Common Risk Assessment Practices for Safe Office Cleaning

Today many companies are involved in risk assessments of work sites before sending their teams to work. This practice is also important when doing office-cleaning jobs. You are able to assess the environment you are hired to work on for any hazards. However, not all people understand the risk assessment process.

Below is a guide towards good risk assessment practices for your office environment before your team gets to work on it:

Checking for hazards
A hazard is anything that has a potential of causing risk. As the owner of the cleaning firm, seek out the help of safety personnel to help assess for risk by identifying hazards. As you identify the hazards, have them on record. Noting them down will allow you to know where to pay attention to hazards during cleaning. If possible the hazard can be gotten rid of to allow to for a safer working environment without the fear of any occupational dangers. Pay attention to how electric sockets, plugs, the cabling and how they may react to water and other cleaning agents you will use in your cleaning exercise.
Good relations with clients and good communication with your staff
Being in an understanding with the clients and their staff is a good way of ensuring safety in the workspace during an office-cleaning environment. Nobody understands the environment better than the employees of a workplace do. They know where to step where not to step. They know the hazards that you could be looking for. Good relations means they get to open up and save you the time of assessing for risk.
Communicating clearly with your team is good after risk assessment practice. Make it aware to them of the potential risks or the occupational hazards of a given area. Equip them with ways to respond in the cases of emergency commonly related to the office area.
Addressing Hazards
You, staff, or clients might assess and check for hazards and never work on mitigating them. Ignorance is a reason you, staff and clients might end unsafe. On assessing for risk, devise ways of dealing with them. Today we have safety engineers; they can come in handy in this situation. Deal with the hazards before you send your team out to work. If they get hurt after a cleaning exercise you could be at a loss, you might find yourself spending your revenue on treatment in a case you do not even have an insurance for them.
Always do reassessments
Hazards can be assessed, identified and addressed but always do reassessments. A change in cleaning equipment or cleaning chemicals can pose a different danger. Being able to know what new risk you are dealing with will be important. Will you need to do personal protective equipment? Will you need to change the cleaning agents, will you need to change the equipment and even have the open sockets covered. Being able to address new hazards ensures a fear-free cleaning exercise. You are also able to avoid any potential dangers office-cleaning exercise could be posing.
The above practices are suitable risk assessment measures to take to ensure a safe office-cleaning milestone at your new work site. Being safety conscious is what every wise client looks for. Never should you forget this important part of your commercial and professional cleaning services business.

Affordable office cleaning practices that save your money

Keeping your office cleaning is a great habit that can keep your customers flowing. Doing it, you can be tiresome, time wasting and sometimes you cannot do it perfectly. Office cleaning can be a costly service that pinches your finances hard. There are ways you can save money that leaks through affordable office cleaning as follows:

Specialized cleaning services can save you money
Most times, we order for wooden floors, tiled floors or even cemented floors. These floors have different ways of cleaning. If you get it wrong, your floor could wear out so fast that you will spend highly to have it replaced. Hire a professional to advise you on what to use for the cleaning of your floors, may cost a few bucks but save you a lot of money.

Check your cleaning supplies
You are not a good cleaning shopper and for every week or month, you are out shopping for a broken broom, leaked container or old hard brush. If you have a bigger team of cleaners you might be spending more on that equipment than what you could be spending on an affordable professional cleaner that can offer the services cheaply and even come with their own cleaning equipment saving you money.

Reduce what to clean
There are kinds of office cleaning you can do by yourself. Doing your desks, drawers and tables will mean you only pay for deep cleaning. You will pay less for a less demanding job. Such aspects can help you negotiate the price for your floors, windows and corridors.

Choose a better premium when paying for cleaning services
A half a year premium can be cheaper than a monthly premium. Paying money in bits can cumulatively prove to be expensive. I will advise you go for the broad period rates like three months payment, or six months payments, such methods will help you control amounts spent on cleaning. You will handle other businesses better when you are not leaking money for cleaning every month.

Employees should acquire better and clean office operation practices.
Paper, dust can be reduced or avoided. In the case, there is a lot of paper being used some employees tend to throw them to bin right from where they are seated. It can be better if you have the bins at points the employees can reach on a busy day. It will also be proper to install a mud remover or dusting cloth at the entrance so that employees do not pull mad and dirt into the room. Such habits and norms can save you money.

