly.

-Prevents staining and discoloration
Polishing the terrazzo floor will maintain the color of the floors and avoid staining and discoloration due to traffic in the office.

-Gives the floor a high shine
Regular polishing of the floor will provide an excellent appearance to the office as well as make it easier to mop the floor.

Terrazzo floor has been known to be very convenient and accommodating to our crowded offices as they don’t easily wear out.

Keeping Your Office Electronics Clean and Dust Free

Keeping Your Office Electronics Clean and Dust Free

Office electronics are essential valuables in the office. Most of the office electronics store information about your job and company as well, so it is good to maintain them.

Some electronics may require disassembling them before cleaning, so it’s good for you sometimes to call a cleaning expert to help you out.

Reasons why it is essential to keep office electronics free from any dirt;

-Saves on cost
Maintaining the office electronics saves on cost as it helps prolong their life span .keeping this electronics clean prevents them from external damages, which extends its life and saves on using more investments.

-It gives employees in the office more focused on their work
Keeping clean and maintaining the electronics aids in the smooth functioning of the equipment, and this will get more work done around the office.

Well-functioning equipment will also encourage the employees to have more work done, which equals more accomplishments and profits, which will promote the growth of the business.

-Increase of electronic lifespan
Dust and dirt build-up in your office equipment will most likely lead to an electronic malfunction, which will, at long last, cause damage to them. This will lessen the lifespan of the equipment.
Maintaining and keeping the equipment clean will increase their lifespan as you will be able to keep records and repair any faults available before the damage grows. Through this maintenance, there will be damage control, if any hence increased lifespan.

-Reduces the risk of spreading diseases and infections
Regular cleaning of the office equipment gets rid of any germs building up hence preventing the spread of diseases and infections.

It is always good to wipe and disinfect your electronics like office telephones to prevent infections and diseases from spreading.

-Safety control
For one to know whether there are any faulty cables or any damage is developing on computers, keyboards, and mouse, it is necessary to try maintaining and cleaning them. That is the only time you can come across any light damages. This helps you control any dangerous wires and cables being exposed.

Steps on keeping your electronics clean

Organize your working area, starting with loose papers. Paper work that is disorganised not only looks messy but also encourages dirt around the office.

Loose papers can be organised by different ways such as;
-Arranging the loose documents and files in the office cabinets.
-Using the office paper trays and wall mounted pockets for certain documents on hand
-You can also scan other documents and store them electronically to prevent the office from being a mess and saving on space
-Start by cleaning electronics such as vents and fans to get rid of their dust.
-Use a duster to wipe or blast dirt out of tight spaces of the vent and fun.
-Wipe electronics such as computer keyboard and telephones using a soft rug that has been moistened with a disinfectant to remove germs.

-Moreover, you can also use compressed air dusters to dust the keyboards and typewriter

-Lastly, vacuum clean around your office electronics to trap any hidden dirt.

To prevent your electronics from trapping dust, always use mouse pads or computer pads to trap any dirt. You can also use surge protectors to avoid any surge damage from affecting any electronics more so computers.

It’s always good to clean office electronics as cleanliness increases their lifespan and creates a conducive work environment.

Disinfecting and maintaining an office restroom

A clean office bathroom gives a clean conducive environment for working. A clean restroom prevents users from contaminating diseases and infections caused by dirty toilets. As they say, a clean environment gives a good working place; therefore, it is good to maintain our office bathroom.

For one to begin to clean your office bathroom, you must first gather all your cleaning equipment. Load them all in one place making sure that all rags, mops, and brooms are correctly marked to avoid being used in other places.

Make sure that your office bathroom is empty then place the caution sign by the door before beginning your cleaning. The caution sign will act as a sign to the other office members that cleaning is taking place.

An office bathroom should get care daily due to its regular use. To clean, you need to follow some steps.

Before beginning to clean, ensure to put on protective clothing avoid using bare hands and feet while cleaning.

How to disinfect office bathrooms

Office bathrooms accommodate many users; therefore, they get contaminated easily.

Step for disinfecting

Always protect yourself because disinfecting requires touching and exposure to chemicals.
Before using the disinfectants, read the labels and fully understand each of their uses such as:
-Limited disinfectants are useful for specific microorganisms
-General disinfectants are effective in general organisms
-Tuberculocidal disinfectant protects everything that a hospital disinfectant does with additional protection.

Ensure to apply the right amount of disinfectant as prescribed in the instruction manual.

Daily cleaning of the office bathroom steps

Make sure the bathroom is empty before beginning your cleaning.
Get rid of any ruins or debris sound the bathroom sink, floor, or toilet.
Empty the garbage bins and recycling bins by removing the trash can liner and replacing it with a new one.
Stock the toilet paper and paper towel dispensers if they are not adequately stocked.
Clean the surface of the toilet by scrubbing following the disinfecting toilet procedure.
Dry any water spills, if any, after cleaning the toilet.

