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Gleem is a business that is constantly forging ahead to the future, looking for ways to improve their services to ensure their customers are receiving the best quality service possible.

Recently, Gleem have expanded their services by now offering gutter cleaning! It is very easy for gutter pipes to become stopped up by fallen leaves, sticks, layers of grime and dirt, and other forms of debris. These pipes play a vital role in maintaining the foundations of your home, as they control the flow of rainwater, directing it off the roof of your home. If left, the gutter pipes can quickly become a household nightmare. The blockage from debris will leave the water with nowhere to go, and can result in the pipes bursting, or the water making its way into your interior. If this happens, your house is liable to be infested with damp, or even attract the undesirable attention of pests such as rodents and insects.


So just how often should gutters be cleaned? It all depends on your location. For example, if you live in a place where gutter pipes are more likely to become stopped up with the like of leaves and twigs, such as in suburbs lined with trees, you should make an effort to ensure your gutters are cleaned at least twice a year. But other variables such as the weather have to be taken into account. If it rains more, gutter pipes will fill up more quickly and need a relatively empty pipe for the water to flow without issue. If you live in an area where rain is regular, the gutter pipe should be cleaned more than twice a year.


For the average layman, the gutter pipes definitely are amongst the hardest cleaning tasks to do, hence why it is a job that people mostly hire professionals for. This is why Gleem decided to include this as part of the many tasks they provides, as they understand the demand of this chore and want to ensure for your sake that it is done to the high standard Gleem upholds.. Not only is it difficult, but it is dangerous as well, as a ladder is required to reach the pipe.

However, if it’s not too clogged and your hose is capable of outputting a decent amount of water pressure, it might be possible to hose out the blockages, and if that fails, a hard bristle brush to comb out the debris. Others opt for creating a chemical -free solution of hot water and vinegar to clean away the grime, but this won’t do much to clear blockages.

If this all sounds like too much of a hassle for you to take care of on your own, then worry not! Gleem offers gutter cleaning for mid-terrace, end-terrace, semi-detached, detached and three-storey houses all for affordable prices. But don’t take my word for it, take a peek yourself over at Gleem to view these great deals and the testimonials that demonstrate the high quality you can expect.

Working for Gleem

Gleem is a company that is constantly growing and expanding. Its growth calls for the need of more employees, so read on ahead and see if Gleem is the place for you.


Recruitment Process

Joining the team has never been easier. No long-winded questionnaires asking for detailed lists of qualifications, simply enter your personal details and answer a few questions and you’re done! And with numerous different roles entailing different responsibilities, you are bound to find a job made for you!





Gleem has a wide range of roles suited to for a variety of people. For computer techies and writers, there are various roles within writing and running the Gleem blog, networking with others through the social media platforms, designing the website and blog.

For more hands-on jobs, there is cleaning jobs with completely flexible hours so you can work when it suits you.




Benefits of Working in Gleem

At Gleem we pride ourselves in setting ourself apart from the rest with amazing company benefits. Flexible hours, amazing starting pay rates, Gleem’s “Cleaner of the Month” which includes a cash prize for the winner and complete protection and appreciation for all staff.




Christmas Temps

Gleem is now currently looking for Christmas temp staff. So if you have a few hours to spare this holiday and want to spend it doing something meaningful that will offer invaluable experience, apply for a job at Gleem this Christmas!


The Vision at Gleem

I am Joseph Edwards, the founder of Gleem. 


As Gleem continues to grow, my passion around leadership continues to develop. In this blog post, I am going to talk about Gleem’s employees.


From day one, Gleem set out to be different. At the outset this meant providing a service that was as flexible as possible for home owners. We used self-employed cleaners, and were passionate about being high-tech and on-demand.


This approach worked at the outset, however we started to notice a key limiting factor in the business: churn. We were using a workforce that presented multiple problems when it came to ensuring they were able to show up, on time and do a good job…it hurt, and Gleem struggled to hold onto customers, meaning we struggled to grow.


As the business continued, we began making tweaks and changes to the business model. We began to hire PAYE employed cleaners to service our customers’ homes. We found that our employees started to show up on time more often, and we could organise a cleaners day around multiple sites. Things felt like they were moving in the right direction. But, we weren’t spending enough time with our cleaners: training them and ensuring they were committed to their roles. Although we were showing up on time, we noticed that cleaners would leave abruptly, ignoring their notice periods, and putting Gleem is a mad scramble to reassign cleans (without enough cleaners to do so). This led to additional problems: our current cleaners were overworked, increasing the risk that they’d up-and leave and we also now had the risk of a whole raft of customers cancelling their services if we couldn’t fulfil.


