New Pricing

Part of improving Gleem’s service is making our pricing more accurate: On October 1st 2017 we’ll be introducing a much more accurate system that accounts for the number of bedrooms AND bathrooms in your home.

From October 1st 2017 all bookings will be automatically be updated to follow the new structure. 

Gleem are still 100% committed to paying our cleaners above the Living Wage. It enables us to find the best cleaners, work with them to help them enjoy their jobs and reward them for all of their hard work.

Here are what our new prices will be based upon the number of bedrooms and bathrooms:

(Please note: 1 bathroom = Toilet + Sink + Shower/Bath. 0.5 Bathrooms = any incomplete combination of these.)

15% OFF 25% OFF 35% OFF
Bedrooms Bathrooms One time price Monthly Fortnightly Weekly
1 1 45 38.25 33.75 29.25
1 1.5 49.5 42.08 37.13 32.18
1 2 54 45.90 40.50 35.10
1 2.5 58.5 49.73 43.88 38.03
2 1 57 48.45 42.75 37.05
2 1.5 61.5 52.28 46.13 39.98
2 2 66 56.10 49.50 42.90
2 2.5 70.5 59.93 52.88 45.83
2 3 75 63.75 56.25 48.75
3 1 69 58.65 51.75 44.85
3 1.5 73.5 62.48 55.13 47.78
3 2 78 66.30 58.50 50.70
3 2.5 82.5 70.13 61.88 53.63
3 3 87 73.95 65.25 56.55
3 3.5 91.5 77.78 68.63 59.48
3 4 96 81.60 72.00 62.40
4 1 81 68.85 60.75 52.65
4 1.5 85.5 72.68 64.13 55.58
4 2 90 76.50 67.50 58.50
4 2.5 94.5 80.33 70.88 61.43
4 3 99 84.15 74.25 64.35
4 3.5 103.5 87.98 77.63 67.28
4 4 108 91.80 81.00 70.20
5 1 93 79.05 69.75 60.45
5 1.5 97.5 82.88 73.13 63.38
5 2 102 86.70 76.50 66.30
5 2.5 106.5 90.53 79.88 69.23
5 3 111 94.35 83.25 72.15
5 3.5 115.5 98.18 86.63 75.08
5 4 120 102.00 90.00 78.00
5 4.5 124.5 105.83 93.38 80.93
5 5 129 109.65 96.75 83.85
6 1 105 89.25 78.75 68.25
6 1.5 109.5 93.08 82.13 71.18
6 2 114 96.90 85.50 74.10
6 2.5 118.5 100.73 88.88 77.03
6 3 123 104.55 92.25 79.95
6 3.5 127.5 108.38 95.63 82.88
6 4 132 112.20 99.00 85.80
6 4.5 136.5 116.03 102.38 88.73
6 5 141 119.85 105.75 91.65
6 5.5 145.5 123.68 109.13 94.58
6 6 150 127.50 112.50 97.50


Thank you for your continued support of Gleem. With your help, we are empowering cleaners to enjoy their jobs, in an industry that all too frequently neglects their well-being.

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What Do You Need To Know When Selecting The Right Company For You Communal Area Cleaning?

Are you looking for an amazing cleaning company to service the communal area of your property? The cleaning company market is flooded with hundreds of companies. But how do you tell that a certain cleaning company will serve your needs best? This article aims at outline a few tips that you can use when choosing a cleaning company for a communal area.

Six Tips for Choosing a Cleaning Company

  1. Cleaning equipment and skill

Before you select a cleaning company, try doing some research on the materials that are needed. This will help you filter through the available cleaning companies as you settle for the right one. A professional cleaning company should be able to deliver their services with professional cleaning equipment. Nevertheless, a company might have basic equipment and still make good use of them to provide high-quality services. Whilst looking for the right company, consider both the skill of the personnel and the cleaning equipment at their disposal. It would be a good idea to contact some of their customers to see if they are able to deliver a high-quality service.

