Outdoor Cleaning

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We all are aware of the importance of keeping the inside of our homes clean, but what about the outside? It may come as a surprise, but ensuring the exterior of your house is just as imperative. What’s more, most people can only judge what state your house is from the outside. A cleaner exterior makes your home look far more inviting. Our expert Bristol cleaners from Gleem have some expert tips for keeping the outside of your home spick and span!


Basic Gardening

Perhaps the most obvious job is to ensure your garden is in top-shape. Depending on the speed your grass grows dictates how often you should mow it, but the average is once a week. For plants and flowers, ensure they are watered regularly to avoid them withering.

As for one of the most problematic gardening chores, weeding, there are various tools available at hardware stores at your disposal. Some gardening gloves and trowel should be able to help you dig weeds out of soil. However weeding tools with longer handles and tapered ends, such as a fulcrum weeder, allow you to dig even deeper into the soil to get to the literal root of the problem.

Laying down mulch or using a mixture of salt and vinegar within your soil can help prevent the growing of weeds in the future.


Cleaning the Windows

More often than not windows need more cleaning on the outside than in, as the exterior is exposed to the elements, ergo more dirt and grime. If window cleaners don’t operate in your area, or if you’d rather not pay for it, you can treat the exterior of windows same as you do the interior, with window cleaning fluid and a high-quality cloth. Specialised equipment may be necessary for tougher stains, like bird feces for example.

However, it is recommended to leave the higher windows to the professionals, due to the danger of injury.


Washing the Floor

This may seem like a redundant task, but if you have stone-flagged floors outside it is a good idea to regularly wash it, especially if you have a dogs, as remnants of fecal matter may be left behind when picking it up.

Hot water and bleach works well to clean the floor. Simply soak the flags, brush it down then rinse once again. Remember to not use too much bleach, as it can erode stone overtime, especially stone that is porous.


Declutter the Garden

If you have the misfortune of living somewhere where littering is the norm, then you probably also have the misfortune of litter blowing into your garden. Whilst it’s not your responsibility, it is prudent to clean up the trash once a week, if they are not any designated rubbish collectors in your area. Not only does the little make your garden appear undesirable, it also can attract rodents and the like. Make the effort to make sure your garden is litter-free at least twice a month.


How to Be a Smart Cleaner!

There are many variables that need to be taken into account when cleaning. Are these the most effective products for the job, how eco-friendly are they? Am I really getting the best value for my money?

Here at Gleem we pride ourselves as a company that offers a spectacular service at affordable prices, and we ensure our domestic cleaners are equipped with the best equipment and products to do the job. We are also conscious of the environment, and do our best to ensure our products are eco-friendly, and we have even partnered up with charities to ensure our business has the best impact on the world as a whole.

This week we will discuss on how to be a smart cleaner with tips from our very own Bristol cleaners. You will be a pro-cleaner in no time!



The most basic of necessities when it comes to cleaning, but with so many different choices it can all be a little too overwhelming. In most cases, there is little difference between shops’ own brand and big-name brands–other than the price tag. So don’t fear in buying shops own products–it works just as well and you can save yourself some money in the process.

But to be an even savvier shopper–look online.. In this digital age there are countless sites to cater to every specific need–including cleaning! Sites like Amazon sell cleaning products for a portion of the price you would pay in-store. What’s more, you can view reviews left by other purchasers to see if its the right cleaning product for you. And buying online makes it so much easier to compare prices to ensure you are getting the best deal!

If you are looking to do you part in taking care of the environment, Big Screen Smile and The Ethical Superstore both offer eco-friendly products.



Perhaps just as vital as products, equipment is needed for everyday household chores. It is, however, more difficult to navigate your way through the shop aisles and catalogue pages filled with thousands of different names for machinery. However there are more distinct names in this regard known for durability and quality. For example, Dyson hoovers come highly recommended, for good reason.

