Safety Tips for Gutter Cleaning

The most important equipment during a gutter cleaning exercise is the ladder. A ladder not well handled can lead to serious injuries during gutter cleaning. Today I am going to teach you a number of number ladder safety hacks during a gutter cleaning activity. Optimum ladder safety involves:

• Choice of the ladder
A good ladder is just half your safe journey into the cleaning exercise. Ensure your ladder is uniform in design and firm enough to support your body and height. Your ladder should also have a provision for holding a gutter debris bucket,

• Inspect your ladder before you climb on it
Fasten the bolts, check loose areas and fix your ladder before use.

• Adopt the rule of threes
Always ensure both feet and a hand supported by the ladder to evade any possible accidents.

• The buddy system
In case that your ladder is not stable enough, have someone fix it or they can wear protective gear for the eyes and hands and hold the ladder for you as you gutter clean.

• Do not overstretch
Move your ladder to another position if you cannot reach a certain point to avoid toppling and hurting yourself.

Other gutter cleaning safety tips

1. Avoid walking on the steep roof. Use a ladder in its place. Your roof could be old, wet and slippery. This can cause serious tragedy. If your roof is wet, it will appropriate for you to wait for a little sunshine for it to dry out before walking on it.
2. Avoid gutter cleaning exercise on bad weather. A windy time of day can lead the debris to unexpected parts of the body causing harm.
3. In a case, you will climb on the roof, do not lean downwards towards the gutter. Your weight on the roof can lead to a fall from the roof.
4. Use heavy gloves. Debris in your gutter could be containing sharp objects. You could be on light gloves that will easily allow for penetration of sharp objects causing harm to your hands.

Protective Wearing During Gutter Cleaning

Before climbing a ladder to clean your gutter, dress safe. Dress your head, eyes, hands and feet to ensure the cleaning exercise is a safe activity.
• Dress your head and eyes: use protective eye wear. You can never be sure of what is in your downspout. A neighbour’s son might have thrown a stone or sand at your roof while you were away. Those objects could land on your eyes or head. Protectives for your head and eyes will come in handy.
• Dress your hands: your gutter can be a mess with birds’ faeces that can lead to hand bacteria. The cleaning exercise can take a lot of time and can cause blisters on your hands. Your gloves will be helpful in the case of such circumstance.
• Dress your feet: I highly recommend rubber shoes for such a situation. You do not want to end up feeling discomfort in the middle of a gutter cleaning exercise. Rubber shoes are the best for avoiding slipping as you do your gutter cleaning.
Safety during gutter cleaning is important. Beware of your surroundings. Most of our houses have electricity cables directly attached to our roofs. As you clean your gutter, keep the power lines in mind. If your power lines are in bad condition, fix them before your gutter clean.
In a case, you cannot conduct a gutter cleaning exercise safely; hire a gutter-cleaning professional to do the job.