  1. Cleaning cloths

A professional cleaner should arrive at with the right cleaning cloths. Cleaning companies should have a different cloth for each area they clean. This helps prevent cross-contamination. Companies should differentiate their cleaning materials with different colour codes. Therefore, make sure the company has different cloths with respect to the area they will be cleaning  to prevent a scenario where a company has only one cloth for all surfaces and appliances…it’s hard to clean anything if this is how they organise their supplies

  1. Products

A professional company should have the right products for cleaning any area that they are assigned to. Research the products that companies use and treat it as a selection point for what fits your needs best. If you need environmentally friendly products then you can use that as a basis of choice.

  1. Security and safety

You want to work with a company that provides enough security to the property of their clients. A professional company should have safe personnel who will follow through every term and condition of the contract, specifically regarding the locking-up of a property. This will help prevent any cases of theft and misplaced property during the course of the job.

  1. Good communication

Choose a company that you can get in contact with easily: too many of them force you to email, and then don’t reply for weeks. This will help you address any faults or problems before they escalate and become major issues. Make sure that there is a good form of contact that fits your needs. It could be through a phone call or text message.

  1. Specialty

When choosing a cleaning company specifically for taking care of a communal area, make sure you settle for a company that has enough experience in communal area cleaning. This is because some cleaning companies solely focus on commercial cleaning or domestic cleaning, and might lack technique or an understanding of the efficiency requirements of communal area cleaning. A good communal cleaning company will go about their work without disrupting the residents in the community. The right cleaning company will take their time to survey the area and know exactly what to bring on the day of the job.

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What You Need To Know About the Benefits of Hiring a Good Commercial Cleaning Company

Do you own a physical business or company? What cleaning strategy do you have?

Some companies designated the cleaning work to their employees, while others opt for hire a professional cleaning company.

Numerous benefits come with hiring a cleaning company, and there are many factors to look at when choosing the right commercial cleaning company for your business.

This article aims to shed some light on some of these benefits.

Four Main Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

The first step to hiring a commercial cleaning company is to make sure that they exude the following qualities in their work:

  • Experience
  • Good reputation
  • Skills
  • Safety and security

A cleaning company that has the above qualities will give your business an excellent service delivery and therefore provide the following benefits:

  1. It enhances the appearance of a space and employees health

A good commercial cleaning company makes sure that they provide a comprehensive service. This will have a positive impact on the appearance of the business, especially the impact on health: less sick days for your employees.

A professional commercial cleaning company specializes in this type of cleaning and thus, should be able to guarantee to provide amazing services concerning stain removal and the overall cleaning of the premises.

  1. It increases the productivity of the employees

Employees will enough time to complete tasks and focus on providing good quality services to the businesses clients. This is because the working conditions are conducive enough to promote concentration in the office. The cleaning company can de-clutter and get rid of mess in the office.

Studies show that employees are more productive when the office environment is presentable and clean. In addition to his, it promotes organization as it gives the employees an incentive to take care of their immediate workspaces.

  1. It helps save on energy and time

Some offices designate the cleaning work to the employees who already have other tasks to complete. This work is left to the employees to divide among themselves, thus creating an environment that is disorganized and wastes time. Seeking the help of a professional commercial cleaning company helps employees to reserve their energy for the work that they are actually paid to do. The employees will have enough time on their hands to improve the work quality and tend to the needs of the clients. In addition to this, the employees will have enough time and energy to come up with creative ideas for the business.

  1. It improves employee morale

Hiring a professional commercial cleaning company shows your employees that you are willing to commit to providing them with enjoyable working conditions. This is because most of the companies that designate the cleaning work to their employees fail to add a bonus to their earnings for this work. Your employees will feel a great sense of care and fulfillment from this, and it will boost morale. They will work better and harder since their employer is not misusing their skills.

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All You Need To Know About the Future of House Cleaning

Technology keeps evolving, and there is a growing need to understand what the future holds for house cleaning.