When shopping in electronic stores, salesmen are always going to try and sell you the most expensive products. And while machines are no longer built to last, you do to an extent get what you pay for. It is a fine balancing act, to ensure you will get your money’s worth out of your product, but also ensure you are not being ripped-off. There is really no way to avoid this other than have a willingness to shop around to see where you can get the best deal. Curry’s, Argos, Best Buy are your best bet. I would recommend steering clear of buying such things from yard sales or eBay due to the low shelf-life of such things.



One of the greatest misconceptions and rookie mistakes when it comes to cleaning is rubbing liquid spillages. This does not life what has been spilled, rather than just spread it. On hard surfaces such as laminate floorings, this does not matter so much, as eventually it can be wiped off. But with fabrics like clothes and carpets, this only serves to rub the stain in, thus making it a more laborious job for you than it was to begin with. Instead, dab at the spillage with a wet cloth, and treat with carpet cleaner.

A good rule of thumb is to regularly do jobs such as dusting, wiping down surfaces and hoovering before these jobs become harder due to neglect. Putting off cleaning jobs only adds to the burden, so a good method to keeping a clean house it to clean regularly!



Keeping your living environment clean is not nearly enough to maintain a healthy, happy home–ensuring your home is free from clutter is just as imperative. This may all sound like a nightmare, but don’t worry, here’s some effective and proven methods on how to keep you home free of clutter!




Regularly Put Away Items

The most basic of basic chores but one that often goes neglected. Dishes, clothes, childrens and dogs toys, often than not they get left out forgotten or to be put away on the tomorrow that never comes.

If you are guilty of this, a good rule of thumb is to set half an hour before you go to bed or just after waking and spend that time tidying away. Doing it before sleeping will mean you wake up to a clutter-free house which can be a great mood-booster, and doing it as soon as you wake places you in a productive mindset, meaning you are more likely to be motivated to do more chores.

Keeping pushing yourself to do this everyday at around the same time, and eventually it will become part of your routine and therefore become easier to do.




Make Use of Storage

There are many clever ways to get more storage spaces even in small rooms. Fold-away storage boxes while not innovative are still perfectly good and affordable boxes to put away clutter. They are ideal for children and pets toys as when they are not in use they can be folded away in order to save floor space.

Pull out drawers and wall-mounted cupboards completely save on floor space, and are widely available at DIY stores. While a more expensive method, they are far more efficient and durable.




Chuck, Sell or Donate Items

Hoarding is an addiction and a serious problem. It is tempting to hoard filled notebooks, broken electronics and clothes that are out of fashion and no longer fit. Keeping hold of items for sentimental value, or because you never know when you might need them, is an easy mentality to slip into that many people share. But sometimes you can’t afford to keep hold of things. After all, the attic and shed can only hold so many items, and eventually you will have to deal with those messes when overfill inevitably happens. My parents are guilty of this, shoving everything away in the cupboard under the stairs rather than properly decluttering, and sooner or later it becomes a huge issue and great source of stress.

So make it a priority, that once a month you will get rid of a portion of the clutter. If you are attached to your hoard, sort them out in priorities–broken items should be an easy category to chuck out. Remember old, broken electronics aren’t suited for general wastes. Check to see if there are any local services or businesses that are willing to take them off your hand to recycle them for scrap or parts.

Charity shops such as Oxfam are always looking for more books and clothes. If you have clothes you haven’t worn in a while, or that don’t fit that are still in good condition just drop them off at your local store–some stores will even pick up bagged donations from your front door, completely free of charge.

And if you have relatively new items in good condition, you can hawk them on ebay. That way, you get a bit of extra pocket money and your items find a new, loving home. Everyone wins!



Gleem even offer a quick declutter of some rooms, helping you to fight the battle against your clutter! Check out their great ranges of service and prices now.


Cleaning the Bathroom

Expert domestic cleaning tips for your household cleaning2


Last week, we tackled the kitchen. This week, we will be discussing how to properly clean the bathroom. As one of the most unhygienic places, keeping the bathroom clean is of utmost importance.  


The Basics

To start with, you should ensure your bathroom is supplied with the most basic products. Bleach and a toilet brush are must-haves for keeping your loo squeaky clean, and being able to get each for under £1, it will hardly break the bank.

