Why is it right to maintain office electronics during office cleaning?

Most of the time, electric appliances make the list of the the most important stuff in our offices. There is always a tendency to give them extra care and handle them gracefully. Office electronic appliances include computers, fax machines, typewriters, copywriters, printers, and coffee makers. These are some of the few of the appliances. Most of these appliances serve important roles in the business. Some unplugging and even disassembling while cleaning the office. It is always it is important to have an experienced expert handling the work. You may ask why all the worry in maintaining these electronics. The truth is:

Well maintained appliances save on cost.

With a well-maintained appliance in your office, the lifespan of that appliance will be longer. This approach will save you from the regular buying of these appliances, saving you from wasting money. It will also help you save the cost and use it to add other needed appliances than buying the same thing all times due to lack of maintenance.

More productivity when everything in the office is functioning well

With well-functioning electronics in your office, even the workers will concentrate on their work. Cleaning electronics and keeping them from dirt will reduce their destruction, and their functioning speed will be high, which will make the workers motivated to work harder. More work done will mean more accomplishments.

The lifespan of the appliances will be increased

Unmaintained electronics will always experience malfunctioning. Therefore, it is good to observe and know-how to take care of our electronics to prevent them from experiencing malfunctions. Well maintained electronics will have a longer lifespan. Keeping the electronics safe will also encourage you to make any repairs if a problem occurs to avoid failures.

The spread of infection and diseases are reduced

Regular cleaning ensures that any dust that can easily spread allergies is avoided. If we allow our electric appliances to harbor dust and dirt, diseases and germs will be spread. This will lower the performance of the workers. With many workers experiencing sickness, the office environment will be dull, and the company growth will decrease.

Control and observe safety measures

To avoid any accidents, it is good to consider safety measures. Appliances will be kept from causing accidents if we consider taking part in maintenance now and then. This will help us know whether there is a faulty appliance and solve the problem. This will help us from handling any safety hazards caused by faulty cables and appliances.

Well maintained and organized electronics in an office will make the office look presentable.

With a well-organized office, you will be able to have a presentable and positive working environment. It is good to consider the outlook of your office to attract more clients to your company. It will also improve the physic of the workers in your offices, making them work harder and faster.

It is good to maintain our office appliances and keep them in check. It is also good to maintain this office electronics to have efficient working electronics.

Tips to consider while selecting office cleaning services

As office owners, we need to consider the kind of people we choose to clean our offices. For reliable office cleaning, one good option is to use experienced cleaners or go for a cleaning service that offers exceptional services. Out there, there are many companies already offering that service. However, it is important to take your time and hire the right service. There are a number of aspect to consider when hiring. A clean office communicates a lot and getting it right with the service is a step in the right direction. But what are those considerations to make when choosing that cleaning services.

1. Get to know the price quotes from various cleaning service companies in your area

While choosing a cleaning provider for your offices, consider their price range. After you have looked at the services offered by the clients, also consider looking at their prices. Some of the cleaning providers who offer great cleaning services may be cheaper than the others; therefore, it is good to compare them.

2. Always read the contract between you and the cleaning company

Before hiring an office cleaning service, consider going through the company’s contract to ensure that they are reliable. Also, consider knowing the validity of the contract to be safe when a problem occurs. These things can tell you whether a company is professional.

3. Check on what you aim at from a cleaning service before choosing them

While choosing a cleaning service, you consider the kind of services they offer. What you want, for example, some cleaning providers provide services such as moving, restroom cleaning, and carpet cleaning. You may consider them if your office cleaning requires moving and cleaning your office carpets.

4. Always request for proof of insurance

It is always right to ask for proof for insurance to be sure that the cleaning providers are legitimate. Proof of insurance also avoids one from incurring expenses when accidents occur while working.

5. The service providers should provide references from other clients

As a customer to cleaning services, you should request for references from other clients to be sure that the service providers are known to be good at what they do. This will also help you eliminate any negative thoughts you have against the office cleaning service providers.

6. Always consider where the service provider stands in the market

A service provider company maybe be new in the market and be ranked the best in their service provision while a service provides may be old but still have lower ratings when it comes to providing services. Therefore, it is good to consider the kind of services and how the service provider works before considering giving them a job.

We all need our offices to look clean and presentable. To be able to have a presentable office, it is good to consider the cleaning services offered to the offices.