Decide cleaning frequency and consider a cheap hire
There are days that you will be busy and not able to do your office cleaning. At times, you can do the cleaning on a daily basis. If the cleaning is not a deep one and requires not much attention, you can employ someone to handle the cleaning of your office and pay him or her on a monthly basis this can be cheaper.

A Guide to Green and Safe Office Cleaning

Every time I go to an office in the morning, I noticed it has been cleaned, it looks okay but suddenly there is an air freshener, the nice smell can send you coughing and sneezing all day long. I call this cleaning without care for the environment and the people it surrounds. Some clients will never come back because they were never happy with the cleaning tactics your office use. These services even not directly related to the serving they sought. Below are a number of tips you will find useful for yourself and anybody that does cleaning for your office.
Seek the services of a firm that uses eco-friendly cleaning methods. Some firms use cheap and untested chemicals to do their cleaning in their offices. I know of a friend that on getting into the office go for a rag and start using the same water that is powered with certain detergents that are dangerous to the skin. Employees could not be using gloves as the cleaners and might suffer serious conditions from cleaning agents a cleaning use.
The use of healthy and safe cleaning technology. These days we do not need brooms to raise dust from floors and affect the respiratory systems of various people. Just invest in a vacuum cleaner or hire a firm that uses one in its cleaning to handle the business for you. The vacuum cleaner picks dust and dirt and will not in any way allow it to reach anybody reaches near it.
Install and even ensure a good air condition quality in your offices. Installing good ventilation in your offices allows free flow of fresh air. After cleaning, all the windows can be left partly open for a while to prevent stuffiness in the office. The detergent could be a safe one but strong scented and not everyone enjoys it. Leaving the windows, open can make the scent weaker and accommodative.
Use natural products for cleaning. Replace high chemical cleaning agents and go for herbs or natural oils during cleaning. They will serve the same purpose and it will be healthy to stay in the room even as the floors dry.
Inspect the office cleaning firm’s products. A firm may guarantee green office cleaning equipment and practices only to change their minds because they think you do not notice. Have some to check what they use to phase out products not eco-friendly at all costs. In the contracts have a clause that only restricts the firms to green office cleaning practices.
Formulate a green office cleaning policy. You might be going eco-friendly but your employees are not reading from the same group. Introduce the concept to them, train or hire someone to train them on eco-friendly cleaning methods. Later create a green office cleaning policy and make sure they follow it or have someone that ensures they follow those policies to the latter ensure a clean but also the safe working environment.
These tips will help you create a green office cleaning culture, being the one to instigate it sets an environment for others in your organization to follow even in their homes.

Marketing Your Office Cleaning Business

You have started your office cleaning business. You now need to make some money out of it. It will be wise for people to know about your business through marketing. Marketing is broad and can take forever to get it right. The steps below will help you become a better seller of office cleaning services.

Know your competition
Office cleaning business is a booming business. Many people have ventured into this trade. You need to know these people. Are they closer to where you want to set shop, what services are they offering? How are they offering the services? What are the alternative services they offer? Visit their clients and ask what they think about the services they are receiving. You can say you are doing a research about offices. Ask what they feel should be improved. Be sure to find gaps in the same market to rise on top of the others through a better service delivery. That should be reflected in your marketing messages, sell your idea and seek action to buy or subscribe.

Set your marketing targets
Whenever anyone starts a business they already have figures in their heads about how much they want to make or wish to make. Those are the figure your marketing should anticipate. You have made sales for a number of months and want to maintain an upward trend, you want to increase to the market base. A marketing strategy that will help you reach those heights is your best choice.

Know your customers, analyze your customer base
Different customers have different needs. Your marketing should be able to speak for those needs. Your customers knowing, they can count on you is not enough until you tell them you do that. Use posters, social media pages and forum, various publicity equipment to get them wanting you to be the one they can come to for cleaning solutions.

Create flexible service
Your marketing should be able to say that you are going to offer customer service. Do not communicate with an “only attitude” you should be able to negotiate service with your clients. Let them know they can ask for more, let them know the special services will be charged differently and prices negotiated reasonably.