Ordinary cloths are useful for wiping down surfaces and can handle basic cleaning tasks such as sinks and towel rails. Antibacterial wipes also serve a similar purpose.

A mop and bucket are also a must for the home in general, especially if you have a lot more wooden floors than carpets.

We would also recommend some form of a shower cleaner, such as Mr Muscle.


The Toilet

If you clean the toilet on a regular basis, it should be fairly easy to clean with the brush. If dirt and grime has been left to build up for a while, pour bleach around the bowl before scrubbing it with the brush. Not only will it be clean, but now it will also smell fresh.


The Bath

It is imperative to clean the bath tub especially after having a bath to prevent the build-up of limescale.

There are specialised bottles of cleaners that can be used to keep the bathtub clean. It’s generally a good rule of thumb to remember to hose down the bathtub after taking a bath.



As mentioned earlier, cloths are ideal for cleaning surfaces, but there are also specialized wipes for this task, however cloths are more economical as they can be reused. Simply spray down the surface with a product labelled safe to use for the material of the surface then wipe down with the cloth dampened with hot water.  



For wooden, tiled or cushioned flooring, fill a bucket 1:4 ratio bleach and hot water, then mop down the floor. Though there are floor-cleaning products available bleach does the trick just as well for a fraction of the price. However, take care as bleach can make the colour on clothing fade when exposed to it.

If you’re bathroom is carpeted, and there are some stains, we recommend investing in a professional carpet-cleaner as this will lift all the stains and grime from the carpet. If you can’t spring for one, instead buy carpet cleaning solution, spray on the carpet and allow to soak in for a few minutes before hoovering over the spot. It requires more time and effort, but is a much cheaper alternative.


Unclogging the Toilet

This may seem trite, but it is important to learn how to properly unclog a toilet. Obviously using a plunger is the best method, but if you don’t have one of these on hand, bleach and boiling water will do. First pour about half a liter of boiling water, then use a cap or two worth of bleach and flush. The boiling water will break down whatever is blocking the drains, and the bleach will help the blockage to slide down the drain a little easier. Use more bleach and water as required.

All of this sound too much like a hassle, or does your busy lifestyle not allow you the luxury of taking the time to clean to a satisfactory level? Then hire one of Gleem’s domestic cleaners to tackle the task for you!


Regardless if you live in a single-family home, town house or apartment, there is one thing that probably drives you the most nuts – dust!

As soon as you dust off one surface, another one needs it.

It seems like no matter how hard you clean around the home, dust just keeps coming back over and over again.

Unfortunately, dust is a stubborn substance that truly will never go away. The best thing you can do is learn how to cut down on its existence inside your home, so you don’t have to battle with it as often.

In this post, we’ll uncover the mystery behind what dust actually is and why it won’t go away. We’ll also give you some powerful cleaning tips on how you can drastically reduce its presence inside your house.

What Exactly is Dust?

Although dust can be very irritating to look, it is quite fascinating to discover what makes up this microscopic substance.

Many people are surprised when they find out that some dust contains particles from space rocks. You may have seen or heard of a meteor shower before, and these flying comets leave behind a trail of dust and small rocks known as meteoroids here on Earth.

But, space rocks are not all that dust is made up of. Dust also includes things like bits of food, dead skin cells, pollen, dirt, pet hair and dander, mold spores, parasites, etc.

In fact, the location of dust inside your home usually governs the composition.

If you take a look around your house right now, you can probably determine what particles are forming the dust that is collecting on your surfaces. Undoubtedly, it includes dead skin cells, human hair, food bits and dirt.

If you have pets, then pet hair and dander will contribute to your dust. If someone inside your home smokes, you can bet that ash particles are also a contributing factor.

If you live in a rural setting then pollen, mold and fungus particles are probably collecting inside your home. If you live in an urban area, automobile exhaust smoke particles are most likely collecting on the interior surfaces of your home or apartment, which causes dust to build up more quickly.

As you can see, dust is made up of a multitude of things and it is always being formed on a consistent basis. So, removing it completely from your home is practically impossible.

But, there are things you can do to cut down on its existence and reduce your need to clean as often. We’ll explain what these are next.

