Safety for Office Cleaning

Office cleaning is a service that involves the use of chemicals and equipment that can cause harm. The owners of businesses need to be aware of the risks their cleaners are exposed to. The risks should be mitigated and if inevitable controlled and managed to avoid harm to office cleaners. Below are steps to be taken to ensure safety during office cleaning:

Ensure cleaning staff dress safe
Provide cleaning staff with personal protective equipment like helmets for the head, gloves for the hands, gumboots for their feet and knees, nose mask for their noses. Cleaning exposes the person doing it to dirt or dust, dust can clog respiratory tract causing complications, ensure you have a nose mask to prevent inhaling dust. Your office could also be having files and highly hid equipment a simple touch on search equipment can be catastrophic and even cause head injuries, providing cleaners with a helmet is a good step to ensuring their safety.

Assess risk in the workplace
Before you allow cleaners to access your office assess hazard. Know the things that can risk during cleaning. Have them in the right places so that they do not cause harm. Make sure the cleaner is aware so that they can avoid those areas, you can be available as they clean to ensure they are safe, have someone look out for them as they work.

Train staff on safety during office cleaning
You do not have to do it yourself. A professional business person ensures even the cleaner is safe as they work for them. Call a safety trainer to equip your staff with knowledge about safety during cleaning. They will need to learn how to respond to potential risks at work, how to respond to small scratches to their bodies in the case of an accident during cleaning.

Safe cleaning practices
You can dress safe and avoid hazard but the cleaning itself can expose you to dangers. Clean water behind and in front of you as you clean. You will easily forget you used soap and end up injuring slipping and floor. Cleaning away from the body is a good practice. Dust can get to you before you know it you have picked a dry cough or start experiencing allergic reactions. Switch off electricity sockets and keep away naked wired before they get water and cause electrocution.

Communicate and Seek Feedback for Potential Risk
Use internal circulars and memos to get to cleaners. Encourage to practice safe cleaning, provide cleaning safety tips, communicate blind spots and seek feedback for every time they do their cleaning. Seek their opinion on how the offices can be made safe for cleaning.

Safe disposal and Equipment Storage.
As your staff clean, they also need to be aware they need to protect other members of staff. Dirt should be disposed of away from the office, make sure all corners are checked for dirt deposits. Cleaners should ensure they leave equipment in one place away from the offices to avoid causing accidents when stumbled upon. Have a store for cleaning equipment.

The above will ensure your office, yourself, cleaning staff and other employees safe even as cleaning goes on in an environment that has no hazards.

Do-It-Yourself Office Cleaning Hacks

You just started a small business and have acquired a small office to run your daily activities. You have not hired enough staff; could be you are starting off and you are trying to cut on expenses. You definitely need a few skills to keep your office tidy and safe as you work. A good and clean office means good clients and good results.

Cleaning your floors
Choose a good floor scrubber. A good floor scrubber is the fast step to cleaning your floors. Your scrubber should be able to allow you to use less energy to tidy up your space. The scrubber should come be able get rid of hard dirt that could stick on your floor and make it look ugly. This scrubber should be able to keep your floor dry as fast as possible.

Cleaning your desk and work table
The surface you work on should always be clean and organized. With all the papers kept away. Use a partly wet cloth to remove dust from your desk. You can use a scented cleaning spray as you gently wipe; ensure the scent is mild to avoid evoking your allergies and those of your customers. Later use a clean and dry cloth to get rid any wetness that might be remaining on desk.

Cleaning your Seat
An ergonomic seat can be simple to clean, you are just sitting on it anyway. In case you carried mad it might have gotten to the base of your seat. You need to get rid of it using wet cloth and dry it to prevent damaging as a result of dirt accumulation in the wheels. A good seat ensures you get to do your job without worrying about its condition. Use mild seat sprays to dry sitting area and backrest. This will text less of your time.

Room Ventilation and Ambience
Every day we walk to offices some are clean, some shamefully have shameful scents. The first item in office cleaning is having your office windows and door open as you clean. When everything else is in order, use an air freshener, you can the auto air freshener that keeps the room fresh each hour of the day. This is a good practice, do not forget that not all people are comfortable around a freshener, keep it off at certain times of the day until your visitor leaves and leave the windows partly open to allow for breeze into the room as your work.

Organise your office
Cleaning is not about removing dirt alone. Arrange your paperwork and stationery. Have a stationery holder, get a shelf for your files. Have a coat holder so that your desk remains free and clean.

Hand Sanitisers
At work you come into contact with lots of stationery and equipment. Most of these are germs carrier. Hand sanitiser will prevent transfer of germs across the working area. In case you have a whiteboard using the hand sanitiser to keep it clean in place of tissue papers.

