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We pride ourselves on customer service, and provide you with a full time supervisor

Gleem have focussed on specialising in school cleaning and know exactly how to deal the complicated logistics in place at schools, with rooms being available and unavailable at multiple different time periods throughout the day.

For school cleaning in Bath we have found that the best asset we possess is teamwork, and so before pricing or tendering for a job we always come for a meeting to view the school. We discuss the particular and specific needs of the school (and potential shortcomings of previous cleaning companies). Once this is in place we can more accurately determine the best style of cleaning, and will always ensure that it is exactly what the school requires.

Our current experience is that schools prefer the bulk of cleaning to be performed before and after school hours, with light cleaning maintenance taking place during the school day.

Gleem handle this style of cleaning with great proficiency, and generally provide full time cleaning supervisors to schools, who can be present on-site at all times and take care of any emergency cleaning that is required, with additional workers attending outside of school hours.

Gleem provide all schools with a management system, whereby you can see the precise time cleaners check in and check out, ensuring that you are in control, and that we are providing the service we promise to.

Call us

We want to make sure that we can give you the precise cleaning service you need, so please call us on 0117 403 0444 to talk or to arrange a meeting at a time that is best for you.
As a Gleem customer, we promise to respond in under 24 hours (we will usually call you immediately).

Reliability and consistency

We will never miss a clean, and we will always leave you satisfied! If we don't you won't pay for the clean, it's as simple as that!

We use state of the art technology to manage time and will always give you plenty of notice if, on the very rare occasion that we’re running late.

We use GPS tracking to monitor the cleaners, and provide reports so you know exactly when the cleaners arrive, and how long they stay for.

Client testimonials

Amazing staff

You will love your Gleem cleaners. Not only are they background-checked, insured, individually vetted and have at least 2 years of professional experience – they are also friendly, hard-working and helpful.

We have put a lot of energy into hiring the right cleaners to make sure that you receive the best possible clean for your company.