Five common mistakes made during office cleaning

Maintaining an office is quite a challenge with the wrong approach taken. Some of the things that make office cleaning difficult is that we assume and ignore tiny requirements such as cleaning agents. Office cleaning also tends to toughen as offices are easily exposed to dust and light dirt. Seeking advice from other experienced cleaners becomes a hard task therefore a difficulty maintaining a clean office. Equipment also makes the list of some of the things we need to pay attention to. Many things are overlooked in a cleaning process. Doing things right allows you to be able to handle any work in a clean office without pressure. Note that good cleaning in a single occasion should make the next cleaning day easier. Below are some of the common mistakes we make during office cleaning:

1. Using abrasive material

Abrasive materials are considered destructive to highly delicate office equipment. During office cleaning, you should avoid using hard abrasion, which can easily wear out your gear. For example, the use of hard abrasives to wipe your electric appliances such as your computer monitor can scratch and damage your computer screen. The abrasives will also reduce your office equipment lifespan as they will be destroyed by scratching.

2. Use of the wrong materials

Use of Wrong materials is considered a mistake most office cleaners make. This is most of the time caused by ignorance or lack of knowledge. While cleaning floors, consider the type of mops and floor cleaning solutions. For office restrooms, toilet equipment, including a different type of toilet cleaning solution. If we make a mistake and use the wrong solutions for our floors and carpets, we will have a high chance of ruining them at that instant.

3. Use of low-quality vacuum cleaners

Most cleaners may consider going for cheaper vacuum cleaners having a mindset that it will give the same results. We forget that before we consider the price, we should consider the working of the vacuum cleaners and their results. Low-quality cleaners may even lead to spewing dust back in the air and original places.

4. Use of dry clothes for dusting

Most people think that dusting should be done using dry clothes, which is a mistake we all make. Dusting with a dry cloth will only spew dust to the air. What we need is a dump or wet cloth that will collect and hold dust.

5. Use of unmaintained cleaning clothes

Office cleaning is a requirement for a healthy office environment. We should consider cleaning and keeping our cleaning materials dry. For example, our cleaning mops should be kept clean and dry this will help prevent bad ardor coming from our cleaning mops and rugs, which will give an unpleasant outcome when used.

Being a cleaner is simple and easy at the same time; therefore, it is good we try to avoid making mistakes. Mistakes will always lead to us having difficulty while cleaning our offices.

How to clean your office glass walls

Glass walls give the offices a modern look and communicate a good mood about that workplace. The opposite happens if we don’t clean these glass walls. To continue the sophisticated look offered by your glass walls, the company needs to engage in proper and regular glass wall office cleaning. Glass walls are known to need extra care as they are easily exposed to dirt and easily ruined. Glass wall get dirty quicker especially do to wind and dust blowing past them. Doing things right can change that. Below are some of the tips to consider when cleaning your glass walls:

• Avoid using adhesives for your walls

Adhesives are known to mostly destroy the glass walls if you do not use the right once. Always consider using friendly adhesives for your glass walls at all times to prevent any damages from occurring.

• Use glass wall-friendly solutions to clean your wall

Consider using cleaning solutions that will not be corrosive to your walls when cleaning. Caustic solutions will cause damage to the glass, damaging the appearance of the glass.

• Always remember to clean both sides of your glass walls

You need to maintain cleaning both sides of your glass walls to ensure they are sparkling clean. Cleaning only one side of the glass wall will only make the glass look dirtier as it cannot be maintained even if you try. Therefore, consider cleaning both sides.

• Consider using appropriate methods to clean your glass walls. Below are some of those methods:

Vertical method- used on windows that are tall and not wide.

Horizontal method-. Used on windows that are wide and not tall

Fanning method-used for both vertical and horizontal methods it does not require the lifting of the squeegee.

• Avoid cleaning your glass walls during sunny days as it will only make you leave smears on the glass. The sun will also dry the soap before rinsing, which causes staining of the glass. Always consider cleaning during cloudy days.
Steps on how to clean your glass walls

• Clean your glass walls from top to bottom to avoid dirtying already cleaned surfaces. The top to bottom method will ensure that you will be able to get rid of any left solutions on the walls.

• Always clean your glass windows on cloudy days to prevent the drying of the solution before rinsing.

• Consider using squeegee while cleaning to clean your glass walls quickly.

Pay extra attention to the corners of your glass walls to get rid of any hidden dirt. Use cotton swabs to get rid of the hidden dirt.

• Use old cloths when polishing your glass to save on cost instead of going through the hustle of continually buying tissue paper.

Maintaining office glass walls requires extra care. Proper maintenance will continue to guarantee your workplace that sophisticated look. You always have to offer that care considering glass walls tend to be vulnerable to the tiniest of dirt with the least exposure to wind.