Weekly cleaning of the office bathrooms

-Empty the bathroom before beginning your cleaning.
-Start by cleaning the toilet. Scrub all the surfaces of the toilet/urinal, beginning with the interior with a toilet bowl cleaner.
-Clean by wiping down the exterior parts of the toilet /urinal like the toilet seat using disinfectant. Follow the disinfecting procedures until you complete the cleaning.
-Wipe and disinfect other bathroom surfaces such as door handles, dispensers, counterparts, partitions, and light switches
-Remove bathroom mirror stains using a glass cleaner to remove any fingerprints and marks.
-Clean your bathroom surfaces using a surface cleaner to wipe the sinks and handles.
-Sweep the floor to get rid of any dust using a dust mop before using a wet mop to clean the floor.

After you are done, wash all bathroom clothes, mops, and brooms and dry them, avoiding their contact with other office cleaning materials.

Monthly cleaning of the office bathroom

-Start by emptying the bathroom
-Dust and vacuum all the areas around the bathroom, including the vents, shelves, and partitions.
-Shop for soap, toilet paper, paper towel dispensers, and air fresheners.
-Make sure all drains are working correctly if not unclog them using drain cleaners.
-Repeat the weekly procedure on how to clean the bathroom surfaces then leave it to dry.
-Clean and rinse the bathroom mops, mop buckets, rags, and clothes that you used.

Following the above instructions and steps, you will be able to maintain a clean environment, and you will be able to prevent the spread of any infections and diseases.

Tips to Follow to Pick Professional House Cleaning Companies

If you would search online, you will see that there are a lot of professional house cleaning companies available. The process can be very tricky when you know that you already need to hire the right company. How will you pick from the wide selection of companies available?

Do you actually want to hire a company who may damage your property? Do you want to hire a company with staff members who would steal your items? This is something that you need to be sure about before you get the right company.

What are the factors that you have to consider when looking for professional cleaning contractors? It is not ideal that you will just pick a random house cleaning company. If you want the important items inside your home to be safe, you need to pick the right company that will help you maintain the cleanliness of your home.

Check the Status of the Cleaning Company
You need to check if the cleaning company that you want to hire is reputable or not. The more established the company is, the more that you can track if the company has provided the right services to its past clients. If you hire a random company, you may not be able to track it down if something goes wrong.

Consider the Services Offered by the Company
Are all the services that are offered by the company useful to you? There are some cleaning companies that specialize in cleaning different offices and commercial spaces. You may need to specifically look for cleaning companies that can offer house cleaning services. What if you would hire a cleaning company that is not interested in doing time-consuming services? This will surely be a problem for you.

Find Companies with Trained Staff Members
What if you would pick a house cleaning company that does not have the right staff? You might get stuck with cleaners who will break some of your items when they clean. You do not want people to break your things because of their lack of knowledge on cleaning your items well. There are also some staff members who are familiar with good cleaning practices. If the company does not hire trained staff members, you can move on and look for another cleaning company instead.

Environment-Friendly Cleaning Practices
There are some cleaning companies who will offer different options when it comes to cleaning. If you are concerned about the environment, you can ask the company for some green options. There are some cleaning supplies that will not cause any harm to the environment. At the same time, they will be safe for your items as well.

Do remember that one of the most important things to look for is to find a company that will be willing to accommodate your different needs. As a homeowner, you have different needs from your neighbors. The cleaning company that you are going to hire should understand that and should make the effort to provide what you are looking for. If the company cannot follow your guidelines and instructions, you can always look elsewhere.

How to Keep Your Office Desk Clean at All Times

Do you feel more energized to work when your office desk is clean? A lot of people usually feel more inspired when they know that their office desk is conducive for working. A clean desk can last for a day or two but after that, you need to clean it again in order to maintain its appearance.

If you are blessed with a large desk which means that you have a lot of space, then you are lucky. Some have to make do with very small spaces that will only fit their laptop and a few things. Whether you have a large space or you do not have too much space, you can still make more effort into keeping your office desk clean.

Think of Your Desk as One of the Most Important Things in the Office
What are the different reasons why your desk is important? There are so many things that you can think about. Without your desk, it will be harder for you to have the right space to work. The desk will hold all of your important office items. The more that you think about the reasons why your desk is important, the more that you will treat it with special care.

Keep Your Supplies Within Reach
One of the reasons why the office desk often becomes cluttered is you cannot find the supplies that you need in order to keep working. What are the things that you use often? You may need your post it in order to write down short notes. Your pen may be essential too. All of them should be easy to reach so you do not have to make your desk cluttered every time you are searching for something.