If you currently struggle with keeping up with daily chores and maintaining your social status, give it time, everything is about to get easier. Technology is slowly advancing in the home cleaning industry.

Today, smart homes and gadgets are taking over. The cleaning industry could shrink in the future as various gadgets under construction now are brought into mass production:

Normal surfaces and fabrics in homes will be tweaked to form advanced devices that self-clean. Below is an outlook on some of the technology advancements you should expect in the future in relation to house cleaning.

Five Technology Advances That Deal with House Cleaning In The Future

  1. Bed-Technology is about to bring us high tech beds. These beds will have conceptual sheets that will perform various functions such as detecting the body temperature of the person on the bed. The sheets will self-clean when they detect a stain. Alternatively, the user can set a self-clean timetable that the bed will perform.
  2. Wardrobes will be able to help owners take care of their laundry. The smart wardrobe will cater to refreshing the clothes using high tech liquids that evaporate after use. The liquids used will definitely disinfect the clothes and leave them smelling fresh, just like the average detergents do. In addition to this, work will be made easier by the fact that the clothes will already be in storage and will thus reduce the time spent on ironing and storage, and separation of white and colored clothes.
  3. Bathrooms- The smart bathrooms of the future will have a connection to more smart devices. The home owner will have the ability to control the temperature of the water system from the convenience of their phone. In addition to this, the system will have a self-clean option that will allow owners to clean their bathrooms before or after use. This bathroom will end the endless struggle of having to scrub bathroom floors and surfaces. The system will have a detergent option that will clean the entire bathroom and the water control system will allow for the completion of the process by rinsing.
  4. Kitchen- The smart kitchen system will have a smart dishwasher that can take care of the endless struggle of washing dishes after meals. The dishwashing system will not use water as the traditional dishwasher does. It will use chemicals such as carbon monoxide to take care of the stains on dishes.
  5. Cleaning of floors- Robotic vacuum cleaners are already on the market. However, with time they will advance and become more reliable. They will allow homeowners to spend more time with their families while enhancing quality of life in a clean and safe environment.

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What You Need To Know About the Use of a Professional Property Inventory Company

As the number of residential properties that are rented grows in society, so does the need for the involvement of property inventory services. Property inventory services shed light on the condition of a property at the beginning of a tenancy contract. This inventory document works to protect both parties to the contract in a situation where the property has some damage. It comes in handy when parties are trying to resolve disputes that relate to the property at involved.

The clerk of a property inventory company walks around the property and notes down all its features.  The clerk has to be thorough and slow enough to capture all the detail. Some clerks prescribe to taking photographs of the premises. In addition to this, the clerk uses simple language to describe the premises, as this will be easier to read in the case where a dispute arises. Below is a few reason why hiring a professional property inventory company is the best choice for the future of your property in case a tenancy dispute arises.

Three Main Reasons for Hiring a Professional Inventory Company

  1. They provide clarity

A professional property inventory company specializes in the provision of professional high-quality services to their clients. This means that they will make sure that they thoroughly exhaust all the issues surrounding a property inventory.  Most property owners who opt to make their own inventories tend to leave out some important issues like insufficient provision of details about the property and overlooking of important features of the property. The professionals will make sure that they capture everything about the property in detail with the hope of not exposing the landowner to certain irregularities.

  1. They provide updates on the inventory details

Since the company specializes in such services, they will work to make sure that they have been up to date with any issues and laws surrounding the property. They will update their records and make sure that the tenant and the property owner receive the updates on time. They will take before and after videos or pictures of the property in cases of damage to property by the tenants. Most of the time videos or photos are left for situations whereby the damage is on a large part of the property.

  1. They shed some light on the character of the parties to the tenancy agreement

If a tenancy dispute arises, either party can bring forward detailed information on the premises.

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Why use a company to create a property inventory?

Let me ask you a question, would you remember the serial number of your TV from the top of your head and the price you paid for it a few years ago when you bought it?

