How to write a winning cleaning proposal

Advertisements, face-to-face negotiations, pitching and all sorts of direct marketing are among the many ways of winning clients for your office cleaning business. However, you can also do also do proposals and still earn your share of the market. All you need to do is write a client-winning proposal. The first rule, focus less on cleaning in the proposal. The client already knows you are a cleaning business. Much of your focus should be on how different your service will be. Make them attracted to your service. After this, you should be able to do one or many for your business.

The “why” comes before “what?”

Usually, people think that the best way to attracting a client is by telling them what you do. This is however not an effective method, it is less credible and will not change what the customer feels about your business. Tell the customer why you are doing what you are doing and believe what we say because it works.

Prospect commercial cleaning clients should tell your difference from the competition.
The customer cannot do this on their own. You need to put them in a position to see you as a bigger difference from your competition. The difference should not direct, do not belittle your competition; instead, subtly lay out the difference your business has all through the proposal. Aspects like how fast you can be accessed, do you use a given technology, do you have an app, how reliable is your service strategy.
Talk about what others see in your services.
Ratings, reviews, endorsements, referrals and customer lists are many a way to talk about yourself. They are an indication of what others think about you. People will not just trust you but trust your clients. You can share a contact or two to allow the prospect client to query your clients about your service. Testimonials help a lot in such situations.

Promise the clients a good future

Draw a picture of the impact you will have on your prospective client’s organization. It is not just about cleaning the office and making look better. You have to tell your client how motivated the employees will feel about the environment. Maybe how their clients will think about their offices once cleaned. This difference will earn permanent ink on paper.

Talk about your commitment to the client.
Not every business shows commitment to its clients. Companies will keep sucking money from clients in exchange for poor cleaning service and lousy customer service. A commitment to your customer satisfaction is what every client is looking for. There needs to be a promise that once the contract is signed, you will act on its stipulations a hundred percent.
Communicate the “what next”

You have won the client; follow your proposal with your first few steps of the business. Clear the air about when you will be picking your payment and agree with the client on cleaning schedules.
You now have the idea of what to do with your cleaning company proposal. Make this amends, and you will not regret the outcomes of your effort. Get back to us because we are here for you.

How to Keep Your Common Kitchen Clean When You Have Roommates

There are some people who are lucky because they just love their roommates and housemates. They know that they can rely on each other whenever they have issues. Some are not so lucky. They just co-exist with each other. Every now and then, some arguments may come up regarding the common areas of the house.

You would like to have common areas that are clean. This way, whenever you have guests over, you do not have to worry about masking the filthiness of the place. At the same time, going home to a clean house will lift your mood. It is just sometimes hard to keep track of who is going to do the dishes next.

Keeping Kitchen Peace
One of the most common problems that people may have whenever they have roommates is there are a lot of people who are enthusiastic about cooking. In fact, they are willing to do a lot of experiments so that they can provide great food for everyone. The problem is no one wants to do the dishes. What is the best thing to do when this happens? You need to have a schedule that people will follow. For example, if there are three of you sharing a home, you may choose to clean your own dishes or you can assign when each one of you is going to wash the dishes.

These are some of the things that you can do to make sure that kitchen peace is achieved:
You need to regularly communicate with your roommates. You have to make sure that you all understand each other regarding kitchen duties. If there are some miscommunications, make sure that these things are addressed immediately. This will allow you to set the right standards and you also know what to expect from your roommates.
Create a very useful schedule that will detail who is going to cook and who is going to wash the dishes on certain days of the week. You may also schedule when you are going to treat yourself and order take out or you may also choose to eat out together.
If there are some things that you did not buy, then do not cook and do not eat it. It will be rude to cook something that your roommate has purchased. For example, there will be days when you just want to go home in order to eat those cookies that you have saved. The moment that you check the refrigerator, the cookies are not there anymore. It can be enough to make you feel angry. You do not want to do the same things to your roommates.
Do not forget to wipe, clean, and just wash all the things that need to be washed if you used it. Let us say that it is your turn to cook, it will be ideal if you would clean the pots and the other tools that you use while you are cooking. This will lessen the potential items that need to be washed after everyone has eaten.

If you need to remind everyone of the rules of keeping your kitchen clean, you may hang a chalkboard or a whiteboard on your kitchen that will have all the rules regarding kitchen use.