Four simple ways on how to get office cleaning contracts

As an office cleaning company, we can only be functional with clients on our lineup. Therefore, we have to go out of our way to get those clients. As a good cleaning business your first step is to know you can gain popularity and maintain clients without losing them. In the present day, if you don’t market your company, you are right as not owning a company as there is high competition between business owners. If you want to get clients, you must consider using both online and manual ways to gain clients. Your network of clients is considered to grow with the right marketing and networking strategies. That’s not all below explanations to the above and what to do to get more office cleaning contracts?

Marketing your business digitally and online

It is good to know about how marketing is done online. Before making decisions on offering cleaning jobs, most clients will consider going online to view the cleaning profiles. It is good to have a marketing department in your company who have an awareness of how to advertise the services you offer digitally and how you do it. This will give the clients a broader view of how your company works. This is one of the easy ways on how you can easily convince a client to sign a contract with your company.

Closing contract deals

Advertisements and marketing are the general part of gaining clients. We also have a closing deal part. This is where you sit down with the client and talk about their needs. You also consider talking about the number of rooms to be cleaned and the equipment around the rooms. During contract closing, you will consider talking about costs and calculating the totals with the client. You will also be able to talk about your labor payments before you finally sign the contracts.

Using traditional ways to get contracts

Traditional ways are also a way of networking your business; this includes asking your clients for testimonials to show to new clients. You can also ask your clients to refer you to their friends, who will also require cleaning services. This way of getting contracts is also helpful as you come face to face with the clients and give them your ideas and the kind of services you offer.

Having office cleaning marketing strategies

To be able to sell your services, you will need to have strategies to assist you during your cleaning period. You have access to your existing customer base and find ways to improve your company in making more profits. You can also make strategies that will be considered convenient to profitable to use.

We cannot get cleaning jobs if we cannot apply our techniques and ideas to get those contracts. We must have an open mind and a large scale of how to acquire customers to our cleaning services. Above are known to some of the main ways of getting contracts concerning office cleaning.

Steps to maintaining office restrooms

Clean restrooms in our offices ensure that we have a conducive work environment. For us to avoid being exposed to infections and diseases around the office, we need to maintain a healthy working condition. We should also consider hiring experts to take care of our restrooms to be sure that we have cleaned our bathrooms thoroughly. The cleaning of toilets also requires well maintained and high-quality cleaning equipment to keep up with the cleaning environment. Restroom cleaners are also advised to put on protective gear while taking care of the office restrooms. Below are some of the ways of maintaining our restrooms.
Disinfecting office restrooms

Restrooms in offices require extra attention as they are used as public restrooms to the workers. Giving extra care to the restrooms means taking care and preventing the spread of infections via the restrooms. Below are some of the steps to follow when disinfecting restrooms:

• Always use protective gear to protect yourself when cleaning as most cleaning solutions are irritating to the skin and can cause skin damage. The protective gear will also protect you from getting infected with any diseases.

• Consider reading labels to the disinfectants you are using in order to avoid using the wrong disinfectant. Example;

Limited disinfectants – are known to be effective for specific microorganisms.

General disinfectants- they can be used for any microorganisms.

Tuberculocidal disinfectant- works as hospital disinfectants and can disinfect any microorganisms

• Consider using the right amounts of disinfectants while cleaning.

• Always give the restroom a thorough cleaning always to maintain it to cleanliness.

Steps to daily cleaning

Empty the restroom before you begin your cleaning.

Remove any unwanted dirt, which includes hair, debris, and light dirt.

Always empty the trash cans first and remove the dustbins liners to empty the waste.

Add paper towels to the toilets.

Use scrubbing methods to clean the toilet surfaces following the provided procedures on the manuals.

Remove and dry water spills from the toilet floors.

Steps to weekly cleaning

Start by emptying the restroom.

Scrub the toilet bowls, including the urinal bowl, by scrubbing from the interior to the exterior.

Wipe the exterior of the toilet bowls following procedures provided in the disinfectant manual.

Disinfect and clean other toilet surfaces such as door handles, toilet dispensers’ window seals, toilet mirrors, and toilet paper handlers.

Use glass cleaners to remove any stains and fingerprints from the glass walls.

Clean your restroom surfaces using a surface cleaner to wipe the sinks and handles.

Remove any dust using a dump mop before using water and a cloth to mop the floors.

Wash all your toilet cleaning equipment and dry them under the sun and aerate them, avoid mixing toilet cleaning equipment with other rooms equipment.

