10 things you might not know about office cleaning

10 things you might not know about office cleaning.

It’s fair to say that the overwhelming majority of people will not likely consider cleaning to be one of their pastimes. Most people clean simply because they have to, or else they wouldn’t worry about cleaning. Of course, such a situation would put thousands and thousands of company out of business. So in an effort to make what you may think as a somewhat boring subject a little more interesting, here’s a quick rundown of 10 interesting things you possibly never knew with regards to cleaning:

  1. To start with, cleaning has the potential to be an exceptionally effective form of exercise. The truth is, just an hour of modest cleaning has been proven to burn about 100 calories, which means that if you clean each and every day, it’s very easy to burn off a whole lot of excess calories.
  2. Studies have proven that when employees on a regular basis disinfect their desks, absenteeism as a result of illness can be cut down by an incredible 30%. Even in situations where the figure is significantly lower than this, it’s still makes sense to keep the desk hygiene to an exceptional standard.
  3. It would be a rather revolting idea to grasp, but it is nevertheless true that around 70% of the buildup of every dust particle is considered to be dead skin. Hence this is an even more reason to get busy with a damp cloth.
  4. Telephones can be seen to be the most germ-infested of all items found within the average office. The truth is the typical office phone houses more than 25,000 germs across every square cm.
  5. As opposed to general belief, it is important for most anti-bacterial cleaning products to be applied to surfaces/objects and left for between some seconds or a minute, if you want them to be fully effective. Speeding up the job means not doing it appropriately.
  6. Even in facilities with good air conditioning and ventilation, it is actually possible for the air quality to be around 5 times polluted and harmful than outdoor air.
  7. When factoring in such things as desks, telephones, door handles or others, the average office is a haven for not less than 400 times more bacteria than the normal toilet seat.
  8. Incredibly, it is absolutely possible for a full kilogram of dirt buried in just one particular square meter of carpet. If you don’t have your carpets cleaned out regularly you might possibly not know the amount of horror lurking out of sight.
  9. All through an average day, an office worker can come into contact with somewhere around 10,000,000 bacteria. You’d want to think that such people wash their hands consistently – evidence suggests this basically isn’t the case.
  10. As a final point, while a great number of improvements have been made with respect to the quality over recent decades, the typical woman will still spend around two times as much time as the average man cleaning in a lifetime. While the average man cleans for about 6,500 hours in a lifetime, overall cleaning time for the average woman is much closer to 13,000 hours.

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