Doing the End of Tenancy Cleaning by Yourself

Doing the End of Tenancy Cleaning by Yourself

There are some people who feel that they can do the end of tenancy cleaning themselves before they checkout. This way, they can save more money. Some people also like cleaning so doing this activity will not be a chore for them. This can be their way to get rid of the stress that they are feeling about moving to a new location and so much more.

One problem that people encounter when they do this is the cleaning that they have done has not passed. They have two options when this happens. The first option is they would do the cleaning by themselves again and they have to make sure that they are more thorough this time. The other option is to hire a professional cleaning company that can provide the end of tenancy cleaning services in a professional way.

When you are trying to decide whether you should hire a company or not, think about it this way: if you are the person who is going to move into the place, would you like it clean or dirty? Most if not all people would reply clean because you want to feel immediately comfortable when you see the place. If you are already moving out of the location, look at the place without any bias and ask yourself if it is as clean as you want it to be.

If in case you have decided that you still want to do the cleaning on your own, there are some tips that you can remember so that you can succeed in cleaning.

Do not forget about the windows of the place.
Often times, you are too focused on the inside portion of the property that you forget that the outside portion has gotten dirty too. According to the tenancy agreement, you should also keep the outside windows clean so this is something that you should do properly. The clerk who will check the cleaning that you have done will always check the window. If you have not cleaned it, you will not pass the cleaning test. You can choose a microfiber cloth to clean so that you can lessen the streaks on the windows.

Always clean the kitchen cupboards.
The thing about cupboards is that most people forget about cleaning them. You may think that you only need to wipe your cupboards but this will not pass when they check. You need to remove all of the items that you have placed inside the cupboards and clean the inside and the outside properly. Professional cleaners have the right tools to do the cleaning properly.

All the limescale should be removed.
There may be limescale that you will find all over your kitchen and bathroom. You may say that they have accumulated during the time that you have stayed in the place but this is not an excuse for you not to remove them. You could have prevented the limescale from forming by continuously cleaning the bathroom and kitchen area but this is not always possible. You need to find a limescale remover to remove the limescale well.

If all else fails, you can always contact a professional cleaning company to do the cleaning for you.

Spring office cleaning made easy

After the cold weather, some little warming up now welcomes the spring. Many people might feel not all psyched up to work on restoring their offices. To restore freshness after a cold season is easy with our easy to do tips.
Split office cleaning to sections
Be sure that the different parts of your office require specific attention. The desks, the floors, the book and file shelves, the carpet the windows, name them. Once you finish, start from the ones that need more attention to the lesser attention ones or vice versa depending on the way, you like it.
Do the paperwork
Even with the age of computers, we now have printers. We do not seem to run away from paper. Our simple advice is to start from the top, which is the papers on the desks and shelves downwards to the floors. Organizing paper creates space and makes the office more appealing.
Do your desk
This is the part of your office with critical personal items. Arrange your desk starting with what you need to reach faster as you work. The lesser-required items should go into your desk with the rest moving to an away drawer or shelf.
Designate an area for supplies
You do not want to move across the office and knock your feet against office supplies. Moving your hand in your desk might also end up with an injury. If there is a way to do it, have a section of your office set aside for essential office supplies. It is not only safer but also cleaner. Your desk should be as brief in detail as possible.

Temporary items need a place
There are days you will receive items not relevant but essential to your business. Do not mix these items with important items like letters, memos or business records. Boxes and files can make this easy for you as you. Have them placed in a box and put in a designated area.

Digital clutter is more disturbing than physical clutter
A cold season is an unfriendly work time, and you might end up with everything messy. Even with a clean office, you need a clean inbox. Practice read, reply and delete unimportant messages. There are also icons on your desktop; you never use why not get rid of them; after all, they are all dirt if you are not using them.
Do your furniture
You have done the primary cleaning, furniture and office surfaces follow. Dust the shelves, polish furniture and even disinfect where possible. In a case you cannot do it, hire someone to do it or seek the services of an office-cleaning firm.
Do the floors
All said and done; you will always have to do your floors. They are an impression marker, and most clients and colleagues will keep talking about it. There are many ways to do your floors are shown in our multiple articles.
With the above, you know where to start and finish your cleaning at the start of spring. Once you are done, working should be more natural and more comfortable.

How to Have a Spotless House for End of Tenancy Cleaning

You are now moving to a new location and you are excited about it but you are also stressed at the same time. One of the things that you have to focus on is the end of tenancy cleaning. Some people choose to do the cleaning on their own but there are also some who are aware that cleaning can be complicated especially if they do not have the right cleaning materials and supplies to make the cleaning possible.

