Your professional retail cleaning

Higher quality, retail cleaning

The best retail cleaning guaranteed

You are in control

We'll help you select the perfect timings and frequencies for your clean, all visible online

It's so simple

with simple pricing and a detailed checklist, you know exactly what we promise to provide

Dedicated management

We pride ourselves on customer service, and provide you with a full time supervisor

Gleem perform reliable and consistent retail cleaning for shops and retail properties.

When you schedule a meeting with Gleem, we will come and meet you at your property in order to discuss the best style cleaning, and also figure out where other cleaning companies may have been lacking.

Once we have spoken about your cleaning needs, we will put together a detailed checklist for your property and estimate the number of hours cleaning needed, making sure that we are as accurate as possible.

Gleem then guarantee that we will complete this checklist every time we clean your shop or retail property, meaning you know exactly what we promise to provide. This paired with the check in and check out GPS tracking we perform enables you to have peace of mind in knowing that Gleem will always do a great job cleaning, and be honest regarding the amount of time we spend at the property.

Call us

We want to make sure that we can give you the precise cleaning service you need, so please call us on 0117 403 0444 to talk or to arrange a meeting at a time that is best for you.
As a Gleem customer, we promise to respond in under 24 hours (we will usually call you immediately).

Reliability and consistency

We will never miss a clean, and we will always leave you satisfied! If we don't you won't pay for the clean, it's as simple as that!

We use state of the art technology to manage time and will always give you plenty of notice if, on the very rare occasion that we’re running late.

We use GPS tracking to monitor the cleaners, and provide reports so you know exactly when the cleaners arrive, and how long they stay for.

Client testimonials

Amazing staff

You will love your Gleem cleaners. Not only are they background-checked, insured, individually vetted and have at least 2 years of professional experience – they are also friendly, hard-working and helpful.

We have put a lot of energy into hiring the right cleaners to make sure that you receive the best possible clean for your company.