Steps to monthly cleaning

First, empty your restroom and remove any movable items.

Vacuum clean the restroom surfaces, including shelves, partitions, and vents, to remove any dust.

Replace the toilet paper, paper towel dispensers, soap, and air fresheners before you start cleaning.

Unclog any drains that are blocked before cleaning.

Use the weekly cleaning procedure to clean the restroom.

Clean and dry the restroom equipment under the sun before storing them.
We have learned many steps above on how to maintain our restrooms in our offices. If we follow the above steps, we will be able to live in a healthy work environment.

How to make people like your office cleaning team

Office cleaning is important in our offices. It is considered important because it has a positive impact on our businesses and workers. A cleaner office guarantee a healthier staff both mentally and physically. However, most people tend to not like office cleaning team and have less respect for them. It does not matter to them whether the cleaning team is doing a good job. But for things to run smoothly, you need to make sure that you tune your office cleaning team. This way are more likeable by clients. So what can you do you as the leader of that team? Here’s what to do.

Make sure that your office cleaning teams are easily accessible

As an office cleaning team, you should be easily accessible to everyone anytime. Most clients will need workers who can be relied on at any time without causing a delay. The clients will always also consider your cleaning team based on how easily you can be reached. With great accessibility to the team, the clients will always consider your team for cleaning. This will also make others like office cleaning team.

Develop a professional way to handle contracts

Contracts in office cleaning can either make your company or break it. As a team, you should be able to at least a professional to handle the contracts between you and the client. This will help avoid any conflicts. It is also good to be reliable to the clients and offer them office cleaning services even after the contract is terminated. You will also be reliable as a team if you offer safety fees during the ending of the contract. A good ending could result in a consideration next time.

Offer your client offices deep cleaning services

As a cleaning team, you should be able to provide deeper cleaning occasionally. The offices easily carry stains and hard to clean dirt. Therefore, as an office cleaning team, we should offer our services and take care of deep cleaning. Office cleaning is a competitive area for cleaning workers. Therefore, as a cleaning team, you should offer high-quality services to be liked by the clients.

Have reliable office cleaning equipment

As an office cleaning team, you should consider using high-quality equipment whenever you take part in office cleaning. With the high competition in the office cleaning industry, it is good to live a positive impression. With reliable equipment, the clients will like office cleaning and always consider it.

Take care of all kind of offices either large or small

As an office cleaning team, you should be able to handle both large and small offices. You should be able to know the techniques on how to take part in this cleaning.

Office cleaning teams can make or break your cleaning company. Some few things can make the team more likeable and needed by your clients. Above are some things that can turn around the way your office cleaning team is perceived.

How office cleaning can make your business grow

Office cleaning is very important to our businesses. It is obvious that a clean office will always give an excellent first impression to the clients, making them consider doing business with you. As a business owner, you should make sure to make your office environment comfortable for both the visitors and employees.

Moreover, a clean office, even the workers will become more active and efficient without asking. They will also look strong and willing to handle any work offered to them. You should be sure that with a clean office you will have no worries and stress all the time. It will also reduce lethargy of employees around the office. But that is not all that cleaning can do to make your business grow. Below are more ways and explanations on how office cleaning will make your business grow:

A clean office will attract clients

Before most clients consider working with you, they will look around your office environment to see how it is kept. With a clean environment around you, it is easy for you to solve any problem without difficulty. Clients might also judge your work considering the environment; therefore, it is good to be sure what kind of environment you are in.

A clean environment reduces health costs due to lost time

With an unhygienic environment, it is hard to maintain good productivity. Unhygienic environments will lead to workers developing allergies and sicknesses, which will make them always consider asking for sick leaves. This time away from work will impact on productivity and reduce profits due to the lost time.

A clean office improves your reputation

Quality and professionalism is something clients consider when choosing your business. The quality and professionalism are said to be achieved with a clean environment. Therefore, it is good to take care of office cleanliness no matter the kind of business. This will also help conceal the negative comments from other people who speak negatively about your company.

A clean office motivates employees

70%-90% of office employees will work positively when offered a clean environment of offices to work in. With a clean environment, the employee will have a clear mind that will help develop clear and positive proposals for work. This clean environment will also encourage employees to impact their work, promoting your business growth positively.

A well-cleaned office will increase productivity

Productivity will always be high in offices. We consider having a positive aura. Therefore, we should encourage keeping our offices clean always. With a clean environment, even the employees will not easily come in contact with diseases hence will be able to be highly productive.