Remove Items You Do Not Need
Why does your desk look like it is overflowing with items? There is a big possibility that you have so many items on your desk that you do not need. For example, you may have a telephone book that you are supposed to use whenever you need to contact a client or a business partner of the company. Have you saved the numbers on your computer? If yes, then your telephone book can be removed from the desk. It may be taking up unnecessary space that you can use for other more important items.

Label Your Files
You have files on your computer that are labeled properly but the files on your desk are not labeled correctly. Now is the time for you to spend some time labeling these files. These files will be very useful in the long run and you may need to find them easily. The labels will allow you to disregard those items that you do not need anymore.

Get Rid of Things that Can Distract You
Do you still have items in your office that you can easily bring home? If you answer yes, then you should remove these items immediately. Not only will they clutter the limited desk space that you have, you may also get distracted.

The more that you keep your office desk clean by doing regular office cleaning, the more that you can concentrate on doing tasks that are related to your job. Having a clean desk will also allow you to be less prone to acquiring diseases that may be viral or bacterial in nature.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Cleaning Contractors for Your Office

The way that your office looks like is something that will always contribute to the overall environment of your office. When your office looks spotless and professional, you can expect that people will feel that your company is a company that they can do business with. There are also a lot of employees who may become inspired to work better because they are in a clean office. There is no doubt that having a clean office can come with a lot of benefits.

How Do You Keep Your Office Clean?
How do you make sure that your office is always clean? There are some people who make it a point to assign their employees to clean certain areas of their office. Their different workstations will reflect how tidy they are.

You may have also hired your own cleaning staff. They are the ones who are responsible for cleaning the office after all of the employees have already gone. They can make sure that the office will be clean again for another day of use.

The way that you keep your office clean will always be up to you but you cannot deny that it is still different when professional cleaning contractors are in charge of cleaning your office properly. The moment that you have hired professional cleaners, you can be sure that your office will always look organized and tidy.

Increase the Productivity of Your Employees
You have hired employees not only because of their credentials but also because of what they can offer to the company. The right employees for your company will surely improve the work that will be produced. A lot of employees love working more when they know that their office smells fresh. They will also feel better when they know that they can find the things that they are looking for immediately. When they are able to do their work without any issues, they become more productive and produce better output.

Decrease Chances of Illness
There are a lot of people who are aware that they can catch certain illnesses from the office. The office is usually an enclosed space and the employees are working side by side when they have cubicles. Some people are lucky because they have a lot of space but most people will not have that. When the office is cleaned regularly, it will be easy to get rid of dust, lint, and so much more that may cause breathing issues. At the same time, bacteria, viruses, and fungi can be effectively removed from the office by the right office cleaners.

Reduce the Chances of Work Stress
It is a known fact that people may become stressed with work because of may reasons. When the environment in the office is cluttered, people will have the tendency to become even more stressed. Their moods will not be at their best and they may get angry for the smallest reasons. A clean office will make the staff members more peaceful so they can all work better together.

Allow the professional office cleaners that you have hired to clean your office regularly in order to get the best results.

How to Hire a Company to Provide Professional Cleaning Services

One of the questions that you will ask yourself when you know that you need to hire a cleaning company is how will you know which company to hire? You can check out the different companies available and you will realize that not all the companies can offer the services that you want.

You may be concerned about the fees that you have to pay. You are not sure if hiring a professional cleaning company will be worth it. Some people say that they hire a cleaning person who is not a part of the company. This may be useful for house cleaning but aside from the fact that this is not exactly legal, it will be hard for just one person to clean a whole commercial space.

Why would you make your employees feel stressed about cleaning their own spaces in the office when you can always get professional cleaning companies to do the cleaning for them? Not only will your employees be happy about this, but they will also be thankful because they will be exposed to a fresh and clean office often.

Save More Time and Money in the Long Run
Hiring professional cleaners may require you to spend some money on the services that they offer. However, this can still help you save more money in the long run. Your furniture will be thoroughly cleaned. The right materials and cleaning supplies will be used to clean these items. You do not have to worry anymore that some of your office furniture will be ruined.

Your staff can also focus on doing their tasks instead of appointing them to clean some areas of the commercial space. You can be sure that they will provide the needed work much faster than what you have expected.

Impress Potential Business Partners
There may be other companies who will visit you in the office. They will not only be there for a meeting, but they would also check the cleanliness and orderliness of your office. The more satisfied they are with the cleanliness of your office, the more that they would love to work with you.

No Need to Worry About Cleaning Supplies
There are some commercial owners who would need to spend a lot of money on cleaning supplies. They are not also sure if the cleaning supplies that they are purchasing will be good for their office furniture. You do not want to make mistakes when you are purchasing the right cleaning materials. The best thing that you can do is to hire a cleaning company that will have all of the cleaning supplies that will be required to clean your office properly.