Reading the End of Tenancy Agreement
You will usually have an agreement that you need to refer to before you move out. This agreement will specify how the house would need to be when you leave. If in case you have damaged some portions of the house or some of its furniture, you need to inform the owner about it so that a solution can be set into place.

The landlord will usually require an additional payment for the items that you have broken or the areas that you have damaged. The details may be written in the agreement. Reading the agreement again will help you understand what things you should do.

Doing the End of Tenancy Cleaning
Let us say that you have decided that you will do the end of tenancy cleaning on your own. You need to be prepared to do a lot of cleaning. You are also recommended to start early so that you can finish on time. If in case the way that you cleaned is not enough to please your landlord, you will still have time to contact a professional cleaning company.

You may be given an inspection checklist by the landlord so that you will know what areas of the house you need to focus on more. Some of the usual things that you will be asked to do are the following:
⦁ Make sure that all of the kitchen cupboards have been cleaned thoroughly. This means that you need to remove all of the items that you have placed inside the cupboard and clean them inside and outside.
⦁ Take a look at the dishwasher and the washing machine that has served you well the whole time that you were living the house. You need to check if there is grime that started to build up. Remove the grime thoroughly with the use of the right cleaning materials.
⦁ Another thing that you have to look at is your oven. You have to admit that a lot of people are unhappy about their oven because of the leftover food and grease that were not removed immediately. You can do the cleaning on your own but most people would recommend hiring professionals for this as this can be a bit complicated to clean.
⦁ Use a vacuum cleaner in order to remove the dust from the different carpets all over your home. You may also need to use the vacuum cleaner on the sofas if you feel that your sofa needs to be cleaned soon.
⦁ The plug holes in the bathroom should be clean and make sure that the water will be able to flow easily if needed.

There are still a lot more that may be written on the checklist. Be thorough in cleaning and you will get the approval that you want from the landlord.

Safe handling of cleaning chemicals for your office

Both green and typical cleaning chemicals are unsafe to use. They may work adequately, but they pose a danger to the one using them. You might be a careful person but still, end up in a cleaning chemical accident. For that reason, this article will espouse the safe ways of handling office-cleaning chemicals.
Have a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
Have this document at hand. Each chemical should have one. The document clearly states out the potential hazards of each chemical and the and how to deal with it. In case you have staff that handle the cleaning, have a cleaning policy that advises them to adhere to the MSDS before handling any of the chemicals.
Have a list of all chemicals used
You need to take account of every cleaning chemical you have. Foremost, where you have the chemicals stored, the quantities of such chemicals, the threats they pose and precautionary measures for each chemical. Your cleaning staff need to take through all of them and guided on the safe handling of each of them.
Store chemicals properly
Well-ventilated areas are an excellent place to store the chemicals. Do not make the mistake of having the chemical near HVAC intake vents. A reason is that the chemicals might end up in the office and facility. A dangerous chemical could lead to severe body and respiratory tract complications.
Each chemical stays in its respective container
For no confusion, each chemical uses specific container. Changing a container will be dangerous. Confusing a container’s instruction for another might land you into trouble in case of handling. Do not make a mistake of mixing the chemical and chemical containers; a dreaded reaction might come of it. Dispose of confused chemicals or seek confirmation from providers. This does not exempt chemicals of the same type.
Safety signage
Enough information in every suitable place will be relevant in enlightening users of the dangers of a given cleaning chemical. The signage needs to be done in multiple languages to enable various readers to understand details of possible hazards and precautionary measures.
Educate cleaning and non-cleaning staff on signal words
Words like caution, warning and danger need to be known by all employees. To make things call together staff and espouse about these terms. A word like caution refers to careful use of a chemical that is partly safe. Danger suits chemicals that are highly dangerous or toxic and might cause damage to skin or eyes. Finally, warning is for moderately hazardous chemicals. Once they understand these terms then taking relevant precautionary measures should be easy.

Protective equipment for cleaning chemicals
Handling could be merely using the chemical. Before any use, it will be proper for the cleaning staff to have their protectives on. With safe clothing, the staff are protected from the dangers of the chemical.
Safety saves you the troubles of having to compensate or regret injuries. These guidelines will not only save you the lives of people but also keep you from profit dips that could be because of compensations and lawsuits.

How can I attract office cleaning service clients faster?