Unless you have an insane memory, we’ll assume the answer is no. That is one of the reasons you need to use a company to create a property inventory for your properties.

As much as having a professional property inventory is good, also having a company to create it can’t be over estimated. There are some things you, as an individual may forget to include, while a company that has been in the business for a long time will not.

Being as detailed as possible is good, but better still if it is handled by a company that know what is important to elaborate upon.

A professional property inventory is an exhaustive list of your household items, belongings and the property itself with their different conditions. A complete inventory includes the following information about each item on your inventory list:

The number of rooms in the house and their locations, different items – their description and quantities, their dates and places of purchase, their original costs and receipts, their estimated current values, serial numbers and model numbers, the photos and video tapes of everything inside, and current appraisals for the most valuable items.

Above are some of the things to be documented on the inventory. The list is exhaustive and you can easily mix things up in the heat of compiling all these data and more which may lead you to be short-changed when it comes to claiming your compensation.

As regards losses: no one is fully prepared but we can plan ahead and take the necessary steps to reduce the impact if loss, damage or breakafe does occur.

Putting a professional property inventory in place ensures that your claim is filed as soon as possible, helping you get compensated quickly and accurately.

The unlucky few discover that after a breakage that there was no refernece in the personally compiled inventory, unlike using a company to create property inventory which will eliminate this avoidable loss.

Some of the advantages you may enjoy if you use a company to create your inventory are;

Your compensation or ability to charge tenants will be faster and smoother. Also, they are up to date with all the necessary laws they can invoke in case the tenant is being stubborn. This may be hard to do if done on individual basis.

They will also guide you to the best insurance available to you as a home owner.

A good rule of thumb is to add up how much it would cost to replace your belongings, and then compare it to your policy’s personal property limit. This is an indicator of whether or not you need to purchase additional coverage.

Having a company create a property inventory for you is the best as they do all the legwork for you and pay them some small amount compared to the time it would take you to do it yourself.

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What is a professional property inventory?

Gone are the days when landlords could get away with scribbling a few notes on a bit of paper about the condition of their property. Then, a detailed and accurate inventory was not needed. But after April 6th, 2007 Tenancy Deposit Scheme, everything changed.

Since deposit monies are protected and insured an accurate inventory must be taken by the landlord and signed by the tenant for them to be protected in the future, brining us to the question “what is a professional property inventory”

A professional property inventory is a record of all the items that are on your property. The importance of this document when it comes to property letting can’t be overemphasized.

It is the document the tenant or the landlord can refer, to check the list of missing or deteriorated items when a tenant is about to vacate the property.

Generally, the inventory of any property is taken at the beginning of a new tenancy which would list all the landlord’s items on the property.

Also included in the inventory is a schedule of the condition which will list all the condition of the property itself and the contents thereof.

With a property inventory, tenants will have a complex and accurate overview and condition of the property he or she is about to rent.

What would be contained in a property inventory will be what the landlord deems important.

Things a good and professional property inventory will contain are the furniture the landlord has provided and the state of condition they are – whether good or bad, colors of the interior – the colors of the walls, the ceilings, the kitchen, bedroom, sitting room,  whether the walls are painted or covered in paper, the number and type of lights in each room, the number of electrical points, the doors, the locks, cupboards, door handles, flooring and carpets, the heating appliances and every the landlord considers important.

Some inventories are even recorded on video so as to make sure nothing is left to chance or nothing is forgotten that is not to say most landlords don’t go with the traditional way of doing it which is recording it on paper.

Once the inventory is taken by the landlord, the onus is on the to-be tenant to confirm and validate all the items listed on the inventory and their conditions.

If it is inaccurate, the tenant may point out the mistakes and have it amended by the landlord and all the parties involved will sign.

The parties involved are the landlord, letting agent or inventory clerk. When the property inventory is fully signed by all parties involved, it becomes binding on all and forms the basis of which all the parties may refer, at the end of the tenancy.