Opportunity Organizations
Targeted advertising is picking up so fast. If you market to people that have interest in your service be ready to make sales and be ready to satisfy that market. If you have less staff tell them you just hired. When that contract is just signed you show you have enough staff to handle the customers. Show you enough equipment to meet their office cleaning business.

Create directory and contact lists
Research companies and list them. The many you have on your list the better. Know the firm that cleans for them. Market and beat competitor through weaknesses you notice in their service delivery. You do not need to shout that your offer better service, market your better services and the customers will come calling. Provide your email and telephone contact. Have alerts and offer immediate feedback.

Speeding Up Your Office Cleaning Business Growth

The word office cleaning appears famous. It looks familiar but the growth of an office cleaning business can be slow and unpromising. A professional advice on the simple practices that will result in faster growth of your cleaning business.

Be unique
Creativity can do wonders for your business. Device your styles of cleaning. Make them safer and efficient. Go out to the field and learn what other players in the field of office cleaning do, what equipment they use if they use scrubbers do vacuum cleaners in their place. Make your service more enjoyable and fun, you do not want to be in the group of those who use the traditional moppers and find yourself taking longer than expected to finish jobs in tight schedules affecting your employers.

Customer first attitude
Business is about clients. Before some businesses get better, the employees are already taking the customers for granted. Before you know it, the customers have flown away and you have lesser people on your client list. If you cannot handle a reception, consult or hire a professional to do it for you at a cost, you can manage to salvage your business.

Marketing for business growth
You have your company, you have good services but to survive and grow one has to be involved in marketing. Marketing helps anticipate marketing needs of various consumers and work towards improving services. Knowing their needs is an important way of working towards satisfying them.

Personality for business growth
Before the business gets a grip on the market, you need to get to the public yourself and talk to them. Putting on a sales character is the best. Be friendly and understand client wants; the market is changing, office setups are changing. Do not give up on achieving big in the office cleaning business. Disturb many customers as you can; even with denials you still get to create your list to follow up later. Your presentation will be key in making people you approached needing to use your service.

Network for business growth
Attend events and seminars where people in the office-cleaning field meet and talk about opportunities the office cleaning market. Meet company owners, business people and try to understand their say about this field. Connect with them, visit their workplaces, some are established some are not, copy a few or two things you notice, improve your services to be like theirs. Work on loopholes you watch in their service provision. Improve your service; be able to offer more than your competitors. You can win over big markets in the region and make more profits from just simple beginnings.

Re-advertise to enable growth
Even after lots of marketing, keep reminding clients you are the new office-cleaning provider in town. Growth is about numbers, refresh target markets with your marketing messages. Reminding your prospective clients is a good way of making people subscribe to your service. Customers meet marketers or salesperson each day; they are fed with new messages that can forget important information. Your business doing a re-advertisement enables you to pique your customers’ attention.

The above are enjoyable ways of spurring the growth of your office cleaning business venture.

How to Maximise Profits in an Office Cleaning Business

You just made your first profit after six months in business. You start imagining you are lucky and this was just a by the way. If anybody asks you to talk about what resulted in that profit, you will not be able to account. Being aware of how effectively you can maximize profit is very important. The steps below will keep you consistent in performance, leave your curve steep, and rise every month, every financial year.

A good team of employees
My mother visited a bank and the first person she met spoke quite arrogantly. My mum withdrew all her money and signed to delete the account. Many people like good service, you are not an alien to be at every clients’ facilities each day, you need an army; a group of professional cleaners ready, friendly, fast, efficient and perfect to make you money. Certain clients will be so choosy and retain one of your cleaning groups because they feel it meets their expectations. Good employees will make you a lot of money because they create your brand loyalty for your services.

Diversify Service
Cleaning business can be a big market. There are niches in the office cleaning that most people have not exhausted. Venturing into such businesses can be a major business booster. Think of a clean business that also provides filing services, office design, electricity solutions, carpet washing, windows and ventilation maintenance, office supplies distribution and many more. A business that provides many service options shows maturity. People being able to select service form your business solutions can grow your business and accelerate your revenue faster than you had expected.