Aside from the cleaning supplies, cleaning companies also have the right machine and tools that will make sure that each portion of your commercial space will be cleaned thoroughly. You do not have to purchase these items anymore as the professional cleaners will be in charge of bringing the supplies and other needed materials.

Are you ready to start picking the right professional cleaning company now?

The Advantages of Hiring Professional Cleaning Companies to Provide Professional Cleaning Services

Have you tried cleaning a commercial workspace by yourself? You may even have a hard time cleaning your home office. Just imagine how hard it can be when you need to clean a commercial workspace on your own. Even if you would provide your best efforts into making the area clean, there is still a big possibility that you will not be able to do it.

One of the best options available to keep commercial spaces clean is to hire professional cleaning companies. Are you not convinced yet? You should know more about the professional cleaning companies that are available in your area.

Expect Specialized Tools and Equipment from the Staff Members
There may be a group of professional cleaners who will go to the commercial space in order to clean the space properly. They will not go there unarmed. They will have different tools and equipment that will make sure that various areas of the commercial space will be cleaned thoroughly. A lot of cleaning commercial companies will make sure that they have the best materials that can be purchased in the market.

Well-Trained Staff Members
You can always tell your employees to clean their own spaces and tables but it will still be different when professionals will be in charge of cleaning the space. Look for companies who have full-time employees because this way, you can be sure that the staff members are trained well. There is also a higher chance that their employees have adequate insurance coverage. You may not realize this yet but this is very important especially if any of the staff members get into an accident while cleaning your commercial space.

Improve Environmental Care
There is no doubt that there are many changes that are happening to the world right now because of the pollution that has accumulated on earth right now. The different cleaning companies are doing their best to reduce the imprint that they are leaving to the environment. Cleaning different spaces do not have to impact the environment in a negative manner. Look for cleaning companies that can provide earth-friendly solutions.

Offer Plans Tailored to Your Commercial Space Needs
You have to admit that one of the reasons why you are finding it hard to look for a cleaning company is because they may not have the services that you want. There are various cleaning companies who are more than willing to provide the services that you need. You just have to make sure that you will be specific about it.

Get Your Commercial Space Cleaned Whenever You Need It
You can definitely hire a cleaning company who will be in charge of cleaning your home whenever possible. This means that you can hire a cleaning company who will clean the office space every week or twice a month. This will be up to you as long as the cleaning company will be able to provide what you are looking for.

With all of the advantages that you can get, you may not need to be convinced too much of the reasons why you should hire professional cleaners to start cleaning your commercial space now.

Hiring Professional Cleaners to Have a Clean Home

When was the last time that you have come home from the office and you feel relaxed? A lot of people do not feel this way especially if they see that their house is in disarray. When was the last time that you have cleaned your home? Your hectic schedule combined with all the other things that you have to do can make you feel like you are stressed out all the time.

It does not have to be this way. You know that you are focusing too much on your work when you barely have time to spend with your friends and family members. It is also possible that you are feeling stressed out because house cleaning is not exactly your favorite activity. Hiring the right professional cleaner is one of the things that you can do so that you can lessen your feelings of stress.

You may have heard about the benefits of hiring professional cleaning companies from other people. It is about time that you read about these benefits right now.

1. You will be able to save time and money.
A lot of people do not want to hire cleaning companies because they feel that this is not really needed. Take a look at your home and think about the energy that you have after working all day. Don’t you think you deserve to have this luxury? It can help you save time since you do not have to worry about cleaning anymore. Spend your extra time working on a hobby that you have always wanted to do or you can also get a part-time job for extra income.

1. Your guests will be impressed with the cleanliness of your home.
When you have guests coming over, you want to make sure that your home looks presentable. Guests will definitely feel uncomfortable when there is dog hair all over your sofa or when they can smell that your kitchen has not been cleaned in weeks. Replace your feelings of embarrassment with feelings of pride when you allow professional cleaning companies to do the cleaning of your house for you.

1. No need to worry about the right cleaning supplies and machines.
You may want to have emergency cleaning supplies for minor cleaning but there is no need to purchase professional-grade machines anymore just to make sure that your home will become clean. The cleaning company that you will hire will be in charge of bringing the needed cleaning items so that your home will look clean and amazing. You can also request the cleaning company to use certain products especially if you have some allergies or if you want your house to be cleaned in a more environment-friendly manner. Just remember that fees will vary depending on your special requests.

1. Cleaning schedules can be customized.
You do not have to hire a cleaning company to clean your house every day unless you want to. Coordinate with the cleaning company and ask them about their availability so you can check if their available dates to clean will coincide with your own.

With all of these details in mind, you may become convinced that the right cleaning company can provide your home with the major cleaning that it deserves.