Gleem always keep a HUGE stock of hand sanitisers: if you want us to drop some off free of charge to your office, just email [email protected] and ask, we’d be more than happy to!

Hiring a Professional Gutter Cleaner

Your gutter is an important aspect to the lifespan of your house. You may be afraid of heights, afraid for your safety but the more time you waste thinking about yourself can cost you a fortune. Nobody said you needed to do the roofs yourself. You can outsource the services of a professional gutter cleaner or gutter cleaning firm. You do not have an idea of the person or firm you are looking for, below is a criterion for selecting the person or firm for your gutter cleaning:

• Experience and Service Delivery
Gutter cleaning is like a craft someone can work on, perfect and start a business. Some broke person can pose as a gutter cleaner just to solve their money problems. A gutter cleaning firm that has been in business for at least a year a half is your best choice. You need people with experience in handling gutters to work on your roof. This means they will not leave any stone unturned and if so they will be available to fix it.

• Insurance
In previous articles, I have said that gutter cleaning can seem easy but one needs to be very cautious. Before seeking the services of a gutter-cleaning firm. Query them for insurance; ask if their employees are covered, does it also cover you as the homeowner. At times, accidents are unavoidable, when they happen; you do not need them to come back to you as the house owner for compensation. Make sure the firm is covered let them provide certificate of insurance.

• Prior clients and client reviews
The best way to prove that the person or firm you are going to hire is credible is by asking for their list of previous clients. Call two or three of the clients ask how the service was this way you are sure about service that will provide value for your money.

• Pricing
Look for firms that have provisions for on-line pricing. Pricings that involve price per roof material, price per square footage, price per building height. The firm should be able to provide rates for such parameters. This way you know the amount of money you are going to spend on a gutter cleaning project and how to negotiate it to get the best pricing and service at the same time.

• Business specialty
A business could be involved in house maintenance for example solar water heater maintenance, roof replacement, window and door replacements and cleaning and still offer gutter cleaning services for some extra money. How good are they at the job? Research before you hand your job to someone that will do a shoddy job.
Some unprofessional person will come, clean the gutter, and forget the downspout. The chances of an unprofessional person causing an accident at your home are high and costly; to be safe, look for a company that has hugely specialised in gutter cleaning job for the best service.

Safety Tips for Gutter Cleaning

The most important equipment during a gutter cleaning exercise is the ladder. A ladder not well handled can lead to serious injuries during gutter cleaning. Today I am going to teach you a number of number ladder safety hacks during a gutter cleaning activity. Optimum ladder safety involves:

• Choice of the ladder
A good ladder is just half your safe journey into the cleaning exercise. Ensure your ladder is uniform in design and firm enough to support your body and height. Your ladder should also have a provision for holding a gutter debris bucket,

• Inspect your ladder before you climb on it
Fasten the bolts, check loose areas and fix your ladder before use.

• Adopt the rule of threes
Always ensure both feet and a hand supported by the ladder to evade any possible accidents.

• The buddy system
In case that your ladder is not stable enough, have someone fix it or they can wear protective gear for the eyes and hands and hold the ladder for you as you gutter clean.

• Do not overstretch
Move your ladder to another position if you cannot reach a certain point to avoid toppling and hurting yourself.

Other gutter cleaning safety tips

1. Avoid walking on the steep roof. Use a ladder in its place. Your roof could be old, wet and slippery. This can cause serious tragedy. If your roof is wet, it will appropriate for you to wait for a little sunshine for it to dry out before walking on it.
2. Avoid gutter cleaning exercise on bad weather. A windy time of day can lead the debris to unexpected parts of the body causing harm.
3. In a case, you will climb on the roof, do not lean downwards towards the gutter. Your weight on the roof can lead to a fall from the roof.
4. Use heavy gloves. Debris in your gutter could be containing sharp objects. You could be on light gloves that will easily allow for penetration of sharp objects causing harm to your hands.