Simple Ways to Reduce Household Dust

Always Clean from Top Down

Have you ever cleaned off a surface inside a room, like a side table, and found dust almost instantly in that very spot again? Mostly likely, it is because you were cleaning in the wrong direction.

Whenever you dust a room, always start at the highest surface and work your way down. Any dust that falls from high up locations will land on lower spots and then get handled when you clean those lower surfaces next.

The best places to start is at the top of window and door jams. Then, tackle mirrors and windows. Next, dust any surface at eye level and work your way down to the floor, which is where the dust should now be collected.

Ditch the Feather Duster

Feather dusters are the worst thing you can use for cleaning your home. These seemingly convenient tools spread more dust around than they pick up.

Instead, use a damp paper towel to wipe down surfaces. Dust will collect on this much better. Once it gets dirty throw it away. We advise this method of cleaning, as opposed to using a damp rag or cloth, because paper towels are exposable. Using the same rag over again can reintroduce dust back into the room.

Wash Your Bedding Each Week

Remember earlier when we mentioned that your home has dust that is made up of human hair and dead skin cells? Well, one of the biggest collective habitats for these things is your bed.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you wash your bedding once per week. Otherwise, dust particles will continue to build up on this surface and easily be tracked to other locations inside your home, which increases your need to clean more rooms, more often.

Additionally, a dusty bed attracts dust mites, which cause a whole host of allergy related issues and problems.

Don’t Neglect Cleaning Your Rugs

Although rugs are great for décor and as functional items inside the home, these items are major collection spots for dust particles. Even worse if you have pets.

You would be surprised at how much, and quickly, the amount of dust that can build up inside the fibers of your rugs when they are not cleaned routinely.

To cut down on the amount of dust inside your house, give your rugs a good shake or beating outside every 2-3 months. Then, vacuum them vigorously before placing them back inside.

Clean the Air Around You

The most irritating issue with dust is that it not only collects on household surfaces, but it also floats around in the air. This means that these microscopic particles can end up inside your lungs as you breathe.

If you have ever experienced allergy symptoms while indoors (sniffing, coughing, itchy or red eyes), and were not sick, then it is probably attributed to breathing in dust particles.

To stay healthy and safe at home, the best thing you can do is clean the air around you. To do that, all you need is an air purifier.

In its most basic sense, an air purifier is nothing more than a combination of a fan and filter. It operates by pulling air from around the room into the unit, traps the dust particles inside a filter, and then blows clean air back into the room for you to breathe.

What makes air purifiers even more attractive is the fact that they work on a continuous basis to strip dust from the room. By using one, your home can stay cleaner for a longer period of time and cut down on the need for dusting and vacuuming.

In fact, some air purifiers are so efficient that you may not even have to dust again for an entire month or more. If you have pets, they are also great at removing pet hair and dander from the home as well.

Routinely Change the HVAC Air Filter

If your home uses a central HVAC system for heating and cooling, ensure that you change the air filter every three months.

These house air filters get clogged with dust and debris quite fast and once it becomes too dirty it will stop being effective and your indoor air quality will suffer.

A dirty air filter can be a main source of recirculating dust particles around the home. So, no matter how well you clean, you’ll always find dust collecting throughout every room.

Even worse, not changing your home air filter can add stress to the HVAC system and potentially cause it to fail, which then becomes a costly fix.

Author Bio:

Patrick is a home support specialist at Home Air Quality Guides. His passion is to help educate people on how to create a cleaner, healthier environment inside their homes by offering cleaning tips and advice on air purifier products. You can connect with online through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Deep-Cleaning the Kitchen



The kitchen is one of the most unpleasant tasks in a house, second only to the bathroom. However, it is a necessary task, especially right after the holidays when the counters are cluttered with countless wine glasses, plates and pots! So here are a few pointers from Gleem’s own domestic cleaners on how to keep a spotless kitchen!


Start with the Dishes

A good place to begin with is taking care of the pile of dishes. Dishes are one of the less strenuous tasks, and it clears the counters so they can be wiped down. If you have no specialized kitchen-cleaning products, soaking a sponge in the dish-water works just as well.