An office cleaning business may look like an obvious thing to do, but it is not a cup of tea for everyone. Getting clients requires not just pride but the passion for acquiring a client portfolio for your cleaning service. Below are some ways you can attract clients faster for the development of a more profitable business:
Target the right client
Not everyone trusts his or her office done by an outsider. To get a client, seek out interested persons for your client list. After you know the people to target for your business, why not recognize their most essential needs. Being able to guarantee them, satisfaction for such needs will earn you the client you seek. What follows is a simple contract with every detail drawn out. Deal Closed!
Know the location of the client
Marketing will be cheaper for you if you know the specific places to locate your clients. There are clients you will quickly find online; some you will have to do physically track to get them. The best way is to do it physically. You will appear more credible and professional by showing up and selling your service to a new client. Wherever your client is, you can also get to extend your marketing scope to those around.
Understand your business
The industry of cleaning services is extensive. A good businessperson understands the dynamics of their market. An understanding of your business will make you more attractive to customers. The assumption is that you already know the needs of customers and revealing the details of your business to the customer should not be hard.
Place yourself as a solution to your customer
Be the person that promises an answer to your customer. Are you the person, your client, easily gets hold of by phone, email or text? Clients contact reliable people. On meeting client, your portfolio should be in hand. Show the client what you have done for others or what you are going to do for them. Ask the client to try you for a specific time limit before confirming a long-term project, and you will win them. You only need to prove yourself after that.
Direct Response Marketing works
If you can meet them in person, why not use personalized messages, texts and videos. Customers want someone to communicate clearly to them about the business. Create advertisements that trigger direct feedbacks from prospect clients like “contact us” and many more. Some will surely get back to you. The only thing that will be remaining is to make that client a permanent or long-term client.
Follow Up
Most businesspersons will tell you that you cannot talk to a customer and wait for them to look for you. The most formal way of winning a client is getting back to them; squeeze the response out of them in all the right ways. Make them want to subscribe to your service, and you will have a closed deal and good money coming your way.
The above makes for the seven ways to attract clients to your cleaning business faster. The list goes on and on, keep practicing each or choose some for your client winning tactics and enjoy a successful business venture.

How to clean your office during winter

The way you wash offices in the summer is quite normal. Typical office dirt issues can be easy to deal with. However, during winters the situation is different, different places face different winter habits. Some areas will remain dry, some wet. This means you can never be prepared about winter office cleaning. There however ways you can make it work. The different hacks are as follows:
Disinfect regularly
Cold comes with allergies; the result is coughs and sneezes. This demands that you have to disinfect the office regularly. In the case, your office is warmer the germs and bacteria are trapped in such areas. Disinfecting prevents you from prevailing infections that could end up developing from health conditions caused by cold.
Purify the air
Not only do germs land on warm surfaces, but they also end up in the office atmosphere. As you clean, remember to purify the air as well. Visit the pharmacy and get rid of airborne germs. This way you will have avoided winter bugs.
Dust areas every week
Leaving your office closed for a long time could mean dirt lands on office surfaces. Getting in contact with this dirt could lead to infections. Before embarking on any tasks, it will be, therefore, wise to dust surfaces not only is it safe but also keeps you clean, you do not want dust ending up on your clothes early in the day.
Have hand sanitizers and disinfectant closer
As you work, you might be spreading dirt across your desk. To deal with such situations, having sanitizers and disinfectant prevents you from spreading the dirt. This is not only important for you but also for employees for every feeling of moving dirt; they; they could resort to these solutions.
Invest in entrance mats
Winter is a time when moisture damage is quite prevalent. Moisture damage usually leads to tough dirt such as mould, mildew and many waterborne bacteria. Such bacteria spreads faster on your floors and getting rid of them more quickly can save you the trouble of deep cleaning during winter. Entrance mats at the doors, use of sweeps and vacuuming of floors can protect your floor from damage.
Wash windows regularly
During the winter it hardly rains. The major challenge at this time is ice and snow sticking on windows. You could end up not having sunlight getting to the office or a cold room altogether. The office glasses might break from the debris weight. Frequently washing the windows, will save you windows from ice and snow damage.
With the above dealing with cold dirt just got easy — cold causes more office space cleaning troubles than warmth. Winter is not only bad for the office surfaces but also to the health of employees. Pay attention to most of these parts to keep your office clean from winter dirt. With a cleaner and healthier surface, you are assured of no absenteeism. Business will continue as usual. Cleaning during winter will also be more enjoyable than usual.