I took some time to reflect: I began Gleem selfishly because I wanted to enjoy my job. The more we grew and experienced office life, the more I knew it was important for my office team to enjoy theirs too. Gleem needs to be representative of me, and therefore Gleem needs to enable people to enjoy their jobs.


This has become the office teams passion, is becoming all of our cleaners passion and is Gleem’s reason for existing: to empower as many people as possible to enjoy their jobs.


Gleem is by no means perfect. We are young, inexperienced and often focus too much upon being a business, neglecting the actual cleaning we perform. The one thing that we are, is passionate.


In everything that we do, we think about our employees and if it will empower them: because if it will, it will foster a hard-working community of people all joined together on a mission to help each other and to help people like us. Everyone wants to enjoy their job, and it is our collective responsibility to ensure that this happens.


I’ve spoken with cleaners, customers, our office team, strangers and myself. This is a work in progress, but for now, it embodies Gleem’s aims. This is Gleem’s vision:


Gleem add sparkle. Our caring community makes people feel valued.

We maintain the upmost respect for all of our staff for the important role they play in the lives of others and provide them with the opportunity to develop themselves to the level they aspire to reach.

This environment empowers over 100,000 staff who deliver an unrivalled quality of service and creates a reputation synonymous with the standard of service we provide and the enjoyment our staff get from doing their best.


Introducing Blue Spruce Maids

This is install 4 of Gleem ‘introducing': our efforts to find other cleaning companies that have a similar outlook in the cleaning industry to oursleves!

Blue Spruce Maids: are another cleaning company. Our owner Joe has been talking with their owner about how to do cleaning…differently.

Blue Spruce maids have a ‘twist’…so what is their twist?

They asked their customers: Do you hate that chemical smell most cleaning products have?
Sure, it smells clean, but this is your home, not a hospital or corporate office.
That’s why we start with unscented cleaners that we then infuse with Essential Oils.
This leaves your home smelling natural and refreshing!

What a terriffic idea!



Introducing Cleanly Maids

Introducing Cleanly Maids

Cleaning Maids offer online booking, flat rate pricing and flexible options. We particularly like the third point: They offer several options for cleanings. Whether it’s a standard or deep cleaning, one time or recurring they will provide the same great level of service that their customers deserve.

Cleanly Maids have built themselves a great online reputation: especially so on Thumbtack. We don’t have thumbtack in the UK, but simply put: Thumbtack is like the website Local Trader: people post a job that you want done, and local businesses can ‘quote’ ypu through the Thumbtack website. Once customers pick their local company, the work gets done, and then afterwards there is a review process: it’s like Yellow Pages/Yelp but with lots more vetting, and lots more feedback from both sides of the ‘transaction’.

Here is a little history about them: Cleanly Maids was founded in May of 2016 in Tampa, FL with the goal of making house cleaning easier and better than ever. Their number one goal was to bring convenience and simplicity to customers who just want a simple maid service or house cleaning in Tampa FL. One thing they realized though is that as they started helping their customers in Tampa more and more people became interested in their service. They now service all over the Tampa Bay area and you can see exactly where they service by checking out their service areas page and seeing if their city is on there. They love what they do and love to make their customers’ lives easier.

Introducing 604 Maids

Gleem have been searching again for other companies that we can be associated with because of their approach to business.

604 Maids is a home cleaning business that provides the quality home cleaning in the Metro Vancouver area. They are customer focused, environmentally friendly and have a very simple system in place. We hire great cleaners that have been thoroughly background checked and are super qualified. They are the obvious choice for anyone looking for a domestic cleaner in the Metro Vancouver area.

They too offer online booking, using their similar, simple to use system. They guarantee that they will get the job done right — or your money back! Their main aim to to building a business that they would want to do business with themselves!

Here is a review from one of their happy customers: “Hi there 604 Maids. The lady who you send to clean my home is GREAT. She cleans everything from top to bottom, front to back and everywhere in between. My husband was so impressed that we scheduled her to come out every 2 weeks. I will recommend you to my family and friends and to anyone else who reads this. Super highly recommended.”

Check them out at


Introducing Spark Team

Gleem have now been operating in the Bristol and Bath area for 2 years.

In that time we have cleaned for a large number of people, in a large number of homes. During this time we have consistently noticed certain services that lots of our domestic customers would really benefit from.

Because of this, we have started researching all of the different service companies that operate in Bristol and Bath.

One business that seemed very tough to book was a local electrician!

Joseph: the founder of Gleem has experience with electricians: his dad has run a small electrical contractor since he was 18: his company has a great reputation around the South West for delivering to a superior quality. What a perfect opportunity to offer something extra to our Gleem customers:

Therefore I’d like to introduce you to the best electricians in Bristol: Spark Team:

spark team screenshot