A Clean Way to Handle Care Home Foods

Nursing homes also referred to as care homes have a place where food handlers are involved. The food handlers are meant to take caution while in their jobs as the people being fed with the food have a delicate body immunity which needs to be handled carefully.

The kitchen area around care homes should be kept tidy and scrupulously clean. The catering staff for the homes and food handlers should also ensure to wash their hands regularly and wear protective equipment if necessary.

Food safety around the care homes should be a priority as the food and hygiene standards agencies are enforced to ensure that proper care is offered. Employees responsible for the hygiene of food around care homes should follow the following employee duty policies:

Make sure that food handlers reach the training qualifications for food handlers.

Ensure that infection control procedures are followed by all food handlers.

The employees should be fit to work as food handlers.

How to take care of your care homes food handling

Always ensure to keep the kitchens and food stores to the care homes clean.

Make sure that the serving areas, kitchens, food stores and other food preparation areas are kept totally clean all the time.

Ensure to have adequate disinfecting, cleaning, washing facilities, and cleaning equipment to ensure that your food is taken care of.

Ensure you have enough lavatories for catering personnel.

All catering equipment should always be in good condition.

All staff: food handlers and caters should always wash their hands properly to avoid contamination of the food.

Caterers should make sure to use protective clothing while handling food.

Ensure that during food handling that you avoid handling food if you:

Have wounds that are infected or sours

If you are suffering from a disease transmitted through food

Have diarrhea issues


The staff should always wash their hands properly:

After using the toilet

Before cooking

After touching raw dishes, such as eggs and meat/poultry.

After emptying the kitchen bins.

After cleaning

After nose blowing

Any food handlers in care homes who fall sick in the process of working should inform their managers to control the spread of diseases in the care homes. The food handlers should follow food hygiene, which includes the preparation, handling and food storage hygiene. The elders with their weak body immunity require to be taken care of by food handlers who are safe from any infections and follow infection control procedures.

In care homes, the catering staff should follow the following rules:

Always wear an appropriate head covering to avoid food contamination by hair.

Always keep their hair tied back.

Avoid wearing jewellery while preparing food.

Should not sneeze or chew while preparing food.

Food hygiene is an approach that most forget to observe. While handling food, we should ensure to be careful to prevent foodborne illness. The illness is due to contamination by viruses and bacteria here fore we should be hygiene conscious of being contamination free.