When the tenancy ends, it is expected that both the landlord and tenant will go through and check the property physically and compare it with the original inventory that was taken at the beginning of the tenancy.

Any changes on the property or the conditions of the items therein would be noted and proper compensation would be agreed upon by both parties to repair any damage the tenant did during his tenancy.

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Communal Cleaning in Bristol

Communal Cleaning in Bristol

Property owners and occupants can all appreciate the value of a well kept public or communal space as it ultimately results to a higher return on investment (ROI). Properly maintained and clean communal areas offer great advantages to everyone involved. They also help contribute towards a high quality service and healthy living environment for occupants.

Communal areas are extremely important when it comes to creating the right impression. It is not just the busiest areas of a property but also a reflection on the people that manage the property. You have to keep it clean at all times and ensure it is fresh and welcoming in order to maintain a positive image from your customers.

While tenants look after their personal space, our competent staff take good care of and maintain the communal spaces. Our service is perfect for shared office areas and residential blocks. We are skilled and professional when it comes to cleaning common areas and have been in the business for many years now. When you are looking for a competent communal area cleaning company in the Bristol area you can turn to us for assistance. Here’s what we offer:

We deal with each client in a bespoke manner: properties have diverse needs and requirements. We consider these things when we create your checklist, ensuring that our team can clean your property efficiently and to a high standard.

We clean all sorts of communal areas including reception hall, training rooms, lobbies, entrances, guests and employees lounge areas, as well as office areas.

Our experienced and skilled cleaners are well-trained; we offer much more than just sweeping, picking up litter and garbage, dusting, vacuuming, and disinfecting the areas. Our aim is to consistently attain 100% customer satisfaction. We build deep cleaning tasks into our checklists ensuring that dust and dirt isn’t allowed to creep into the neglected corners.

Our cleaning experts are effective, thorough, competent, and friendly. They can accommodate unique variations of schedules be it: Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly or One off Cleans.

Cleaning communal and common areas can be exclusively tailored to suit your unique requirements and ensure that the highest standards of hygiene are maintained all over your property.

Our professional teams will come into your property to clean, disinfect, dust, hoover and clean areas like communal living spaces like TV rooms, hallways, and stairways. We will also clean any staffrooms or spaces for those who work and stay in the property.

We take great pride in offering a superior quality and affordable service that is tailored to our clients and customers requirement, we have built a strong reputation based on our excellent customer service and attention to detail.

Our competent teams are enthusiastic and motivated by happy customers and the opportunity to create a thoroughly clean and hygienic environment for their residents and occupants that meet your budget and exceed your expectations.

Our goals are the same as our clients – a worry free, superior quality service with everyone’s satisfaction.

Before we can give a quotation we perform a site survey for your property because every site is quite different and has its own unique requirements and challenges.

We additionally need to check out each site to make sure we can compile correct and safe Risk Assessments and Method Statements. Our quotes are customised to your specific requirements and frequency needs.

We are hired by a lot of property management companies and landlords to maintain and look after different types of residential and commercial buildings 365 days a year.

Gleem focus on the checklist we guarantee to complete before we leave, not upon the number of hours that we have been at your site for leaving you safe in the knowledge of exactly what will have been completed at your site.

If you stay around the Bristol area and need a competent and high-quality communal area cleaning on your properties, you just found the right company to help you.For a free no obligation site survey & quotation please call us today.

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Communal cleaning Bristol

Communal Cleaning Bristol

In shared occupancy buildings – both residential and commercial, the communal areas ought to be stunningly tidy, bright and clean. Occupants look up to landlords to maintain high standard of cleanliness and presentation in communal areas because most occupants basically do not have the time or budget to secure a professional communal area cleaning service. Communal area, like reception rooms, lobbies, corridors makes your property dirt free and attractive; an environment that would be pleasing to potential clients customers.