Protective Wearing During Gutter Cleaning

Before climbing a ladder to clean your gutter, dress safe. Dress your head, eyes, hands and feet to ensure the cleaning exercise is a safe activity.
• Dress your head and eyes: use protective eye wear. You can never be sure of what is in your downspout. A neighbour’s son might have thrown a stone or sand at your roof while you were away. Those objects could land on your eyes or head. Protectives for your head and eyes will come in handy.
• Dress your hands: your gutter can be a mess with birds’ faeces that can lead to hand bacteria. The cleaning exercise can take a lot of time and can cause blisters on your hands. Your gloves will be helpful in the case of such circumstance.
• Dress your feet: I highly recommend rubber shoes for such a situation. You do not want to end up feeling discomfort in the middle of a gutter cleaning exercise. Rubber shoes are the best for avoiding slipping as you do your gutter cleaning.
Safety during gutter cleaning is important. Beware of your surroundings. Most of our houses have electricity cables directly attached to our roofs. As you clean your gutter, keep the power lines in mind. If your power lines are in bad condition, fix them before your gutter clean.
In a case, you cannot conduct a gutter cleaning exercise safely; hire a gutter-cleaning professional to do the job.

Gutter Cleaning Equipment

You just moved into your own house, it has been three months and you do not what your roof looks like. You decide to take a ladder and just look. Your roof is already undergoing rain damage. Your gutter is full of debris from twigs to bird and squirrel faeces. You have not done the gutter cleaning before you go online and research. You learn the process, you watch gutter cleaning clips, you watch gutter cleaning safety clips but you forget proper equipment facilitate the gutter cleaning process. Gutter cleaning is a good way of ensuring the survival of your property. The tools below make up for the whole package you require in making the gutter cleaning exercise a success. You can use a ladder or climb a roof to clean your gutter.

A ladder
Activities that involve height make for some of the riskiest jobs. A good ladder is a good step towards a safe gutter cleaning exercise. The choice of your leaders means the ladder is sturdy, free from rust and dents. Mount your ladder on a firm ground and even seek the help of someone to check out for you as you use it. The best ladders are aluminium made due to properties of lightness and sturdiness.

Scoops and trowels
Getting debris for your gutter can be a challenging task. Visit your nearby hardware store and seek for scoops and trowels. The gutter scoop will replace the job your hand is supposed to do and keep your hand safe from heavy and sharp objects. Choose scoops and trowels that match your gutter measurements for easier use.

A Hose
Once you have gotten rid of heavy debris, there are fine pieces of debris that even your hands can remove. A high- pressure hose is your best bet. A high-pressure hose will forcefully get rid of remaining debris leaving your gutter spotless.

The plumber’s snake
Many times, we can focus on the gutter length and forget the downspout. The downspout can clog from debris preventing the rainwater from draining. If you have, a leaf strainer on your gutter you are relatively lucky that debris builds up in your downspout will be slow. A plumber’s snake is usually important for unclogging the long and closed pipe-the downspout. Introducing a plumber snake to the bottom of a downspout breaks down the large debris allowing for easy flash out of the dirt.

Leaf Blower
A leaf blower is common for its efficiency in getting rid of leaves or light debris from your roof. If you have a vacuum cleaner, you just need an extension that will allow it to reach a roof gutter. This tool speeds a gutter cleaning process if the height of your house is short. Ensure that your debris is light and dry for efficiency in clearing your gutter.

The above are basic equipment enough to make your gutter cleaning process a success; you can easily get them at a hardware store or house maintenance stores. Gutter cleaning is done at least twice a year, buying the equipment will serve you for a long time.

Starting a Gutter Cleaning Business

You have been doing the gutter cleaning in your home for some time. You believe you have enough expertise to handle somebody else’s roof: you can start a gutter cleaning firm and make some money during the season. (Beginning of spring and autumn). The season can be long; other firms do this full time, day in day out. You can be part time or full time.

Not many people love doing their gutters and will throw the job at someone else to do it for them. Invest some money on the necessary equipment and get started. This is not the end; there is a lot that comes into play for a gutter cleaning business outlined below:

The Method to Use
How will you do your gutter cleaning? There are a number of techniques to use namely the use of a ladder, the use of a leaf blower and the typical roof scooping method. You can settle on one or all depending on what you feel will suit the gutter you are working on. Gleem utilise a Sky Vac: a 12m long pole, accompanied by camera so that we can clean from the floor.

Using a ladder is important in the case of a steep roof. This way you are able to reach the gutter and a pole and scoop to get rid of the debris. Ensure your ladder is firm on a solid ground.

Leaf blowing can be the fastest method for dry leaves on your roof gutter. However, it can be cumbersome as the dirt can be splashed on walls if the debris is wet. You do not want to finish cleaning a gutter and move to cleaning the areas surrounding the house or painting the walls. Consider your options before you use this method.

For manual scoops, use a pole and scoop wear fall proof, do not work downhill the roof, you might topple and get serious injuries. Get a longer scoop to reach for the debris rather than stretching and losing balance.

Equipment for Use

For your gutter cleaning business, choosing the right equipment is the most fundamental part. The equipment includes:

Ladders enable you to reach the roof. Always move in the case you can reach a certain point of the gutter. Ensure it is firm before you climb on it.