A good rule of thumb is to scrub down surfaces a few days a week. That way, spilt food stuff is not left to harden and stick to surfaces, which make it a nightmare to clean later down the line. There is a wealth of products available at supermarkets designed specifically for this task, but hot, soapy water and elbow grease work just as well.



Cleaning the oven often seems like a daunting task you want to procrastinate away, but we have the solution to making it less of a nightmare. Generally, a good way to keep it from becoming a headache is to clean it on a weekly basis. Burnt-on food stuff that is being heated repeatedly hardens to the point it will destroy any clothes or sponges it comes in contact to, and on top of that create an unpleasant scent when cooking.

But if your oven has been neglected, it is not beyond saving. A mixture of one teaspoon baking powder, one teaspoon vinegar, and leave it to soak on stains overnight with the oven door left open. This should help break down the solid matters and allow you to scrape it off.



Possibly the easiest task, but still as imperative as the rest. It’s not enough to hoover the floor, as stains from spilt liquid or trodden-in food will not be removed this way. First start with hoovering. Then fill a bucket with hot water and a just a splash of bleach and mop the floor, which should prove sufficient.


Fridge and Freezer

These appliances are often placed low on the pecking order when it comes to cleaning. Whilst it is true they do not require as much upkeep as the hob, for example, but they still need cleaning every so often. Every two weeks minimum, the inside of the fridge should be wiped down, particularly the bottom as liquid from foods leaks down which is not only unhygienic but can also contaminate other foods and make them unfit for consumption. It is also wise to ensure food in your fridge is ordered correctly.

Meat and veg should be placed at the bottom, in each drawer if your fridge has these. Liquids like milk and jars stored in the door. Food that is opened should be stored as close to the bottom as possible, especially meat. Food that still has its seal intact should be placed on the upper shelves as there is no chance for them to drip down.

As for the freezer, ice builds up overtime limiting storage space. As this is not a major issue, you can get away with defrosting it a few times a year. To do this, turn off the freezer, remove its contents, place a towel at the base of the freezer and scrape away the excess ice.


If you don’t have the time to invest into deep-cleaning your kitchen, Gleem offers a deep-clean at a great price. Just click here to get a quote for your house!

Top Tips For Students


By now the first semester is over, bringing with it a wealth of free time, time which may be tempting to spend down at the pub or curled up on the sofa watching Netflix. However, there are more rewarding ways to spend your time this winter…


Deep Cleaning

What with deadlines, university lectures, social outing and other obligations it is difficult to find the time and motivation to give your accommodation a thorough clean. So now with the Christmas holidays, consider taking the time to do all the cleaning you have been procrastinating: cleaning the oven door, wiping down the windows and weeding the garden, if you have one. It is always wise to take the time every month or so to handle more heavy-duty jobs before they grow out of hand.

If you don’t feel like wasting your break on cleaning, consider hiring a Gleem cleaner. You can choose to book a regular or a deep clean to get the clean that best suits your needs.



This doesn’t necessarily have to refer to your home. It could mean organising papers in a folder, or files on your computer. Though clearing a desk or tidying the floor is an effective way to refresh the space around you, and can put you in the right frame of mind to be productive.


Join Clubs

Universities have a plethora of clubs to cater to a variety of tastes and hobbies, so you are bound to find a club dedicated to something you enjoy, where you can meet many like-minded individuals. Clubs are also a great way to enhance your people skills, which are essential for many workplaces.


Christmas Temp Work  

During the holidays, many shops, restaurants and other businesses have a call for temporary staff to help deal with the Christmas crush. Temporary jobs are a great way to gain experience and earn extra money. If you’re looking for a fulfilling position, Gleem is currently hiring Christmas temps.


Learn Something New

You can put your free time to good use by picking up something you have always wanted to learn, be it a new language, an instrument, or try your hand at arts and crafts. You might surprise yourself by finding a new hobby, which could even bring in extra money through sites like Etsy or Society6.


Kicking Off the New Year


Looking to celebrate New Years in a fun and exciting way? Here at Gleem we have thought of some interesting party idea to kick off the new year with a bang!