A good first impression of your building is important because when a visitor or tenant see’s sparkling clean dust free hallway, thoroughly clean handrails, vacuumed carpets, mark free walls as well as clean and properly managed entrance – It reflects greatly on the business of the occupants as well as the property itself.

The communal areas of office buildings or apartments can be quite challenging to maintain. Such high traffic areas build up dust and dirt quite easily and can leave a disgusting mess. If you manage a building with lots of common space, then our services for communal area cleaning in Bristol are important to you, we’ve got you covered. We offer a thorough communal area cleaning service for both indoor and outdoor areas, which includes pressure washing for tough-to-remove dirt, and substances which leave unsightly stains on the floor or walls.

Our appointments are convenient and we offer both evening and weekend cleaning, to ensure that our service fits around the needs of your business or residents. Our teams are strict regarding timekeeping to ensure you get the service you expect at the time you request.

Our communal area cleaning service is executed by a competent team of professional cleaners, using thoroughly clean equipment and being dressed in company-issued uniforms. We understand that both business and residential properties can be affected by the presentation of external contractors, so we make an effort to maintain a professional appearance all the time.

In addition our teams have company identification, to let everyone on-site know who they are and which company they work for. Our teams are also DBS certified and qualified to execute communal area cleaning services in environments where kids or vulnerable adults may reside.

We provide you with a range of communal area cleaning services, which includes an initial, intensive cleaning for buildings and property which may have been abandoned for some time – we pay particular attention to neglected areas, to ensure that the whole area is spotless and given a new lease of live when we leave. We additionally provide regular ‘top-up’ cleaning for communal areas, to ensure that the building is maintained and residents, businesses and visitors are given a better environment in general.

All buildings differ and the range of tasks outlined in the communal areas cleaning schedule are different. Here is some of the typical cleaning task we undertake.


  • Thorough dusting and wet wiping of woodwork and lights
  • Dry vacuum-cleaning of all carpets and rugs
  • Diligent mopping and cleaning of all hard floor covered communal areas
  • Buffing and polishing of natural stone floors
  • Working on stainless steel components – elevator doors, postboxes
  • Working on reception and concierge desks and security quarters
  • Outside litter pick across building grounds
  • Car park litter picks and sweep
  • Diligent cleaning and tidying of the trash can area
  • And more!

Flexible cleaning service

We are incredibly flexible – feel free to make any amendments or give a short notice emergency -Just try us out and see how quick we can react. We have the resources and equipment to take care of a variety of buildings from a small 5 flat building to a large 200,000 sq ft corporate building.

Individuality is king

We can easily customise our service to fit your requirements without cutting any corners. In fact – we clean the corners. Regardless of how many different properties you have to take care of in your management portfolio – you can be confident that we can offer the very same excellent level of happiness to your clients and tenants.

The cost of the communal areas clean depends on several factors, such as the frequency of the service i.e. daily, weekly and monthly. Our promise is to offer you the very best price for the job, we are going to do the even the impossible to come up with the best price in town.

You don’t need to bother about us being in the way or being a disturbance as we can work around your hours, by doing this you can pull up to your commercial property and see the awesome results we have delivered, it’s a surprise you’re going to love!

For further information about our range of services, please do not hesitate to contact one of our helpful and friendly staff to answer any of your queries, discuss your individual requirements and arrange your free no obligation survey and cleaning contract quotation.

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Introducing Blue Spruce Maids

This is install 4 of Gleem ‘introducing': our efforts to find other cleaning companies that have a similar outlook in the cleaning industry to oursleves!

Blue Spruce Maids: are another cleaning company. Our owner Joe has been talking with their owner about how to do cleaning…differently.

Blue Spruce maids have a ‘twist’…so what is their twist?

They asked their customers: Do you hate that chemical smell most cleaning products have?
Sure, it smells clean, but this is your home, not a hospital or corporate office.
That’s why we start with unscented cleaners that we then infuse with Essential Oils.
This leaves your home smelling natural and refreshing!

What a terriffic idea!



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