Safety Gear
Invest in a rope, a helmet, eye gear, gloves and light rubber shoes. I have never used a rope but I will advise you to have a strong safety rope that acts as a fall arrest in case you topple and fall. A helmet for your head, eye gear to prevent your eyes from light debris that can reach your eyes and rubber shoes for your feet to maintain stability as you work in the gutter. The gloves to protect hands from harm by sharp debris and bacteria.

A trowel and scoop
For removing debris from the gutter without having to directly, use your hand.

A high-pressure hose
To help flash off debris remaining on the gutter length

A debris bucket
To hold debris you get from the gutter

Marketing Your Gutter Cleaning Business
How will people know about your gutter cleaning services? You need to get your clients attention by spending just a few bucks and start on a good foot. Below are some marketing forms you can take to grow your business:

Social Media
With the help of your Facebook groups, you can reach people near you that are seeking a gutter cleaning service. Tell them what you do, how you do it, how you price it, are you insured.

Print flyers and distribute around your home area and large a month or two before the season starts, keep reminding people about the service, once you have a number you can manage follow up with them for appointments and plan.

Door to door
You can around your neighbourhood talking about your services. Make people aware, give them your contact cards, your telephone number and even your email so they can get to you any time they need the service, and get their contacts so you can follow up with them anytime.

Pricing Your Gutter Business
Do a benchmark of how other firms price their services. Do your calculations per services offered and create rates with respect to parameters of roof height, roof material and square footage.

How to Clean All Your Home in 1 Hour!

Your guests arrive in 1 hour but it’s messy in your house?
Or simply, you want to clean everything quickly without spending 3 hours?

Do not worry, here’s the guide that will save your life!
With this handy guide, you will find a clean house in 1 hour. Look:

When our founder was still in university he worked several summers as a cleaner to make ends meet. Thanks to this experience, he learned great tricks to speed up cleaning. Today, we can say it to you: YES, it is entirely possible to clean ANY medium-sized house in less than 1 hour!
Obviously, it takes work and concentration: no flipping through the magazines you’re putting away or spend time watching Facebook on your phone.

If you follow this guide WITHOUT taking a break, you too will have a sparkling home in no time. Let’s go!

Always start from the top. No matter what part you clean, always start cleaning from top to bottom.

Why? Like that, dirt and dust will naturally fall on the lower surfaces that you will clean afterwards.

Start by cleaning the dust on your wall shelves. If you have a ceiling fan, this is also the time to do it.

Then dust the furniture and other furniture by deliberately letting dust and dirt fall on the floor.

It is only during the last stage that you will clean the floors and thus remove all the dirt and dust at once.

The bedrooms in 6 minutes
– Remove the sheets from the bed and put sheets clean. To avoid bending your back when you change the fitted sheet, lift the corner of the mattress with one hand and insert the corners of the fitted sheet with the other.
– Store all objects that are out of order. If you’re really in a hurry, put all these items in a small basket or plastic box, and then put them out of sight in a closet for storage at another time.
– Wipe the furniture with a microfibre cloth and a dust spray, always working from top to bottom.

The bathroom in 7 min
– If you have several bathrooms or toilets at home, it’s more efficient to clean them all at once. First take a quick tour of all bathrooms and toilets, then start clearing all flat surfaces. Then spray surfaces and showers/bathtubs with a house cleaner such as this one . Leave it on while you clean the toilet.
– Return to each bathroom and toilet to wipe surfaces, rinse showers/tubs and clean mirrors.
– To save time, clean the floors of your bathrooms at the same time as the kitchen.

The living room and the dining room in 7 min
– Store all messy items in cupboards and shelves first.
– From one corner of the room, go around the room and remove the dust from the surfaces, always working from top to bottom. If you have blinds or ceiling fans, clean them first.
– Use the brush (the one with soft bristles) of your vacuum cleaner to vacuum and clean sofas, armchairs and other furniture covered with fabric.
– In the last step, vacuum the living room, the dining room and all the surfaces of the house covered with carpet and carpets.

Checklist for Commercial Cleaning Of Retail Stores

Owners of large commercial retail stores, restaurants, huge offices, and commercial premises find it extremely challenging to keep the area clean and hygienic. However, most of the owners outsource the task to a commercial cleaning company, which are specialized in the business.

If you are the owner of a retail store you should have a fair amount of knowledge about commercial cleaning. It helps you to properly understand the technicalities of commercial cleaning of retail stores and also ensures that you hire the best company which would provide high-quality service.