Setting the Table

Food is undoubtedly one of the greatest attractions of any party and an elegant table is important for preparing someones palette. The important thing to remember is less is more. You want to draw your guests eye to the food. Keep it classy and simple with napkins, folded into shapes if you can. Small vases of flowers dotted between the dishes go a long way.

Katrin Bjork suggests serving each guest a bowl with twelve grapes in for each strike of the clock at midnight, an extremely simple but unique way to make guests feel more involved at the stroke of twelve.



Cocktails are a staple of New Years celebration. Serving guests a cocktail as soon as they enter makes them feel welcome and entertains them long enough for you to complete any last-minute prep.

Champagne is another favoured drink of New Years, so why not try cocktails using champagne as the base?


Fancy Dress

Liven up the evening a bit by having a fancy dress party. Choose a theme for people to stick to or let them go wild with their imagination. Either way this is a fantastic way to eject a lot of fun and laughter into the evening they will remember for years.


Fireworks Display

Would it really be New Years without a fireworks? Every year, across the nation there are countless cities hosting displays. Check your local parks and other venues, and prepare to start 2019 off with a bang. Or two. Or thirty.


Keeping it Low-Key

Celebrations and parties a little too much excitement? Then keep it low-key as you like–a small gathering of friends and family, order in a pizza and watch a movie. There’s no shame choosing to have a quiet night in.

But if you choose to throw a party, remember you can hire a Gleem cleaner to help tidy up the mess the following morning,

New Year, New You!

By now Christmas is well and truly on its way, bringing with it snow, the anticipation of presents and fantastic food, as well as thought for the next year ahead of us. 2017 has been a year of turmoil, and one many will be glad to leave behind.

Here are some ways to refresh the environment around you and to better yourself for the coming year, or however long you decide to stick to you new years revolution!

New home, new year, new year!


Spring Clean!

It’s never too early to get started on your spring clean. Spring cleaning is not just about hoovering the floors and cleaning the oven door after months of procrastinating. It’s about reinvigorating the place around you. Rearrange furniture, paint the walls a different colour, and if you can spring for it, consider changing furniture.

Even small things such as changing the bedding, or clearing out some of the clutter can go a long ways in creating a comfortable, refreshed living environment.

And if you don’t have it in you to do a deep clean, consider hiring a Gleem cleaner.


Better Yourself

New years are always about making revolutions and never sticking to them. But for those first few weeks you have motivation, why not do something different? It can be small and for your own betterment, like adopting a healthy diet or creating a daily exercise regime. Or it could be something you give back to society, such as doing voluntary work or raising money for charity.


Crossing off your Bucket-List

Ok, so maybe you don’t have the cash to go on that Carribean cruise you’ve always dreamed about. But now might be the time to go ahead and do the things you’ve left on the back-burner. Take up yoga, learn the guitar, write that book! The world if your oyster and it’s never too late to try something new.


Working for Gleem

Gleem is a company that is constantly growing and expanding. Its growth calls for the need of more employees, so read on ahead and see if Gleem is the place for you.


Recruitment Process

Joining the team has never been easier. No long-winded questionnaires asking for detailed lists of qualifications, simply enter your personal details and answer a few questions and you’re done! And with numerous different roles entailing different responsibilities, you are bound to find a job made for you!





Gleem has a wide range of roles suited to for a variety of people. For computer techies and writers, there are various roles within writing and running the Gleem blog, networking with others through the social media platforms, designing the website and blog.

For more hands-on jobs, there is cleaning jobs with completely flexible hours so you can work when it suits you.




Benefits of Working in Gleem

At Gleem we pride ourselves in setting ourself apart from the rest with amazing company benefits. Flexible hours, amazing starting pay rates, Gleem’s “Cleaner of the Month” which includes a cash prize for the winner and complete protection and appreciation for all staff.




Christmas Temps

Gleem is now currently looking for Christmas temp staff. So if you have a few hours to spare this holiday and want to spend it doing something meaningful that will offer invaluable experience, apply for a job at Gleem this Christmas!