Starting a Gutter Cleaning Business

You have been doing the gutter cleaning in your home for some time. You believe you have enough expertise to handle somebody else’s roof: you can start a gutter cleaning firm and make some money during the season. (Beginning of spring and autumn). The season can be long; other firms do this full time, day in day out. You can be part time or full time.

Not many people love doing their gutters and will throw the job at someone else to do it for them. Invest some money on the necessary equipment and get started. This is not the end; there is a lot that comes into play for a gutter cleaning business outlined below:

The Method to Use
How will you do your gutter cleaning? There are a number of techniques to use namely the use of a ladder, the use of a leaf blower and the typical roof scooping method. You can settle on one or all depending on what you feel will suit the gutter you are working on. Gleem utilise a Sky Vac: a 12m long pole, accompanied by camera so that we can clean from the floor.

Using a ladder is important in the case of a steep roof. This way you are able to reach the gutter and a pole and scoop to get rid of the debris. Ensure your ladder is firm on a solid ground.

Leaf blowing can be the fastest method for dry leaves on your roof gutter. However, it can be cumbersome as the dirt can be splashed on walls if the debris is wet. You do not want to finish cleaning a gutter and move to cleaning the areas surrounding the house or painting the walls. Consider your options before you use this method.

For manual scoops, use a pole and scoop wear fall proof, do not work downhill the roof, you might topple and get serious injuries. Get a longer scoop to reach for the debris rather than stretching and losing balance.

Equipment for Use

For your gutter cleaning business, choosing the right equipment is the most fundamental part. The equipment includes:

Ladders enable you to reach the roof. Always move in the case you can reach a certain point of the gutter. Ensure it is firm before you climb on it.

Safety Gear
Invest in a rope, a helmet, eye gear, gloves and light rubber shoes. I have never used a rope but I will advise you to have a strong safety rope that acts as a fall arrest in case you topple and fall. A helmet for your head, eye gear to prevent your eyes from light debris that can reach your eyes and rubber shoes for your feet to maintain stability as you work in the gutter. The gloves to protect hands from harm by sharp debris and bacteria.

A trowel and scoop
For removing debris from the gutter without having to directly, use your hand.

A high-pressure hose
To help flash off debris remaining on the gutter length

A debris bucket
To hold debris you get from the gutter

Marketing Your Gutter Cleaning Business
How will people know about your gutter cleaning services? You need to get your clients attention by spending just a few bucks and start on a good foot. Below are some marketing forms you can take to grow your business:

Social Media
With the help of your Facebook groups, you can reach people near you that are seeking a gutter cleaning service. Tell them what you do, how you do it, how you price it, are you insured.

Print flyers and distribute around your home area and large a month or two before the season starts, keep reminding people about the service, once you have a number you can manage follow up with them for appointments and plan.

Door to door
You can around your neighbourhood talking about your services. Make people aware, give them your contact cards, your telephone number and even your email so they can get to you any time they need the service, and get their contacts so you can follow up with them anytime.

Pricing Your Gutter Business
Do a benchmark of how other firms price their services. Do your calculations per services offered and create rates with respect to parameters of roof height, roof material and square footage.