Setting things up
It may take a little bit of time to set things up before cleaning. However, once everything is arranged, the entire process will get streamlined.

Start from the stock room with cleaning, organizing and labeling. Get rid of the cluttering and damaged products.

Next in the list should be creating a procedure for the return products. This makes sure that if any customer exchanges any product, it is returned back to its lawful location.

Daily cleaning
There are certain tasks that need to be completed on a day-to-day basis to make sure that the store is well maintained and is organized at any given point in time.

Clean up the clutter. This should ideally include garbage, used paper, tags, bins, and the likes.

Sweep the floor properly, and special emphasis should be given to the main entrance as that is the dirtiest part of the floor. Keep that area clean and this will change the entire getup of the store.

Polish clean the glass windowpanes and doors. Take special care of the display windows as that is what your customers will look at, while window-shopping. Presence of smudges and dirt marks may have a negative impression about your store on them. A quality window-cleaning agent can be mixed with lukewarm water to remove the stench marks. You can also use dish washing agents for the purpose.
Another important task included in commercial cleaning is vacuuming and mopping the floors as that will improve the overall look and feel. However, you need to do it either in the morning or at night before and after the store is open and closed respectively. This will keep your customers happy as well as loyal. You can cleanse the floors either by vacuuming or by sponging.

Keep the toilets clean and glossy. This is ‘MUST do’ in commercial cleaning. Use anti-bacterial spray and strong refreshing agents to get rid of any unwanted odor. Apply the anti-bacterial spray and let the agent settle for some minutes and then wipe the seat with the help of a clean cloth. Scrub the toilet with a quality brush and cleaning agent and keep the floor dry.

Quarterly cleaning

For quarterly cleaning, you need to make sure that you:
Buff and re-polish the floor
Clean the air ducts of the HVAC system of the store
Wash out the light shades and fixtures, and bulbs and replace them if needed
Touch up any missing or chipped paint carefully so that it mixes well with the rest of the wall

5 Quick Tips for Office Cleaning

Mess happens regularly virtually everywhere. How can your office be an exception to this, more so when you have so much to do and that also involving so many people? The mess starts at office with preserving of scrap papers until they become a huge mess and an overwhelming pile. However, that’s not the only pain area – there are other messes too.

Here is a list of 5 quick tips for office cleaning that will prove to extremely handy:
#1 Dealing with the desk clutters

When we discuss about desk clutter, there are so many things to take into consideration. They may include papers, pens, stables and paper clips, markers, whiteners, erasers, old printouts of emails tapes and every other thing that you may thing of!
At first, take a deep breath and a hard look at your messy desk. Organize the papers and segregate them into different categories. Separate the ones you do not need any more, like old receipts, printouts, notes from our colleagues, incomplete or redundant reports and so on, from the ones you need. The unnecessary stuff should find its place in the paper shredder or trash bin. The rest should be organized in a proper manner and tucked away either in the drawer and if kept on the desk, should be so in an orderly manner.
Getting rid of the unused, damaged or old throwaway pens is one of the most significant parts of office cleaning. Do so and keep the ones you use regularly in a pen case along with whiteners, markers etc. You can distribute the good ones among your colleagues if you have too many of them.
Use a box where you can keep stuffs like clips, staplers, stapler pins, board pins and other stationary. Keep the box in your drawer and keep the desktop as free of things as possible.

#2 No food on your desk
Do not have your lunch or snacks at your desk. Most of us do this, and this is a bad habit to say the list. It will attract insects once you have left for the day and the office is closed. Moreover, you may damage the keyword, as you may inadvertently drop food particles on the keyword, which may swoop in between the key, damaging the keypads. Use the lunch table whenever you need to have some food – be it snacks or your lunch. You can have tea or coffee, but be careful not to spill. These few good habits make your task of office cleaning trifle easier.

#3 Keep your desk dust free and disinfect it regularly
Keeping your desk clean, wipe it regularly with the help of a clean cloth and this should include your desktop or laptop as well. You can use cleaning agents for that as well. Use disinfectants regularly. Use wet cloth or paper towel for wiping off the thin layer of accumulated dust.

#4 Hire a professional office cleaning company
So many things come within the periphery of office cleaning. You may not be able to manage them all. For that, you need to hire Professional office cleaning companies. They will consider every detail and take care of them with utmost care and professionalism.

#5 Carpet cleaning
Carpet cleaning is one of the most tedious tasks when it comes to cleaning your office. Carpets seem to accumulate all the dust and dirt of the world and you need to hire a professional carpet cleaning company to get rid of that. Make sure they take up the task at least once a month to keep your office clean.