0ffice cleaning is indeed very profitable if we want. With a clean office, there is no work you cannot handle, either hard or straightforward. With a clean working environment, you will feel at ease and come up with ideas to solve your problems. Your business will easily grow with your excellent working conditions.

Lessons to learn from your cleaning endeavors

Taking part in cleaning as your job has its lessons. I mean, life is about learning new things, be it positive or negative. As a cleaner, you will come across multiple experiences in your daily cleaning life. One thing: when cleaning, we may come across self-absorbed workers or employers who do not care about your well-being. We may also come across employees who take care of our needs. These are not just experiences but also things to be conscious about to make your cleaning experience easier. Here we have some of the lessons learned when taking part in office cleaning.

As an office cleaner, you should not be ashamed of your job

People tend to be ashamed of the kind of work they do. We forget that the job you are ashamed of is the same job providing for you. We should always be proud of our jobs no matter it is an office cleaning job. Being appreciative and proud of our jobs encourages us to work smarter and harder to climb the ladder.

Never listen to what people say about your job

As an office cleaner or generally a cleaner, we will always have people who look down on our jobs. We should, therefore, avoid listening to their negative comments and encourage ourselves to work even harder.

Always give your all when taking part in your job

Office cleaning needs a dedicated person. To give a positive result to the employer, it is good to give your best in cleaning. Always giving you all will create new opportunities for you, and you will never lack a job to take part in.

Encourage teamwork with your workmates

As an office cleaner, you will always work with your team. It is good to encourage teamwork among yourselves to prevent failure. As an office cleaning team, you should encourage optimism and avoid being pessimistic. Optimism will encourage you to put extra effort while working, which will be positive.

No matter the pay always value it

We should always value the payment we get, regardless of whether it is big or small. Valuing your pay will help you as an office cleaner to make your investments and save money.

As an office cleaner, we also experience going on “power trips.”

All kinds of jobs have employees who will go on “power trips” because they have managerial positions. They tend to want to suppress the other workers because they are of higher positions.

If someone is your boss, they deserve respect

While working as office cleaners, we also have our bosses who are the supervisors. Being a supervisor means he/she is the boss to us. Though most of the time, your boss may not be well learned or suited to be your boss. That does not mean we should look down on them.

We, as office cleaners, learn different lessons in our daily experiences. We are to choose whether to take them in a lesson or as normal experiences.

5 mistakes we make while hiring cleaners for office cleaning

Most office owners hire office cleaners but make mistakes because during the hiring process do not pay attention to some nitty gritty. As an office owner, it is good to be well aware of the kind of cleaners you are hiring for your office cleaning. Being considerate of what you think and what you want your office to be like will help you settle on the perfect and best cleaning team. Most of the time, people make mistakes with their office cleaning staff when they first open doors to the wrong staff that offer poor cleaning standards. Good research will get you the kind of people you want to maintain your office. Below are some of the mistakes to avoid while hiring office cleaners:

Not being clear about where your waste if disposed or taken.

While we think of cleaning our offices, we should also think of the places where we should dispose of our waste. Most of the time, we keep our offices clean but still have dirt lying in the dustbin, which is an unpleasant sight to have in the office. Therefore, it is good that we consider having our cleaners dispose of our dirt in a place that is the right place. Sometimes other cleaners may spoil and contaminate the environment; therefore, it is good to know where they dispose of the waste.

Not conducting a reference check of your employee.

Although you trust your employees a lot, it is good always to spare sometime to go through the details and profiles of the cleaners you have hired. This will help you avoid having theft and damage to your property from occurring.

Not checking the quality of cleaning products they use.

Some cleaning products may be toxic hence may damage your employees’ health conditions. Some of the cleaning products are cheap but are destructive. We all need a peaceful and healthy environment for work; therefore, checking on the kind of office cleaning products is being used.

We consider the cheapest and take them as the best.

While hiring office cleaners, we may go ahead and consider the cheapest of them all. This, most of the time, is a big unseen mistake that we make. While choosing office cleaners, we should first consider their professionalism and the result of their work before making a decision. We should not consider cost most of the time, as expensive cleaners sometimes offer the best services that satisfy the clients’ needs.

We are clear about the time the cleaners use.

Hiring for office cleaning services in your office, it is good to consider when they start their work and how long they should take. Checking on your office cleaning staff now and then will also make your workers more honest and dedicated.

It is good to have expectations and considerations while choosing your office cleaning team. If by any chance, we make the mistake of not caring about the cleaners we hire, then we might be faced with many problems, including careless handling of office equipment. Therefore, it is good to consider the kind of people we hire for office cleaning.