How to clean your office carpets

Offices create an impression for the company toward present and prospect clients. The floor is an integral part of your office and putting so much attention into it can create the impression you seek. Most offices today have decided to cover the floors with carpets. This makes it even harder but more interesting to clean your office. We are happy to share the few things you can do to make office carpet cleaning easier for you.
Carpets stains removed through blotting
Do not try to rub a stain on your carpet. Dab the stain with the help of a paper towel, clean cloth or sponge. Blotting puts some force on carpet enough to soak up the stain. Rubbing on the other side spreads the stain main it hard to break the large patch left on the carpet. To blot, do it outside inward, and the stains are sucked in no time.
Shaving cream works
Pros name it the best carpet-cleaning agent. All you need to do is apply the cream to the stain then let it stay for about 30 minutes. Use a dry white cloth to blot away the dirt then spray one part vinegar and water and finally dry with a towel. The stain is gone.
Freeze gum
Often you step on chewing gum, what happens if it reaches your carpet? The best solution is to go to the fridge, pick some ice cubes and place them on the chewing gum. This should take about 30 seconds. Use a spoon to pull the dry gum or thinly slice part of carpet subtly. Nobody should notice the peel.
Get rid of grease using dishwasher detergent
Greasy can appear messy on a carpet. Two drops of dishwashing detergent in a cup of water should be able to whisk away the dirt. Have the solution in a spray and spray it on the stain. Use the blotting method to deal with the stain and the stain issue is off.
You can heat wax
Wax is the one stain you can combat efficiently. In case you lit a candle and had it drop on your carpet, subtly heat it as you remove it with a tool, could be a spoon. You can also use a knife to scrape off the heated wax stain.
Hydrogen Peroxide for carpet bloodstains
This is not a common happening, but office accidents are there, a paper cut for example. Foremost, use water and mild detergent solution to loosen up the bloodstain. Then, scrape blood from carpet fibers and dab hydrogen peroxide together with towels to dry the carpet.
Practice a regular deep clean
Steam cleaning should make this easy. Use water jet nozzles in this case. Once the carpet is well steamed, the machine easily sucks up the dirt. For a less busy office deep, clean after six months for a busy office, three months for every deep clean is appropriate.
At this moment, you have a glimpse into the most basic ways to do your carpet cleaning. Your job just got easy.

How to keep your cubicle office desk clean

Your desk is the one place you might be picking germs. Many people have an idea about how to do their houses, their floors, and their furniture but lack the sense to handle their desks. After this article, you should be able to have a clean desk throughout with a lesser threat from office germs and infections. The activities of cleaning your desk will differ, there are things you will do every day, some every week and some every month.
Daily desk cleaning activities
Wipe frequently touched items
Mouse, keyboard and telephone. They are definitely on top of the list of most touched items. How many times do I reach the mouse and still handle my breakfast? You probably do this every day, every morning, every snack time. Wiping these items ensures you have made the first step of getting rid of invisible desk dirt.
Clear food items
Are you working in a busy place? Then you might not have the time to leave your desk and do something else apart from using a washroom or go to a meeting. Even though you have the plan of using a can or bottle on the next day, have it placed in a designated food area and not on your desk.
End of day tidy up
A good day starts with a clean desk. At the end of every day, try to clean up your workspace. If there are, things, you are not using dispose of them. Those for future use have them in a clean shelve, file papers and even have them in a designated box.
Weekly desk cleaning activities
Your phone needs a deep clean
Your telephone being one of the most used items requires disinfection every week. You are not the only individual using it and therefore break the germ.
Empty trash bin
If you have a busy desk, a trash bin could fill up every day. If your job is less on paper and more on the desktop, then clearing your trash every week is your best resort.
Monthly office desk cleaning activities
The keyboard needs a deep clean
Food and dust particles could be landing on your keyboard occasionally; a deep clean could come in handy. Use mild cleaning solutions such us partly wet cloths and microfiber cloths to tidy your keyboard.

Your mouse needs a deep cleaning.
The same method for cleaning keyboards applies here. Before doing any of these cleaning, have the appliances unplugged.
Clean the monitor.
You cough and sneeze on it occasionally. You might not touch every day, but there is no point of letting the germs circulate. Choose cleaning equipment carefully to avoid affecting the screen’s protective coat.
With these methods, you have a whole month desk-cleaning program. There are also things you can do on a quarterly and yearly basis. Clean organizers such as pen cups, photos, and paper sorters need doing quarterly. You can also change the setup of your desk on the same basis, change clean organizers, and change a hand and desk sanitizer.