Invest in quality office cleaning equipment
Dusters, scrubbers, buckets, washing powder, air fresheners, PPE (Personal protective equipment) need to be available in your jobs equipment checklist. Ensuring that your employees have all that they need is important for their focus on the work. This can be used to drive profits. Having basic equipment makes the client trust you are self-sufficient means anybody can buy your services because clients already trust in your work.
Know your largest revenue contributor
A client is always bringing their office cleaning business to you. They already trust in your technology and do not hesitate in payment, deserve reward. You can choose to offer other additional services for free or lesser charges. Do their carpet cleaning, bring them dust removers, and leave them with a dustbin in your name to ensure they feel you notice them. Creating mutual relationships with clients makes your revenue growth consistent.

Pricing is key to business growth
Good pricing systems mean you are offering the payment options that clients and target clients anticipate. Having reasonable premiums that keep your old customer and new ones that improve customer satisfaction will spur profit a huge generation.

Cost cutting and cleaning supplies management
Cutting cost is a better way of maximising profits. With ready supplies in your stores, ensure employees apply the right amounts to the cleaning. Warn against wastage of the supplies. This does not mean fewer supplies should be used. Talking to your employees and making the sense of what can be done to use the equipment effectively without the quality of service getting affected.

All You Need To Know About the Future of House Cleaning

Technology keeps evolving, and there is a growing need to understand what the future holds for house cleaning.

If you currently struggle with keeping up with daily chores and maintaining your social status, give it time, everything is about to get easier. Technology is slowly advancing in the home cleaning industry.

Today, smart homes and gadgets are taking over. The cleaning industry could shrink in the future as various gadgets under construction now are brought into mass production:

Normal surfaces and fabrics in homes will be tweaked to form advanced devices that self-clean. Below is an outlook on some of the technology advancements you should expect in the future in relation to house cleaning.

Five Technology Advances That Deal with House Cleaning In The Future

  1. Bed-Technology is about to bring us high tech beds. These beds will have conceptual sheets that will perform various functions such as detecting the body temperature of the person on the bed. The sheets will self-clean when they detect a stain. Alternatively, the user can set a self-clean timetable that the bed will perform.
  2. Wardrobes will be able to help owners take care of their laundry. The smart wardrobe will cater to refreshing the clothes using high tech liquids that evaporate after use. The liquids used will definitely disinfect the clothes and leave them smelling fresh, just like the average detergents do. In addition to this, work will be made easier by the fact that the clothes will already be in storage and will thus reduce the time spent on ironing and storage, and separation of white and colored clothes.
  3. Bathrooms- The smart bathrooms of the future will have a connection to more smart devices. The home owner will have the ability to control the temperature of the water system from the convenience of their phone. In addition to this, the system will have a self-clean option that will allow owners to clean their bathrooms before or after use. This bathroom will end the endless struggle of having to scrub bathroom floors and surfaces. The system will have a detergent option that will clean the entire bathroom and the water control system will allow for the completion of the process by rinsing.
  4. Kitchen- The smart kitchen system will have a smart dishwasher that can take care of the endless struggle of washing dishes after meals. The dishwashing system will not use water as the traditional dishwasher does. It will use chemicals such as carbon monoxide to take care of the stains on dishes.
  5. Cleaning of floors- Robotic vacuum cleaners are already on the market. However, with time they will advance and become more reliable. They will allow homeowners to spend more time with their families while enhancing quality of life in a clean and safe environment.

Bristol cleaning for tenants and landlords


When you rent a building there is usually a deposit required to ensure you leave the property in good condition. Through removals, general wear and tear and just not having the time you may find that you have more cleaning to do than you originally thought and not enough time to complete it before the landlord comes to inspect. If the house is not up to scratch the landlord can hold back part or all of your deposit. Getting a Bristol cleaning specialist in to clean up the areas you missed will ensure your deposit won’t be lost to clearing up cooker grease, dust and marks that you have missed or created during your move.

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Best Vacuums When You Have A Pet


Pets are a great addition for any family but, their fur and hair can be a huge inconvenience to clean. Whether you have a cat, dog or ferret running around your home you probable have an excess of pet hair clinging to clothing, bags, coats and shoes. To help reduce the pet hair build up in your home you will want to invest in a high quality vacuum or floor cleaners. Here are the top vacuums you can buy that will help you fight off all the excess pet hair in your home.

Best Pet Hair Vacuums:

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